1. Discover has been giving 5% cash back on all Apple Pay purchases using their credit card for the past 2 months, continuing through the end of the year.

  2. Totally agree. Using the ASD also.

  3. I have an XR. I love everything about the size of the mini except using it as a GPS. Maybe one day if I ever get a Car with CarPlay, that would no longer be an issue, but there won’t be a mini by the time that happens.

  4. You can’t satisfy everyone. I have no use for karaoke or collaborative playlists, so I would be wondering why they wasted time on that instead of the features I want.

  5. That’s an iOS 16.2 feature and it has some hardware restrictions. Only the newest Apple TV, it looked like a decent list of iPads, and iPhone 11 or newer.

  6. Are these like actual ads to buy new movies or just suggestions from TV+/movies you own etc.? I don't mind suggestions/"ads" on what to watch next but ads for iTunes movies/rentals would be annoying.

  7. If you current have an AppleTV, you have Up Next at the top of the screen with What To Watch right below it. Apple want to make What To Watch the main focus instead of Up Next. The content should be the same for now, which is a mix of shows & movies from a variety of sources.

  8. Subscriptions are monthly bills. There is no difference between a monthly cable bill and a monthly Hulu bill.

  9. It’s under the automation tab. You can have it fade in to whatever brightness you want over whatever amount of time you want, then automatically turn off after a certain amount of time.

  10. That is stress. It’s a killer.

  11. One is natural. One is ultra processed to have specific effects on you.

  12. Tamron or Sigma should be fine. The Canon teleconverters only work on specific lenses anyway. Depending on how it’s built, the third party TC might work on every lens you have. My Tamron is about 20 years old, but it works on every one of my lenses. I don’t see any difference in quality from my Canon teleconverter which only works on my 70-200 and tilt-shift lenses.

  13. Radio was broken for a good part of the day today. The user station was missing from the Listen Now page. The normal 1, Hits, and Country stations were missing from the Radio page. It could have something to do with that.

  14. I’ve never used Android. I have no idea what features it has and I don’t care. There’s nothing wrong with the way my iPhone sends texts, uses maps, or surfs the web, so there’s no reason to go through the hassle of starting over with a new OS.

  15. Does that mean if my Mac is stuck on Monterey I can't use this feature?

  16. This is becoming a more common thing for them to do. I haven’t seen many people complain about it though.

  17. I don’t do a lot of messaging or use the share sheet that often, so my suggestions are my most recent contacted people. On a day like today where the only messages I sent were work related, it’s going to suggest sharing to work contacts which I would never do. In fact, I’ve only ever used the share sheet to send things to 3 specific people since that feature was added, so it’s stupid for it to suggest anyone other than those 3.

  18. There is no such feature. You can turn on auto play and it will play suggested songs for as long as you want, but you have to listen to them (or skip them) one at a time.

  19. They did encrypt a lot of it, but they also had the key to decrypt it. Now they will encrypt all of it and will no longer have a key, but the user has to opt in.

  20. I’m using the two in parallel and Dark Sky is far more reliable for me. I guess geography plays a big part. Maybe Apple’s algorithm is great in some places, but I live in Scotland where the weather changes quite quickly (four seasons in a day!).

  21. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen, you will see a link for their data sources that tells what is used in different countries.

  22. It’s using the Met Office, which is about as good as it gets for the UK.

  23. The downsides are developing poor spending habits for things you don’t need or can’t afford. There is also the financial risk of paying absurdly high interest rates if you are not on time with a payment.

  24. FBI doesn’t do daily street level enforcement of laws like state & local police do and there are no federal laws that deal with trivial stuff like state laws do. The end result is FBI doesn’t have the same kind of contact with the public like local law enforcement does, so there’s not really a direct comparison to be made.

  25. If you can do a plank for 2 minutes, then it’s time to move on to something more challenging.

  26. Yes, it hurst a little less to lose $100 of someone else’s money, which is exactly what happened when I got the bonus earlier this year.

  27. That’s all personal preference. I probably wouldn’t care about the scar. I don’t like facial piercings but other ones are fine. Facial tattoos would be an absolute no, but other ones are fine or maybe even preferred.

  28. Ok, that’s you but for a default app you need to think about the majority of users and what is important for majority of the population. When it comes to weather news it’s important as many people see it as possible. It’s not just preference it’s a public safety issue.

  29. No, you are wrong about this. The weather app hasn’t had news for the past 15 years. It doesn’t need it now. You can go read news stories on the weather channel website if that’s what interests you like you have been doing.

  30. Doesnt have does not equal shouldnt have. This is not about me I do not check other outlets for weather news honestly. However I will die on the hill of thinking majority of society should be made aware of weather news. Again its a public safty thing. I have heard many stories (family in public service) of people getting hurt or being stranded without power/food etc because they were not aware of how bad a storm would be. Sorry you disagree have a good day.

  31. No, you are still wrong. I will have to delete the app and use something else if they put news in it.

  32. I picked up the 10 core, 16 GB, 1TB version from Adorama for $1950 a few days ago. I refuse to sign up for that credit card. I wish B&H would do the sales tax credits on their own without going through that credit card company.

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