1. It even supports fenced code blocks (with ```). Except it doesn't really because it only works in certain front ends and not in others.

  2. Yeah, it's sad fenced code blocks don't work properly in some clients (and also old Reddit). Have to use the four spaces before each line. Luckily RES can do it

  3. You could almost say that actual subreddit name was almost, but not quite correct

  4. Per usual, Canada gets stuck in the middle and ends up the worst. Officially we are DDMMYYY, but enough people do MMDDYYYY that you can never really be sure when it’s day 1-12

  5. I don't care what other people are using around me, I'm sticking to ISO YYYY-MM-DD... date formats always confuse the heck out of me.

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  7. This post has been locked due to political arguments between users.

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