My boring Yelan drawing

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  1. looks great! It would be optimal if you could get between 55-65% crit rate

  2. Tbh I personally just can't keep up. Chasm is still at 40% and I haven't done a single world quest there so I'm the opposite of excited to do Sumeru quests.

  3. I didn't get all the chests, but finished all the quests and event rewards stuff. That's good enough for me.

  4. I mean it's alright for only one week of farming. You defo won't be getting your burst up that often though.

  5. In my opinion, this isn't really good or ideal. I'd recommend you to get at least 55-65% crit rate and I think that's doable since you have so much crit dmg that you could 'exchange'. Also, 200+ em is reccomended for melt Ganyu. Remember that crit dmg isn't the only thing you need to do good dmg

  6. Honestly, your stats look great. If you want to make her perfect, work on getting 55-65% crit rate

  7. Looks good. Question, R1 Fav or R1 Iron sting? All EM artifacts. Will be C0

  8. We need more info about who's in the team. I use r5 amber with 170% ER and I'm doing good without any other hydro

  9. I just wanna share my feat omg now i feel bad posting this sht

  10. Why do you feel bad? People are just trying to help and give advice

  11. I'm stubborn and brush off compliments as "they are just being nice and supportive, not really liking the drawing", so yes, I'm debating against 6k upvotes

  12. That's literally how social media works though lol if you get a lot of likes it's probably because people like what you drew

  13. My artifact luck is shit, so this is as high as I can get it.

  14. I know the rng sucks, but it's not as high as you can get it. The more you farm, the higher the chance is to get better artifacts with more EM

  15. I've farmed for months dude... rng hates me...

  16. If you're tired of farming, you will do just fine with this build. Although there's room to improve by making the EM and crit dmg higher

  17. As you said yourself, you really need some more atk. Aim for at least 2k. Your crit ratio and EM is great though, so I think if you're using her with Bennett you will be fine.

  18. Definetly Kokomi. She's such a reliable healer and her damage is really good too

  19. You have very nice stats. I do think that you should aim for at least 200+ em though

  20. Try to aim for 100 more em and it will be really great

  21. I am in love with your art style and the way you draw faces!!

  22. i always wondered how those gloves would stay on

  23. Judging by your talents, I would assume that you're going for dps? In that case, thrilling tales is not a preferred option (prototype amber would be better) and it is definitely recommended to use an hp sands, a hydro goblet and healing bonus circlet.

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