1. You willingly gave him your money, snapping at the many, many people warning you it was a scam to STFU & fuck off.

  2. One mod deleted the post warning to get funds out because Celsius was insolvent, for “misinformation”—turned out it was true.

  3. Your entire sub spent the last two years deleting, downvoting, and driving away everyone saying anything even slightly critical of this scam... and now you've got a problem with censorship?

  4. That's not how reddit works, and no, nothing they're doing is in violation of reddit guidelines. Mods may delete anything they want to delete. It's up to them. If you don't like it, don't comment there. That's not a radical opinion.

  5. Because you geniuses spent the last couple years shutting down anyone who said anything even remotely critical of your chosen God and his obvious scam. Yes, everyone with a functioning brain knew this was coming, and yes, it was obvious. FUD! FUD FUD FUD! IT'S FUD! FUCK THIS GUY AND HIS FUD! HODL HODL HODL! REEEEEEEE! Give yourselves a big round of applause!

  6. Why in the world would they want to help the guy who just fucked up their stick?

  7. Sltephen Flry. He's hilarious.

  8. Why would someone want to comitt suicide unless they urgently need the money now? I mean I put lot there but I have enough revenue each month to keep living and money might come back anyway.

  9. They wouldn't. OP just wants attention. He expects a standing ovation for this useless post that he damn sure knows will help literally nobody. It's all about him.

  10. I believe the same. Trolls and hateful people know as much as we do regarding the current status of Celsius.

  11. https://culteducation.com/directory-of-cult-recovery-resources.html

  12. Huh? Alex operated literal ponzi scheme. Yet you still defend him because of the fine print. Bizarre.

  13. I'm not defending Alex at all. He's a conman. I hope he ends up in prison. But Alex being a scumbag doesn't relieve anyone of their personal responsibility for the position they're now in. They did it to themselves, and have only themselves to blame.

  14. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/newyork/news/jose-alba-bodega-worker-charged-murder-stabbing-killing-austin-simon-who-attacked-behind-counter-manhattan/

  15. It looks like you shared an AMP link. These should load faster, but AMP is controversial because of

  16. Not that it matters--because he seems like kind of a pussy--but your friend should stop skipping leg day.

  17. There were 4 people involved. The mother, the father, a child over age 2 who had a paid, full price ticket who was in a car seat attached to a airline passenger seat, and an 18 month old who was listed on the father’s ticket as “lap child” or “infant in arms.” That 18 month old did not have a PAID ticket (it is free in the USA on most domestic flights for a child to fly with parents and sit on their lap, up until age 2 years). The family also had a paid ticket from an 18 year old family member who took an earlier flight, and therefore never checked in to the Delta flight with the rest of the family. So Delta rightly saw 3 seats used, and 1 ticket unused. They reused that empty seat. The family thought it was theirs (it wasn’t - there is a fee to swap the name on a ticket and I’m sure they knew this) and they tried to get around the rules and fee by claiming the 18 year olds seat for the infant even though the 18 year old wasn’t there.

  18. Great info, thanks!

  19. With "logic" like this, who needs enemies. Hey, I hear QAnon is hiring.

  20. Celsius hype is paid astroturfing.

  21. Nexo wants in on this grift. They're no dummies.

  22. "I'd think twice about sending additional assets."

  23. If I were betting, I’d lay fairly long odds that half the execs do not end up in prison for fraud - although that is a different question than whether they ought to.

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