1. It's not about the sacrilegious content, its to prevent the users from reading up about the atrocities committed by the Army as well as a soft test, to see if they can shut down social media in case things go against them. The country has almost reached a tipping point.

  2. Western supported of Saudi in their genocide of the Yemeni people is only quicken the demise of western hegemony.

  3. Nonsense and typical disinformation

  4. China is Taiwan largest trade partner and exports to China are

  5. The ethanol mandate is what allows the U.S. to have food security. Other countries have to store grain for their people. The U.S. can, with the stroke of the pen, feed every American and probably make up for any worldwide shortfalls. Food is the most important commodity. When people are hungry they get mad. When people's children are hungry they revolt.

  6. Can we just go with nuclear until we can get the whole nuclear fusion working!?!

  7. I don't see evidence of dramatic increase in funding of fusion research. However globally, most nations did decided to go nuclear to meet their climate change goals.

  8. The west needs to stop treating the war in Ukraine as a sport, where they're supporting Ukraine the way you support a football team. All this talk of avoiding escalation is like talk about how to keep the game fair. This is not a game, there is no fair. Half heartedly supporting Ukraine with a few dozen tanks here or there, a few dozen artillery here or there, is not going to make a difference.

  9. I think nations like the US, UK and Poland have contributed as much as they could in this war without risking their own national security.

  10. I don’t understand how people can tout BRICs when 3 of those countries will disintegrate within the next 15-20 years. Smh. G7 is not going anywhere.

  11. None of the BRICs nations are even close to disintegrating.

  12. Russia, China and South Africa are powered kegs that will explode before 2040

  13. There is no real evidence of any kind that these nations are breaking apart. What's your reason for stating that they will explode?

  14. Violence in the region is escalating, since Iran is looking to retaliate via their proxies in Palestine for the facilities Israel bombed in Iran.

  15. I am an American and have 6 weeks PTO, not sure where you’re getting this information. I also have 3 months of paternal leave if I need to take it.

  16. I am also American. I know plenty of Americans with jobs with almost no kind of PTO. Certainly not compared to those in European nations with better social policies.

  17. Title of this article is sensationalism.

  18. Russia is already attacking NATO property that's in Ukraine. NATO hasn't declared war on Russia yet.

  19. Some very strange comments in here lmao

  20. People are just fed up with war propaganda.

  21. You’re right about the propaganda..it’s mind numbing..it’s on both sides, it seems every fucking article I read outside of this sub is “UKRAINE IS KICKING ASS!!!1!1!1 RUSSIA BAD!” Or the exact polar opposite “RUSSIA IS KICKING ASS UKRAINE BAD!” I fucking rarely see anything in between

  22. The nations at war and supporting the war cannot afford to let their citizens know the reality of what's actually happening during the war, or their common folks might demand an end to the war, and could revolt against their government if their government doesn't give in to their demands.

  23. Israel intends to maintain a neutral relation with Moscow. As a smaller powerful nation, Israel benefits from not disrupting it's diplomatic relation with any of the more powerful nations in this world.

  24. Are you Indian as well? I just don't find India's politics to be that global compared to say America or the Uk.

  25. No, he isn't. He said he's getting most of his Indian info from outspoken Indians on reddit a long time ago.

  26. Technically it's 50-50, with the other 50% being my own research on India's politics, from an economic/development perspective, since those are my interest.

  27. They are not on the fence, they just don't really care. There is a huge neutral segment of the world that will not be more invested in the conflict than they already are.

  28. lol Wion has plenty of pieces criticizing Russia

  29. Indeed. I'm just pointing out they've made their position on this war clear, even if they are very critical of Russia.

  30. This isn't planned to be the main currency of either nation, just a currency to make international trade between these two countries easier.

  31. Yoy comparisons are weird anyway because they dropped like crazy in 2020/early 2021 and started to climb back up after. I have lots of friends whose rent is up this year but even over the last few.

  32. I've been following rent prices since 2 years ago. Only in the last few months has it been decreasing, and only slightly.

  33. each continent should merge into having a continental currency

  34. Ideally, it makes sense for each of our global economic blocks to have its own currency. Continents don't necessarily mean economic blocks though.

  35. Point would still be valid right? An international currency would be valued by gdp?

  36. No. The valued can be set and re-set by the organization that issued the currency.

  37. This zaporozhye push was quite surprising tbh, but I guess they saw their chance after Ukraine had to pull a bunch of their units out of there to support the bakhmut and Belarus line (Belarus line only for a potential Russian offensive).

  38. Instead of using their economy to pressure Iran to align with European interest, I don't see the logic into why Europe wants to escalate political conflict with Iran. Does anyone have any ideas why the EU choose to go down this path?

  39. Honestly, one could say the same thing about all media in this war. It's been incredibly pro Ukraine, and I'm not saying Russia is justified.

  40. Maybe not paid, but I agree that it would be naive to think that the biggest news sub on reddit is neutral.

  41. It does makes sense that agents working for their governments will target url's whose name reflects their contents, and "worldnews" is a very obvious example of this.

  42. It's anyone's guess how many of the US special operations forces are "AWOL" in Ukraine, but I'm curious which branch provide the most troopers. I reckon it will be the Green Berets, since training and insurgency tactics are their speciality, and that will help the Ukraine military more than any other help the US could have provided.

  43. UK's Brexiters, the ones who voted to leave, have reaped the consequence of their ignorance. Now they're trying to push the blame on someone else.

  44. You are not wrong. However you have to consider that experts on India are hard to find. Only Indians that don't generally like India is willing to travel outside India and are the only voice others have to understand India, in English.

  45. Only about 11% of Indians speak English, so most of India is still cut off from the English sphere.

  46. My 2 cents on this it's obviously a message to Pakistan afterall they've been one of if not biggest recipient's of foreign aid from SA throughout the years ,thier army chief recently visited SA hoping for some aid/loan money.

  47. It's also a signal to the other Arab states that has groups that take money from the Saudis, like the ones fighting Iran backed proxies.

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