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  1. Fermentation does not guarantee that you will hit required pH level. If you don't measure pH with a calibrated tool before sealing, you're at risk no matter the process.

  2. Not really sure how to respond as I do not see where I stated fermentation and ph level had anything to do with one another. But, your comment is exactly the reason why I don't measure PH. There are many ways to create a hot sauce and you don't mention your method. Since you mentioned sealing, I'm going to assume you are boiling the end product to seal it in bottles and make it shelf stable. Personally, I do not do this with fermented hot sauce as the reason I fermented it was to create healthy bacteria. But, if you are doing that then it is recommend to take your first PH test 12-24 hours after you have processed it so it can stabilize and cool, not before you seal it. Additionally, lab tested safe recipes test the PH level many times during the shelf life to guarantee they remain safe. I also looked into selling products where I am located and 3 professional PH tests are required over a 6 month period from the same batch to be able to sell the products. While I do this research every year, it just seems there is too much misinformation out there for me to trust it. So, what I'm getting at is your method may make you feel safe however, I trust the recipes/practices that have been handed down to me from generations of family preserving food. The golden rule applies to both processes though... if it appears to be spoiled then throw it out.

  3. Auxx says:

    That's a lot of misinformation here. Fermentation alone does not give you any guarantees, people are getting their sourdough starters infected all the time (I bake a lot). If you don't hit your pH target before bottling up (which is sealing, don't know where you got heating from), you're at risk, it's that simple.

  4. Lol... the classic I'm going to turn your words against you tactic. First, I'll say it a second time... no where did I state fermentation and ph level have anything to do with one another. You keep repeating "fermentation alone does not give you any guarantees" and no one said it did, you just keep repeating that it doesn't.

  5. I mean it's supposed to be poor man's food lol. You can definitely fill up for a little over $5 in America. I usually get like two small sandwiches or that's a mchicken fries and a drink. Idk the rates but, $18 for one person seems like two full meals lol. A medium big Mac meal with tax is just under $10 here.

  6. It is pretty crazy in the US how the price of bad fast food has crept up to that. When I was a teen building houses in the summer we'd get 2 BigMacs for $5 and be stuffed. Now the BigMacs are half the size and are like 2 for $15. Fries and a Drink are for the rich! Why would I pay $10 for a McDonalds meal when I can get a Chipotle burrito for less and regret eating the whole thing!

  7. Corey said in his AMA today that it was always So Far, they never changed it just a label fuck up

  8. Clown said the same thing in the Knotfest Discord last week (the part about never changing it, it was just a mistake)

  9. Advice from someone without a degree... actually I went to college as an Architect major for 3 years and then changed majors every semester for a few more semesters and ran out of money before I graduated. Actually was computer science for a semester and hated it and now my favorite thing to do is write very long powershell processes and test them over and over.

  10. Man they're really going in on the frameable artwork. Also does anyone actually care about those led zeppelin releases as well? They're good albums, but do people really want an extra little piece of plastic?

  11. Jokes on them... if I wanted one to frame on the wall I would have bought two copies so I could put the records from the one on the wall on the shelf with the other sleeve.

  12. what color variant do you have to get to get the misprint because i hope mine will be

  13. It is very possible it will be all versions. A lot of times on a new album release that has variants, the cover is generic and the same on all versions. They just cover the UPC on the variants with a sticker and a different UPC. The picture appears to be the clear variant though.

  14. Looking to buy a new player and I see the LPW40WN is extremely popular and want to know why some people would get it over the tricked out LP120 USB. The LP has pitch control, a needle light, usb, and more speeds but the LPW40WN is more expensive and has none of those features. I want to know if there are some details I’m missing out on or if it’s just aesthetics. Any tip would help :)

  15. Had someone ask for advice between these two as a gift for their daughter. 100% picked the 40 based on the look (which I get). As a person that has been buying audio equipment for many decades I preferred the look of the 120 and the extra features I'll never use but have them if I decide to quit my job and become a dj.

  16. It’s funny because this sub told me to leave them on until they all turned red 😂

  17. I don't leave mine on until they all turn red, but I wait until it is worth the effort. I prefer some to be over ripe if I can harvest enough to do something with them. I need to try the rehydrate dried peppers method of hot sauce. If that works as well as fresh then I'd just let them dehydrate on the plant. =)

  18. Conditions may vary but in my experience they are more likely to rot on the plant than dry. Maybe it's the humidity.

  19. Probably a combination of things... the temp here is typically 90+ most days for 2-3 months. Plants are in containers are on the south side of the house so they probably get too much sun. And, I only seem to find the "long skinny cayenne" variety of cayenne for the last few years. Those are the only peppers I have that will basically deyhdrate themselves on the plant.

  20. Buying a house is maybe not worth it right now IMO. Who knows if the prices will go back down or stabilize but housing in Omaha is kind of odd, and I’m relatively new to the area as well. Moved here in June. Avoiding North Omaha is a good idea. I’m in the La Vista / Papillion area and it great so far. My only real gripe is the aggressive af drivers. Other than that, it’s been lovely.

  21. Someone from Lincoln... I'd assume this persons recommendation to wait on buying a house is valid. I've been looking at homes outside of Lincoln and Omaha because the prices in town are really high. Everything outside of the cities is crazy high too.

  22. In legally mandated reporting environments or in places with auditing in place this is a big no-no.

  23. Nine years in the banking sector and six years in the medical sector while being an sccm admin... we have 3 audits a year currently that I have to deal with (who knows how many others). I even have to provide them all the powershell used to create the results they want. I'll let them know they are doing their job wrong. =)

  24. Sarbox and PCI plus the liability insurance we bought were always the reasons given for me for the active auditing and code signing that we had to deal with from security team in investment banking/fintech.

  25. Honestly not trying to sound like an ass... I believe all "IT" people fall in two categories. There is only one way to do it and it is my way vs there are many ways to do it lets figure out which is the most efficient way to get a good return on the investment. I'm the latter. Security is always important. But, since this was posted in the SCCM subreddit so I'm looking at this from an SCCM perspective. SCCM is not manipulating client data; it is managing software on devices. There seems to be little risk in the system account bypassing the powershell policy to execute code you put in place. Especially when only two people even have access to the source data to create those applications and the other person doesn't touch it. Not saying there is no risk... but this is the case where signing everything is just more work than it likely is worth. Our security team is pretty young and they know a ton of stuff but seem out of touch with some of the more basic things outside of security that have been around for decades.

  26. Are you still able to see the vinyl spinning when the cover is closed?

  27. Well, I don't leave the cover on if I am playing a record. I personally chose the darkest tint to match the furniture I have (the glass is all tinted really dark). That being said, you can still see through it to see enough to tell what is going on. If I recall, there were two lighter options where I was shopping. So, I'd just recommend a lighter tint if you want to better see through it.

  28. For those interested in seeing it... Hopefully this link works.

  29. According to my developer colleagues that use SCRUM methodology, it's a guy that interrupts your work with meetings in which they ask you "how's that thing we asked you to do going, is there any stopper to it?" and people answer "yes, the fact that I'm sitting in this meeting instead of working on it", and the meeting ends and everyone feels tired and awkward.

  30. Lol, as a systems admin that recent had their department forced to have a scrum master and use a project board dedicated to developers... This description is 100% spot on. Just glad we got those meetings down from 5 a week to 2 a week.

  31. The seeds on the top are not likely to cause any sort of problem as long as everything else remains completely submerged. If you don't have a glass weight there or more diy solutions (like putting a ziplock bag with what on top of it or I think I've seen people use rice in the bag... you'd have to google it).

  32. You can just open it once a day to release the pressure if you don't have an airlock lid. But, don't be surprised if the lid bends under pressure.

  33. I got an email about shipping from this email address like 5 days ago:

  34. Cool I haven’t received anything yet so hopefully I get mine this week

  35. I probably wouldn't have noticed the email, but I must have something with Fedex setup because I got a text message from Fedex so I looked at my email to see what it was. The Fedex info is confusing too because what arrived today was 3 boxes but the tracking number said 1 box (I think that is 3 core sets but I haven't opened them). And the delayed tracking number said 3 boxes. I think that is supposed to arrive tomorrow but it has been delayed in the same city for 4 days. I ordered for myself and 2 friends, so there are a bunch of addons. Maybe they are in 3 boxes.

  36. Even tho I don't and never will know any of you guys, the support really matters. Ty!

  37. I don't disagree with this culture comment at all. Been in IT for over 20 years. Three different companies and the least amount of time at any location is my current one, 6 years. I didn't really enjoy the work at the first two and it was because of the culture. So, culture is very important (and the management style is definitely part of the culture).

  38. Here's the thing-- I'm going to play for now. However, over the past decade or so, it's become clear to me that one of the fastest ways to make me hate a game and ultimately quit is when it is structured in a way to make me feel pressured to hit milestones every day.

  39. I'm the same way... as soon as a game introduces "seasons" I think this won't be bad. Then I realize I'm not having fun because I'm playing on their terms, not mine.

  40. Nope, the pics are all true and he did fix it up nicely. It ended up on a copart auction as there was both fender, hood, both bumper, rear fender damage. Airbags deployed, but the wreck seemed like it was from sliding on ice and hitting a barrier/ car pileup. However, the front frame didn't even crush the transmission cooler from what I can tell. The guy seems to do this as a side hustle so has decent experience on working on xterras specifically haha.

  41. Which ever you decide... hope you enjoy it!

  42. It truly is a good deal for the price, the catch is its a rebuild! Reversing the VIN, its all cosmetic damage and the engine remained fine. v. small knobby dent on a door, and the rear bumper is dented in but thats a an upgrade part for the future. Taking it to a shop for prepurchase inspection.

  43. The mileage difference probably depends on how much you drive. I bought my 05 new with 35 miles and I haven't broke 120k miles yet. So to me, 60k miles is a no brainier because it would take me like a decade to hit the 120k mark. Break down the price difference over 10 years and well, the piece of mind of lower miles seems worth it. If you travel a lot though, 60k isn't a huge difference I guess.

  44. That is fucking awesome.I didn't even know that existed. Do me a favor and crank up Shade for me, as loud as your speakers can get.

  45. Agreed... that is a great pressing for that album. Is that the "2022 Europe" release on Discogs?

  46. There are so many breeds out there I'm not familiar with, but I would have guessed habanero as well. Most of what is available around me is orange but I've grown "Caribbean Red" habaneros which looked like the one on the right.

  47. Wasn't that white house on the left there posting online for rooms to rent at some point? It looks really familiar.

  48. You've seen it on the TV... The AmityVille house.

  49. This is not to sound like someone being an asshole... legit question based off what you said. "Record Sales" is referring to what exactly? Like record sales in the 90s would be CDs bought from brick and mortar retailers. Now there is that, digital sales, and their own merch site. So I assume record sales now specifically means digital sales and media sales on sites other than their own merch site. What I'm getting at, their own merch site sells records, cds, clothing, etc... are they making money on that or is that still doing to Roadrunner? Which then begs the question is merchandise ONLY merchandise purchased at concerts? Merchandise sold out side of their own merch site, does that even count as the "merchandise" you mentioned.

  50. The profits don't go up because in this scenario they pay the employee the money from raising prices x%. Wages are an expense. It's effectively the same thing either way for taxes.

  51. Your scenario doesn't match the question that was asked... Why instead of charging X% to the customer to give to the employee, why not raise the price of the food and raise the pay. The amount of food sold is varies, therefore the amount of money paid to the employees by customers also varies. And when the need for the "surcharge" is not needed anymore, it can be taken away. The employee is essentially losing a profit sharing bonus and not having their hourly pay reduced (in the eye of the business). Most people quit when they have their pay reduced so increasing the pay could potentially be a problem with how the economy is. And I'm really not embarrassing myself. Your tactic seems to be to insult people and I'm just providing information. You've used the same $50 example 3 times and it doesn't address taxes at all or the question that was asked. The employer could be paying 0% tax on that profit or they could be paying 35% tax on that profit. The employee pays taxes on their income and it gets adjust accordingly at the end of the year so the employee is a moot point. But keep insulting me and repeating the same thing.

  52. You are talking nonsense on top of nonsense. Enjoy your weekend.

  53. Imagine that, another insult instead of having a civil conversation. I'm starting to wonder if you read the comment that I responded to. Good luck on your next pointless quest to be right.

  54. It doesn't really send a message to anyone. The boosters likely are the ones pushing for the change, and covering it. Most fans wanted him fired a while ago. And "wider football" know NE will continue to be mediocre at best. I'm impressed Frost's celebrity status in Nebraska lasted as long as it did because that seems to be the only reason he came here.

  55. Campbell's had a lot of options in the spring. I've been wanting to pick up a few before winter but haven't found time to make it there. Hopefully they still have a decent selection.

  56. There are really two types of collectors... those that collect something because they love it and those that collect something because they are under the impression it is an investment. Those in the latter group are usually very disappointed in the end because a collection is only worth what some one else is willing to pay for it. However, collecting something because you love it brings a person happiness in their own way and those things can bring them comfort. Honestly, all people "collect" something... even if it is just an experience. I personally collect many things but my best example is... records. I collect records and a lot of it is worth more than what I paid and some I have I bought extra copies to sell. That is a mix of both cases. At the same time, I also collect "experiencing concerts" which has no resell value. The experience makes me happy. My Dad collects "days golfing" and my neighbor collects "attending college football games". Everyone collects things in some way.

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