1. Yes, but the amount of phototoxines vary depending on the citrus you are using. But they are both oil and ethanol soluble, so they'll be in an enfleurage as well.

  2. Thank you for your answer, is there a particular phrasing or term I should use when researching this? What would the phototoxic chemical responsible be called (like in a regular Meyer lemon, for example, though I would imagine it would be one or a grouping of chemicals across the citrus family)? I would like to learn more on the subject if possible.

  3. I'm also wearing a cheapo, one I have for years now without ever giving a proper wearing, since it was a blind buy that turned out way different than expected, still I wanted to keep it... It's

  4. Went to late shift with classic 80's Daniel Hechter Caractère

  5. Buy them! Buy them all, even if you have no money! You don't need food! They will be gone too soon, you cannot wait! They'll be discontinued or reformulated, so buy what you like NOW!

  6. Went to early shift wearing my beloved APOM pour homme by MFK

  7. I'm from the EU, shipping to the US won't be possible, sorry.

  8. Petrichor is mostly caused by a substance called geosmin, which is available but on its own won't just smell like petrichor. Even at 0.01% it simply smells of mold to some, plain earthy to others.

  9. Back home and after dinner I switched to Caron pour un homme

  10. I thought, why not enforcing social distancing with some pepper spray? So I went to late shift with CdG Blackpepper...

  11. Call it Eau de Campfire and it perfectly fits summer (evenings) as well... you already made the step in your head half-way.. :)

  12. I wanted to wear something a bit more edgy to late shift today, but I simply couldn't make up my mind.. so I simply went with the sweet floral lavender vanilla cappuccino called Rochas Man.

  13. In the evening I switched to Obelsik by Loft Monaco (formerly produced by MCM)

  14. Went to late shift with Histoires de Parfums 1740 (formerly known as Marquis de Sade)

  15. Signature day, so Bentley for Men Absolute (Middle Eastern edition) it is.

  16. Switched to Iceberg Man in the evening, a nice vanillamber.

  17. So far I was spraying on (repeatedly) Eau Aimable by Le Couvent des Minimes, straight out of the fridge. As it cooled down almost 18° since yesterday I might switch to something else later.

  18. You're being lied to. Not a Perfume is not just Cetalox.

  19. Well, then it was JHAG who had lied, as back then it was self claimed to be just Cetalox. Thanks for the heads up.

  20. I was wearing Antonio Puig Quorum to an 11.5 hour shift with 38°C.

  21. In my case I don't talk about it as I never had the chance to sample one of their offerings... Although I was interested as soon as I first read about (which must be when Norne was launched).

  22. Went to (a long lasting) early shift wearing Jean-Louis Vermeil Pour Homme vintage.

  23. My old bottle isn't as brightly colored as the stuff on pictures as well. I don't know since when they started to put in (too) much colorants, but maybe it's worth checking the batch code via checkcosmetic to see when your bottle was produced?

  24. I’d be interested to know more about this. Ive seen responses from Dior directly on Bassnotes that Fahrenheit has only been slightly reformulated once in 2011.

  25. Just read from the bottom to the top.. It's frustrating -.-

  26. I don't say the formula changed completely (actually I wrote this particularly change could be tiny, we do not know), but it has never the less changed somewhere in 2008 or 2009 between those two linked batches, so the statement is proofed wrong. As I said, the ingredients have to be listed in descending order, if two listed allergenes swap positions it's because their concentrations or at least the concentration of one of them has changed. There simply is no other explanation.

  27. I'm on work, hot day, I'm wearing L'Artisan Parfumeur - Timbuktu

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