1. Wait, Dogura isn't going? So like only Tekken will be worth watching?

  2. Jack Hermansson: Im sorry for cussing, sorry for not putting on a more entertaining fight, sorry to Chris!

  3. Ehhh, it’s good in theory but they haven’t actually proven they do anything. Supposedly guys miss weight all the time and nobody cares. You seem big size mismatches all the time. They do all their weighing in behind closed doors so nobody knows what’s going on really. It’s great PR to say the fixed it tho lol

  4. They've been streaming their weigh in and hydration tests for a while now

  5. Any idea when the interview with Nate starts on Ariel’s show? Can’t seem to find it on YouTube I know they usually have the video “waiting room” thing with his shows

  6. Bro, One Step from Eden is unironically one of the most difficult games I've ever played

  7. https://twitter.com/2dJazz/status/1546262615827304448?s=20&t=WdU2Fu3HWbmU9RjYkmMDug

  8. Yall what are the best muay thai and kickboxing promotions? Besides ONE

  9. Pretty sure they unearthed him from an underground temple a la Ogre from Tekken 3

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