1. Do you like the mighty like way way more that the POTV one I just got my paycheck and I’m so close to buying that beast on sale

  2. So I like them both … yes, I do like the mighty more. More battery power just because like the battery and the unit itself are bigger.

  3. Ok but is the vapor quality really a huge difference or am I getting as high as I would get on a mighty with my POTV one cause granted this little thing kicks and I get destroyed pretty easily after a couple bowls

  4. Can we just make a collective agreement that we will edit out the parts of the photos that make it look like there's multiple pictures?

  5. I feel like whenever I ask a question in this stuff I get piled on and down voted to oblivion, and I’m trying to circumvent that (because I’m feeling kind of fragile and stupid right now) but would also like an answer to my question.

  6. Aww, hey I'm enjoying this thread. I do a lot of thinking out loud, too. Don't let any reddit pile ons get you down! Welcome to Columbus!

  7. Watch Bloomberg- they will touch on the subject but mostly focus on financial news.

  8. I play NPR in the morning and watch a little Bloomberg. So I stay informed but it’s not overwhelming. Bloomberg streams for free and honestly is the only news that matters( financial markets, and the politics that impact it). There is an NPR app ( NPR ONE) and they have short overviews of local news. A good source but more heavy is the BBC world news podcast ( 30-44 minutes) but they provide an overview of the most relevant world news. And the skimmer is a more “ fun” approach to news. They send you an email with summaries of articles you can read. Hope this helps! I know it’s hard but we can’t fight back if we don’t know what’s going on- so I encourage everyone to stay informed.

  9. I love and miss NPR. All of the reporting on the terrible things going on like Florida, and all that even get to me. I will check out BBC. Because I used to watch their newscast in the evening and quit doing that as well. I also have a news feed on Reddit that I haven’t looked at for a while. Maybe I am just a hothead lol.

  10. renter, vape (not smoke), corner apartment helps with airflow, I don’t have upstairs neighbors

  11. Unfortunately I cannot imagine the WBC inning helped alleviate any of this

  12. I got kinda sick to my stomach watching him, and now to hear this. Glad he can take the time for his mental health.

  13. Put your weed and everclear in the freezer and let it get as cold as possible. Then dump the frigid everclear into the frozen weed and give it a shake or several. The longer you shake it, the more "green" gets into the mix. You just want to dissolve those trichomes. Filter your mixture through a coffee filter and either sit on very low heat or on a warming plate. You want all the ethanol to evaporate without getting too hot, leaving you with full spectrum stoney goodness. Suck it up into a syringe with a cap if you can or a sealable container.

  14. Having not watched any preseason ball, is the pitch clock visible behind the plate somewhere? I forgot all about it and looked up to see if I could see anything, but wasn't sure.

  15. Not always; depends on the park. I believe it’s always in view of the pitcher, but that doesn’t mean that the camera picks it up I guess.

  16. This sounds a lot like with my therapist and I talk about in managing my dysregulation in real time. Thank you for this.

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