1. "I think that the word "that" which this student wrote here is wrong.

  2. Biggest woosh I've ever whitnessed, dude

  3. I dunno that he was joking. That was about par for reddit users. What makes you so sure?

  4. Because it's obviously ridiculous lmao

  5. Again, not far off par for reddit.

  6. The average consumer is the general public, tho.

  7. Your opinion is that it's disturbing that nobody is doing anything, are we supposed to change your mind to it not being disturbing? That should be easy, actually, there's thousands of absolutely critical issues out in society, which have way more impact than this, which nobody is doing anything about. Some even had people elected for the purpose of addressing them, and they still aren't doing anything.

  8. Well, do you stand in the bowl when you shit?

  9. Because valve don't care? MM is cancer and they have zero incentive to work to fix it while every TI compendium breaks the previous record.

  10. Wireless fidelity makes no sense anyway. HiFi and LoFi refer to signal quality, not the means of carrying the signal. They also basically only mean anything regarding music. It's a really silly name, actually.

  11. A bolt action sidearm sounds a bit silly.

  12. Not out of the ordinary for developments that started during the Union days.

  13. What if that's a regular banana and you just have colossal hands? I demand a banana for scale.

  14. Now if only EG would drop RTZ and Bulba, then those three could start their own stack somewhere in div2 of NA and slowly fall into irrelevance.

  15. Rigging ducks to explode is fowl play.

  16. Open lobbies are cancer, join a league. You deserve better, homie. <3

  17. Just tried it, works as intended, i love you! <3

  18. I don't care if you're St. Peter, unless you can cone up with a solution which wasn't explicitly mentioned wasn't an option in the body of the original post, you can IT specially go fuck yourself.

  19. This works!!! Thank you much!

  20. I, for one, welcome our new gooey fate.

  21. If you could smell the urine, you don't have covid. Congrats.

  22. All this algorithm bs is such trash. We were on the verge of having good, intuitive controls, nice wired remotes with tactile buttons, and we threw it all away for this garbage? How sad.

  23. It's like Project Argo for Arma 3 but... This one costs you 30€ _^

  24. I wish it was like Argo. Argo was awesome. It's a shame the playerbase went to nothing a few months in, i was really enjoying it.

  25. I hear he wasn't a very standup guy anyway.

  26. You're in strange company with that abnormality.

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