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  1. We are in a high inflation economy. The banks are raising interest rates to stop people consuming so much. Encouraging more consumption is not what we need rn!

  2. I wouldn't call towing the line "encouraging more consumption." Making small businesses owners go broke even more so isn't going to help anyone.

  3. A decentralised city is more beneficial to small local business than putting everyone in the cbd

  4. Eventually definitely, it's also a great scenario from new. Lots of eggs will need to be broken before it's ideal in an established city.

  5. MY daily protein shake is 70 grams of protein. I can't do that without powder.

  6. Why are people down voting this? Lol

  7. Because they asked how to make a good protein smoothie without protein powder, and your comment offered nothing of substance to answer their question.

  8. The substance is there, i just didnt spell it out. My point is, you can't really make a good protein smoothie without protein powder. You can definitely make an average one that is low in protein to the point where you're simply better off just drinking milk.

  9. My super is down 30% on this last years contribution.

  10. Best burger were from Bernie’s. Unfortunately Bernie’s closed down in 1994.

  11. This is good to know. Thanks!

  12. Long exposures with high ISO don't tend to excite people around here. Sorry.

  13. My port has gone from $7k green to $8k red in the past 3 weeks. Fuck this shit!

  14. The acebeam h30 is a beast of a head lamp. The secondary high cri flood light is good enough for 90% of tasks but if you really want a lot of light, you can turn on the 4000 lumen primary light. It's awesome!

  15. 3.7% cash rate. You'll be paying around 5.25%

  16. I can't believe no one has said dipped in peanut butter?

  17. Well zzap at the moment I'm upstairs in my house with lights on and shoes off, and my wife is downstairs. I don't feel like explaining to her why I have to switch off all the indoors lights to get a beamshot. After she goes to bed it will be easier to do without the 'splainin'.

  18. Your upstairs? How about you simply turn the light off upstairs? Also why can't you explain to your wife why you want to turn a light off for 5 seconds? Cpwhy do you need to turn a light off in the first place?

  19. You know you're right V8, and I just tried to turn the light on, and I couldn't get it to work, so now it seems that I have to make a sad return trip to Walmart tomorrow... at least now I'll have $20 to spend on a decent light. Walmart sells some crappy stuff alright.

  20. There's probably a bit of plastic stopping the battery making a connection with the body.

  21. Houses are to expensive to buy because of the purchase price.


  23. I bought a $4500 electic scooter. Then spent another $1500 on mods. It goes 80kmh and is a total death trap. I would have rode it 30 times at most. Its awesome but dont really use it at all anymore. I really should sell it.

  24. What the fuck is this hawtcoper? Back the truck up. Truck filled with cocks.

  25. Looks like the spark SK3 but with worse specs all round.

  26. So, who knows Morse codes? What does the code on the body say? :D

  27. Pretty sure it says dot dash dash dot dot dash.

  28. He's got a big head.

  29. He meant LRS bruh. Just a silly spelling mistake

  30. Strange way of spelling SYA.

  31. The best one is at less bakery Campbelltown NSW. Fight me.

  32. I'm outing myself but I have 100k in savings. Just too scared to do anything with it.

  33. 100k in savings? Buy 50k of WES and 50k of MQG. Both will pay a decent dividend that you use to buy more of the same. Do this for 20 years and you'll more than likely be quite ahead without too much risk.

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