1. I am 18, and i remember watching this movie way Back in 2008 and i only remember this scene because I was so confused why were the characters and my parents suddenly laughing so much, now i know why 🤣🤣 also pls tell me the name 9f the movie, i wanna watch it just for this scene

  2. Oh sorry, anyways I found it....the scene is from 'Silsila' (1981).

  3. Yes! As a lotta people have commented several names. I'd second them. Plus, I'd say that language also matters in this context. The slangs used may only be understood by the people native to that language, right? There are quite a few dark humor-based movies in my native language but I don't think that if someone was to watch them with subtitles or even if they knew the language but not as their mother tongue, they'd understand the most of those fun-dark moments, to say.

  4. Unpopular opinion but, sometimes these toppers who are enrolled in an institution also buy 'distance learning programs' (DLP) of other institutions. So, technically the other institutes from which they've bought DLPs are right in advertising about said toppers.

  5. I'm not sure how text based captchas work but the ones where you have to select images works by sort of tracking the movements of the mouse. So, if you're a human, you tend to drag the mouse in a wavy/curly pattern, as opposed to a bot which would go on in a straight fashion while selecting images (if it even does that).

  6. it shows up at the end, not the beginning of installation

  7. The checkbox thingy is there in a lotta files (and yes, I downloaded from legit website).

  8. Thanks bro khud likha hai dekh ke aaya tha mujhe to sahi lagi

  9. Restart and then it'll start counting from that moment onwards.

  10. Not in the same time zone, but, I'll try to work it out. I'm in!

  11. React developer here, I can help you with front end. Maybe a little bit of back end also (my knowledge in that domain is still expanding). DM me if you're interested.

  12. I know right! This was exactly me until I bought a pair of clogs "just for gardening & stuff". They're actually super comfy.

  13. Happened with me, turned out it was Win10 residual files interfering with Win11 files. Had to do a clean install, everything works fine now.

  14. What specifically are you looking for? Fashion advice? Hair tips? Critiques on photography? something else?

  15. I'm sorry I should've specified. I'm looking for hair/beard tips. Also a little insight on how do I look?

  16. Florida tho tab bhi apne beaches aur riches ke liye jaana jaata Bihar tho Gaya gujra h 🗿

  17. They probably meant how high people are in both places 🗿

  18. सुनो सब की, करो मन की।

  19. She never loved you. She just loved the fact that you loved her so much.

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