1. El único plan que tenía era hacer un dibujo con temática de San Valentín y ya lo cumplí. El resto del día me voy a dedicar a no morir de sueño en el laburo y viciar un rato/leer si tengo tiempo.

  2. Made in Impact Well... That would be interesting.

  3. Everyone ignored Reiko and went in with whale demons or Black Rider heal cheese.

  4. Moments like these makes me want to complete my panels for the F2P MVPS of kiwamis (I recently paneled Barong and Shiva).

  5. Thank you so much! I just beat that cancerous trio, I couldn’t have dreamed of doing that without your idea.

  6. It wasn't entirely mine... I just changed Lucifer P4 for Mara P3.

  7. I was wondering if this challange is doable with p3 barong instead of p4. Is it possible?

  8. If you can endure Zeus' attacks without the bulkwards, then it's okay.

  9. Elohim into Demeter is almost suicide.

  10. Barong p4 and Huang Long is a must. My team was Barong p4, Huang Long p2, Masakado p4 and Lucifer p4. I think you can substitute Masakado with anyone that can at least mortal 3 times. Use Eileen for press turns and keep killing Persephone with mortal. Have Barong dance 2x every time and try to always have 5 elements up. It's fine if you don't always have it up but make sure you have it when Demeter's hp is in the red so the reflect will kill her. After Demeter is dead, as long as you can tank Zeus's attack and hope he doesn't attack same demon twice, you should be good.

  11. I just won the fight using your strategy.

  12. Doesn't surprise me. I already saw P2 and P3 on gold1


  14. They turn the freaking frogs gay!!

  15. Most likely they would just introduce the next broken demon to counter her bulwark skills

  16. I'm guessing something similar to Demiurge P2, that disables all repel mag the same moment it is cast.

  17. You can also select the tab you want by pressing Ctrl + a number

  18. I've been using the Ctrl one since I discovered it, so I have my most used tabs in the first 5 so I can switch to them in a flash~

  19. Le falta la musiquita de las tohas

  20. U.N. Owen was her? Sonando de fondo

  21. Obviamente, el saqueo no lo justifica nadie (de todas formas busca cualquier video de black Friday en Estados Unidos y no es muy diferente jajajaj)

  22. Seeeh, eso es una locura. Y pensar que en los BF hasta murió gente aplastada por los otros compradores... Increible.

  23. As I said to someone not so long ago:

  24. I would love to say that it was just a horrible succession of unfortunate events, but even if you come to accept them as inevitable you won't gain anything from it as long as you give them a reason to be.

  25. This is a beautiful comment. Thank you for understanding. I will keep stepping and have your words on my mind.

  26. If any awful thought come across your mind, feel free to drop it into the Void... I'll devour it for you. Or... We can spend some time talking about it, together. I'll still eat it at the end, but what's a feast without a nice presentation?

  27. How? I've just been playing right at a week and I'm stuck on the black frost fight.

  28. Floors 91-99 are just there to prove you have enough dmg/elemental teams to be on end-game content.

  29. You can use kartikeya to outspeed them and go first, then put divines into a White Rider and try to hit the 50% mortal twice.

  30. How many more wishes do they need to throw into the Void to satisfy their delusional glowing hearts?

  31. Jajajajajajajaja lpm!! Como extrañaba el "dindu nuffin".

  32. Esta semana terminé algo en lo que venia trabajando casi un mes (unos minutos por dia y le fui agregando detallitos de a poco).

  33. As you're drinking it trumpets will sound and the stars will fall, fire and disaster will consume the earth as it turns into a living hell.

  34. No matter who you are nor where your heart or mind is, you'll always be welcomed into the Void.

  35. True beauty is ageless. Time will devour flesh and bone, but the soul will keep on shining even brighter.

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