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  1. You need to read more, simple as that. You’ll understand Peat’s reasoning for all his recommendations. Even though he doesn’t make recommendations directly. They’re more like theories.

  2. And you know, had this been a place for actual discussion you would've replied with substance instead of "read more" and an equivalent of "you suck lol".

  3. There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way. It’s okay to desire a woman without a past. The real question is how much of her past you can accept. If you can’t accept it and live with it, that is fine. You have every right to walk away.

  4. I know that nTOS can absolutely cause headaches, migraines, and feeling faint. I've almost fallen over a few times from it. You can look up cervicogenic dizziness. The pain and tightness from the scalenes radiates up to the head. I think I've heard that compression of the veins and arteries can do it too since the veins and arteries to the head are so close to the thoracic outlet. And chronic pain can 100% cause fatigue.

  5. Happy to help! I hope that whether it turns out to be TOS or something else that you feel better soon.

  6. Yes I feel as if I’m close to dying because I believe the brain is not getting enough blood flow/oxygen. I don’t think there’s a way out but to drink water with salt and electrolytes

  7. Have you tried one of the blood oxygen monitors that clamps (gently) on to a finger? They only cost ~US$25 at the drug store, and are useful for detecting covid (and likely other) symptoms.

  8. That’s a good idea. Although not sure because my theory is more so that compression of veins/arteries in the neck cause blood flow to be impeded in the brain and not necessarily the rest of the body.

  9. Achieve progress for love of yourself and others you love. Don’t chase success out of self hate or insecurity. Giga chad is a mindset of abundance and going after your goals with patience and determination.

  10. I think it might be the fiber imo. I only drink the juice in oranges, not the fiber. Fibrous fruit don’t seem appealing to me anymore. Don’t find them tasty. I like watermelon and I eat berries and often blend them with milk. Refined sugar is okay for me. Mostly stick to honey or fruit. But when I have sugar in my coffee or coffee with a pastry, I feel good. But I usually just do that on that weekend.

  11. For me, Pain has to do more with whether I pace well. If I pace well, I don’t trigger PEM. So I’m mostly pain free. Also hydrating and eating well, which is essentially just preventing PEM.

  12. I was training hard for years on top of poor sleep and psychological stress.

  13. Wait my stomach has been a mess all week as well and I get constant gastritis. This can be POTS related??

  14. yeah these illnesses fall under dysautonomia. aka dysfunction of autonomic system. nausea, GI issues is common in these communities

  15. Sounds like POTS and or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Aka ME/CFS.

  16. Absolutely. Inflammation in general can trigger anxiety, depression, irritability and even anger.

  17. Point Place is a very small town from my deductions. They are one of those towns that have one high school and their sports rivals are in other towns kind-of-thing. The high school is also called point place.

  18. How can you be PUFA free? its in everything including the highly recommended food Oysters

  19. little bit of pufa won’t kill you, especially from seafoods. when it’s coming in excessive amounts from seed oils or high dose omegas, it’s bad.

  20. Tough to answer that. I think we all ask ourselves the same thing.

  21. Improved but not recovered. From extreme severity to moderate/housebound.

  22. He has me on a liposomal type formulation; it's in an emulsion; a liquid formulation. I'm able to take it on an empty stomach; it helps within 15mins. I'd assume the way it's formulated you can absorb high levels without too much digestion as a regular fat soluble vitamin.

  23. How much do you take? Coincidently been taking vitamin e for about two weeks now but I don’t feel much difference… yet…

  24. I go through a bottle of this stuff every 2 days, a bottle has about 2436iu's of vitamin E, so roughly 1200iu's of vitamin E a day. I pulse it throughout the day, but the largest dose is the morning and at night. Because of the formulation you don't need food to take it; any other vitamin E you would need to eat with a meal because it's fat soluble

  25. The argument for this hypothesis has some evidence to support it. A differential between blood pressure increasing in the head whilst low blood pressure in the body is the basic mechanism being put forward.

  26. All the time. I just feel like I’m rotting away while all my hopes, dreams, and aspirations slowly evade me. This illness is soul crushing. I wish I could be healthy and normal so badly. I feel like the universe fucked me over and I’m just a worthless sickly corpse because I can’t do anything but lay still.

  27. Fez isn’t dumb at all. He’s just out of touch with American culture

  28. Exercise, hiking, music, artistic hobbies, showers, cold weather, swimming, dancing, socializing with friends. Nothing wrong with video games once a while. Don’t beat yourself up.

  29. How much sugar do you eat and are you stressed? Maybe not psychology but does your body feel stressed even though you know you shouldn’t be?

  30. I was eating tons of sugar in the form of fruit until my latest blood test which showed an alarming increase in HBA1C and fasting blood sugar. I’ve since replaced most fruit in my diet with rice and potatoes. Carb intake still isn’t an issue though, I’m eating adequate carbs.

  31. Man. Well I wish I could help you. I would recommend getting plenty of blood tests.

  32. Yes 100% I ache almost all the time. It helps the most when I’m drinking a lot of water. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia before I found out it was pots POTS due to these muscle aches.

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