1. 30 odd years a house owner. I'm definitely bringing my ma to a house viewing.

  2. They've sussed QR codes, but it definitely leads to another tinyurl lol

  3. With such rigorous sources as Rob Roos on twitter and the History channel.

  4. What if she said "Fuck me harder, n*****"? I dunno if I'd complain.

  5. I know the signs of inbreeding when I see them lol

  6. No, I take a while to trust people, regardless of their struggles. I'll advocate and do activism for our government to fix the issue that is rightfully theirs, but I like my privacy.

  7. Ya gotta try all the ways. Eat a stack. Make a duck bill. Roscommon miniskirt.

  8. Please do enlighten me as to what a Roscommon miniskirt is....

  9. I'd have to show ya and then you'd never speak to me again.

  10. General Coveney went well short of denouncing Israel when 80% of children in Gaza are under the age of 18.

  11. True. I don't have to wake up and wonder if they're gonna be a pair of jellyheads. I can trust they will be.

  12. If I'm off ill light it as soon as I get up to make breakfast. So about 5pm.

  13. Pretend it's an anchovy crossed with a cucumber and preserve it please.

  14. There's serenity in the void of the background and, of course, the boobs.

  15. Stick a Sidra fruit on the neck of a bottle of bud and paint it gold

  16. If I'm doing cabbage or sprouts I cook then in the water I did the joint of bacon in. Very good.

  17. Oh yeah, I have fond memories of my Dad cooking bacon over the fire in a huge pot on a swinging arm, and throwing the cabbage in for the last while.

  18. I was sitting in bed watching Binging with Babish

  19. Cooking videos. He takes odd recipes from TV shows. Makes them and if they're horrendous he tries to improve them or at least make an edible version. E.g. the BubbleBass order from Spongebob Squarepants.

  20. There's a whole case to be said about this over the world. Hear me out. It's not some Andrew Taters bullshit.

  21. I think you're correct that there are lower levels of testosterone, but Jedward are both very high energy and could also be high testosterone. We havent tested them. You're just basing this on the fact they sound camp and look youthful. It's very possible they have above average T levels. 🤣

  22. Shur I'm only going in for a few bits. I'll only be a second.

  23. About the same. When I'm hungover it's awful high, which is inconvenient, coz shes the opposite and there's not enough OF leaks in the world to console me lol

  24. Good take by the man with the personality of khaki shorts. Yup Coveney.

  25. It's about the same. Black mold is a constant battle. My curtains are wrote off. If I could pay for windows that actually window, I'd prob be alright.

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