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  1. Reject discussions of stashes.

  2. This is the kind of talk I don't need lol. But your husband is very sweet for saying that

  3. What's the context for this comment? It's hard to give feedback without knowing where this is coming from.

  4. Basically, they asked if someone could recreate a sweater from a photo, and were kindly redirected to

  5. This should probably be added to the post as I didn’t even see the post which sparked this one.

  6. Not sure I can link the post but if you search 'simple' or 'commission' it may just pop up...

  7. I think dropped shoulders look stupid.

  8. So this is old, but I want to make this sweater too! Did you have a pattern?

  9. I do not have an available pattern. I used Tove sweater on ravelry (free) and created the image on a stitchart

  10. That is exactly what I need! Thank you! Did you finish it?

  11. No worries 😊 kind of! It's all sewn up, just need to weave in the final bits and it's ready for gifting! There are some other photos on my profile if you're interested

  12. Not sure if anyone has recommended hobbii yet.

  13. Recommend hobbii too although the cakes that I've had are 4 strands that aren't twisted (plied?) I like it but have seen on here it's not everyone's cup of tea. They've got a cracking selection too!

  14. Is it maybe one of the Women's Institute yarns? I've not used them for a while but they used to have lovely variegated yarns like this, not familiar with the colours they do anymore though!

  15. Exactly what I was going to suggest but have spent the last 20 minutes looking on the Hobbycraft website and can't see the exact colour way

  16. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dogwood-blossoms-sweater

  17. I haven't watched WWDITS, but I saw what you're replicating, and you're doing great. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thank you! The jumper is from the movie (not the TV show) and I 100% recommend it, it's hilarious. Although the show is pretty good too.

  19. Yes. Made a cable knit sweater for my then boyfriend, he proposed the following day.

  20. Please tell me you found a pattern for this!! I need this.

  21. No I've done it myself, sorry! I've used Tove sweater on ravelry for the construction and then created a chart on stitchart, which was actually quite a lot of fun!

  22. I've always thought that sweater would look very cool in real life! Bravo!

  23. I’m guessing the things to put in that pocket are drugs or condoms.

  24. Exactly! When in doubt, always buy more. I’m sure there’s a downside to this, but I can’t think about that right now. I must go shopping.

  25. The downside is staring at the poor cashier as they scan each thread individually, eventually ending in a receipt that is taller than you are.

  26. Same, but with birds eye chilli's and a menstrual cup...

  27. Thank you for answering about the pedal situation! I've opted for the thrust master t300 or something which is on sale on the website atm. Was within my budget and seemed a wee bit better if it he sticks to it :)

  28. Aye it is better . Rest assured he ll love it . U sound like a wonderful fiancé , exploring and going out of ur way to get him something . Wish u the best .

  29. Knit pro, knit picks and knitters pride are all interchangeable between each other, but I don’t know any others that are.

  30. Bruh how is anyone supposed to get this reference lol

  31. They're both awesome but I am really digging the double one

  32. Yaaah this is right :) need to ktbl on one side and ptbl on the other when working flat.

  33. There's a lot of us! I'm actually part of a men's knitting circle, we meet up and knit on Sundays 😊

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