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  1. When you pay the mortgage, the utilities, the food they eat, the clothes they wear... you're supporting your kids. Maybe not the way op would like but yes he is.

  2. She gave up jobs and put his career above her own. While his money might pay the bills it was her sacrifices that helped make it possible.

  3. Only if you're under contract. If the UFC doesn't like you they can cut you at any time because fighters are consider independent contractors, which means they also stop paying your medical bills for injuries.

  4. Oof. But that's slightly the same here, at least in the US where your insurance is tied to your job.

  5. But how do you know he was the master and not the apprentice?

  6. I highly doubt that. I've never seen a stall without a gap in the US. I'd would imagine that I would've at least seen 1 that is just about flush but I haven't. It has to be more than just money.

  7. I've seen plenty without gaps. Or at least much smaller gaps. I can't imagine it's about anything but money.

  8. Throw a bunch of sex toys on the table and send a picture. She's done asking about the table. Hell, she might even try to buy it back at double the price to get it away from such deviants!

  9. Technically speaking, those are 3 different products. You can say that by looking at labels and barcodes(every one is different).

  10. Whether or not they were the same product they'd have to have three different barcodes to ensure they rang up at three different prices.

  11. I'd almost prefer this over the fortune "smile more". What kind of fortune is that? Am I going to have a meteor hit me if I smile less??

  12. But what does the church have to do with God himself? This is why I don’t fuck with the church anymore. But suddenly deciding there’s probably no god because a group of people who worship him are shit is pretty dumb

  13. I'm an atheist and I agree, that people suck doesn't mean there is no god or a specific religion is false. However, there is plenty of reason to not believe in a specific god, such as the abrahamic one.

  14. Both are corrupt institutions, and I despise them equally.

  15. Not even close to equal. Government can be bad, but I'd much rather a government that is at least in wom ways by and for the people than a church that can do whatever it pleases because it talks directly to the dictator god. This is like saying a corporation is as bad as a government. While government can enable corporations to pay shit wages, and pile money at the top, it's also government that puts into laws to protect people from such things. The problem with governments today is largely from outside pressures and bribes from corporations and religions.

  16. If you got the device at a discount or you're leasing it but want to keep it, often those prices include the months you've contracted. That said, this doesn't alway make sense and sometimes it's just a shit show. TMOBILE told me that if I turned my phone in I'd owe them $100 but if I kept it it would be the same to ride out my contract and then I'd keep the phone. Obviously I rode out my contract, but them they sent me a bill for $200 to keep my phone. I was pissed.

  17. I believe OP. McDonalds would never let their toilet paper be so accessible. 1 square per customer please!

  18. The amount of texts is pretty telling. Talking to other people is one thing, but giving one person that much of their time and resources? Yea, that's not sounding good.

  19. She told you for a reason, and that reason is probably to initiate a end to your relationship. No one wants to be the bad guy, but the mature one, such as you seem to be, will lean into the discomfort of ending it because that is what's right.

  20. So we have not actually had a sit down conversation with her about it, so I think immediately jumping to this conclusion and dropping a minimum of $50 each isn’t quite the solution we’re looking for, but I appreciate your input.

  21. Sounds like you already know the first step then... what solution can someone give that isn't talking if you haven't talked?

  22. Him making you sleep on the floor is line enough. You obviously care way more for his emotional well being than he does yours. Seek marriage counseling if you want to try and fix it (and have the money to do so) otherwise, I'd at least seek separation, see how life is apart. I'm sure you'll be surprised at the rise in your quality of life.

  23. I feel this. My spouses siblings have stayed with us and it was stressful, and we didn't have even half the issues or crowd that you have. We have no kids, they have no kids, but just having another person in your home is enough to get a but agitating after a while. Then you have the other stuff, they eat food that wasn't intended for them, take showers that drain your hot water before you get one for the night, cook themselves meals at midnight while you're trying to sleep, and even the best of guests still take up space in your home which can be frustrating if it goes on for too long.

  24. I think some people here are missing the issue here:

  25. If marijuana helps him cope he shouldn't have to give that up. What he should ha e done though, is bought a gift that cost $100 less, and they should have set limits on what a gift can cost.

  26. It's just that I picked up extra hours at work to afford Christmas and he just borrowed from my hours worked. sucks :/

  27. Set limits for how kuch each of you can spend on eachother and potentially on others as well. You fo that and you've eliminated the stress of going overboard with your presents.

  28. Not sure how this would happen since the initial count is correct. But I really doubt it was someone counting those lines manually. There is probably an additional count happening somewhere in code, though in a loop you'd see it get progressively worse, the first count would be 5, the next 6, the next 7, and so on. It could be a count on line breaks and something just doesn't trigger right. Hard to tell. But it doubt it's someone having difficult counting by 5s

  29. Thats rough. I went through the same things. My brother got married when I was 17 or 18. We used to hang out all the time and that immediately became far less. When we did hang out his wife would be upset time was taken from her.

  30. Uh, what? Zoos aren't even that great. All the ones I have been to that aren't a nature habitat are covered with cement.

  31. Therapy is a health issue and like all health issues the government needs to step the fuck up. Our system is so jacked up.

  32. Has he seens a therapist? He might need some mental health evaluation and help. When I was undiagnosed with ADHD I had a difficult time doing simple things. I wasn't near as bad as what you're describing but also actively avoided having a family because of my issues. At the very least see if he will get help.

  33. No but i suspect he has adhd, he always had problems focusing at school etc. We talked about it abd he actually agrees that he needs help but he hasn't made an appointment yet

  34. If I were you I'd get his permission to set him up an appointment. Don't do it as a pushy thing, but from the understanding that if it's left up to him, he probably is going to do it, not because he doesn't want to, but because of whatever state his mental health is at. I delay a lot of things and sometimes it's just too overwhelming to even pick up a phone.

  35. I have no idea, but after having to put to sleep our 8 month old puppy because of a terrible breeder my wife and I are extremely cautious about who we go to now. The only reason we even looked at getting a puppy again is the puppy we had was supposed to be her service dog and it's a bit harder to get a rescue and then train them for what is needed. We don't want to go through the pain of losing another dog like that and the breeders we went to this time did everything. The puppy is probably 5x the price as our last one but they do health exams and such to make sure they aren’t breeding puppies in poor health and they have a contract that says if the puppy forms bad health problems within a year you can return them.

  36. The washout rate for service dogs is extremely high so make sure the breeder knows you are planning to use the puppy this way and has successfully produced service dogs in the past.

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