1. Is it possible she's just tired and moody and it'll pass, especially after having a baby 3 months ago? Or is she genuinely mad at "you"?

  2. To me, the hardest things fantasy writers face (that I see on here, at least), is the plot, characters, and voice.

  3. Oh god you're asking for sassy comments.

  4. It’s mostly a joke bc of how expensive skins are, but I don’t mind a little chaos lol

  5. I'm not sure. I wish I could be an artist haha. Perhaps make it more particle like. But that may mess with the theme. The rest looks really nice though. The head and head piece makes her look very regal. Like a queen of some place.

  6. Can those things launch forward? That last woman was pretty close. I thought it was going to jump for her arm.

  7. With over 400 comments, I highly doubt anything I'm going to say will be new to what you've already read.

  8. Do companies look down upon being laid off when interviewing? We're in a recession so I feel like it would be a pretty normal thing.

  9. I think it's all company and culture related.

  10. Dating early on is all about figuring out who you are, as well as figuring out what you want out of a relationship.

  11. But is it possible to help him become what i do want? Or is the effort required to do so not worth it bc of our age?

  12. The effort required is not worth it at any age.

  13. My only real pet peeve is fluff. Reading a pointless chapter. Keep telling your story.

  14. Did she have like a whole profile with pictures and bio?

  15. Yeah idk how'd you'd bring it to again but that just "feels" odd. Maybe she has some perfectly good reason, but I feel like anyone would know how that'd come across.

  16. If there's one thing I've realized in this world, everyone always ends up finding someone.

  17. I like to think it's because two different people summoned her, each giving her a different power level.

  18. Samito is a former pro who has hit Rank 1 on PC and has hit top 10 on all roles. He streams on YouTube though, not Twitch.

  19. Oh I may need to check that. Echo is my favorite dps and I could never find a long form video to GM.

  20. Oh shit it's even a recent overwatch 2 version. I'll definitely be watching it. I'll let you know how I feel about the tilting ha!

  21. There's a game coming out in two days called chained echoes.

  22. There's a world building plot point about an event a thousand years ago that caused the "fold." There is no history before the fold. No documentation. No artifacts. It's like nothing existed before the fold, and no one really knows what caused it. It plays into the larger plot, twists, so on.

  23. Hi! I live and Japan and pedophilia is hmm how to say.. like you have more access to porn material there. Think of lolicon ( little girl loving) or shotacon (little boy loving) comics. Most porn from Japan in pornhub that is always on trending is school girl porn. It hasn’t been long since they actually banned CP. A member of the diet recently tried to change the age that people are allowed to enter the porn industrial from 18 to 20/21. Other male members laughed at her even though her point was valid; a lot of girls the moment they turn 18 are escorted to the porn industry

  24. Do you have any thoughts on why it may be that way in Japan? Would it be that people feel more open to expressing their desires? Whereas in a place like America, sex is still pretty frowned upon.

  25. Actually, learning math is pretty useful. It trains the brain to deal with abstraction and problem solve, which is quite valuable.

  26. It's only useful up to a certain point after a certain point especially later on one needs to be learning a lot more about how to live on their own and how to effectively grow their own wealth first cuz here's the thing college is going to teach you everything you already don't know aand lot of things you do know school should realistically be getting you ready for life on your own

  27. Maybe, but I'm not sure if it should teach it "instead" of the other academic subjects.

  28. I see no one likes the out of place floating orbs in ff13.

  29. Ffx is my favorite story, but 9 is probably best written.

  30. So a two week notice is for their benefit, and in some way yours if you want those two weeks of money.

  31. Do you think it would ruin his self esteem? I love him but I am don’t want to hurt him, even though I know I can’t give him my all right now. Thank you for the advice

  32. I don't think it matters. He's an adult and will work through it. But it would be worse to go even longer in the relationship. Personally.

  33. I guess that’s true, and I’m just terrified of hurting him bc

  34. Nooo stop it. You're terrified to lose someone who likes you while you're dealing with a hard time. You're scared to be alone right now. Which is a normal feeling. But taking advantage of someone to keep that feeling isn't good, and I know you know that, and that's why you posted the question because you're dealing with that conflicting guilt.

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