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  1. They didn’t luck into him. No other team had the balls to take him or adapt their system.

  2. This is why it's hard for me to believe that he'll get a better deal somewhere else. Another team would have to make significant changes to adapt to what he brings... which Baltimore already did and failed to generate a championship. Granted part of the failure was due to injuries ending the last two seasons, but that's where his style of play is going to lead to in the NFL.

  3. Yay Cuyahoga Valley! People always forget about us

  4. I hiked the Buckeye Trail through Blue Hen Falls yesterday afternoon with my brother. We arrived around 11 AM and I was like, "Wow, CVNP looks like a real National Park today!" The place really blows-up on those first nice days of the spring and the entire month of October.

  5. I hiked up to Goat Rock when I visited last year. That was late April and it was already horribly humid. That being said, I really liked the downtown scene, especially being able to fill-up my water bottles from the springs. I was drinking that water in Death Valley a month later.

  6. Hulk Hogans signature look, blonde Chinese hair and the skin of a hot dog

  7. Will always upvote Skip Spence. Such a wild story and it generated one of the best albums ever.

  8. I’ll celebrate when the Browns win more games than the Ravens during the season. Sorry, to be clear, the regular season, just to get ahead of people celebrating preseason records.

  9. Offseason champs for like the 20th year in a row. Always translates to wins.

  10. For real. My level of excitement will remain low until I see wins on the field.

  11. LOL... some people would actually let someone cook and serve them dinner, and then just sit back and watch them clear the table and wash the dishes as well. They'd probably ask the person to wash his car when they were done.

  12. Most teachers Don't just start their career " well I payed for an education have student loan debt but im a teacher now and have decided i'm going to be an asshole to children my entire teaching career Because this is why i become a teacher" no it usually leads up to this after years and years of teaching you have obviously never had to control lg groups of unruly teens that think they are adults that can't be touched because they are minors that think nothing will ever happen until someone snaps and they get their head knocked off I have see good teachers quit because parents and schools sweep bad behavior of kids under the rug with no consequences because "my kid wouldn't do that .... what did u do to my child first ....he is just different.... he doesn't lie it must be someone else's fault...kids will be kids...but it wiil ruin his life he is still young" of course with no thought or regard for the victims so these kids continue to bully staff as well as terrorize other kids so they can be big in front of friends a small number of kids make school hell and people wonder why suicide rates among teens are so high and teachers are dropping like flies one low pay and because of disruptive behavior of a few but yeah the "teachers" that can't deal with the behavior of said students should not be teachers instead of parents making their young adult CHILDREN take responsibility for their actions so the consequences will teach them not to behave in this way because u will face repercussions other wise u raise an uneducated ignorant wife beating crackhead u are bailing out of jail for the 100th time because well my boy wouldn't do that mentality has lead him to harass bully and victimize people for the rest of his life but yeah if the teachers can't handle it then they just shouldn't be teaching yep got it 🙃🫠

  13. This comment reads like a Cormac McCarthy novel.

  14. I can smell this picture. My parents had a couch like that when I was born and that material kept all the smells. And despite the fact they never smoked inside (I was so asthmatic that being in a room where smoking occurred triggered attacks), the aroma lingered on the couch just from the smoke and nicotine from their clothes.

  15. This is the first thing I thought as well: I can smell this picture.

  16. I didn’t mind it in restaurants and whatnot in a special section. As long as they had somewhat decent ventilation, the smell was barely noticeable outside, and often only a minor annoyance inside even as a non-smoker. But in houses and shit? Good god.

  17. I was a smoker when the bans went into effect in my state. I thought it was ridiculous, but now I remember being in bars and restaurants with open smoking policies (i.e. without a non-smoking area) and seeing that cloud of smoke near the ceiling. It just seems bizarre.

  18. Baxter was too early for this list, though he'd certainly make it otherwise.

  19. This was when I was certain there was something in the water in Berea. In 2006, LeCharles Bentley's knee explodes and Gary Baxter torn both patella tendons on the same play. Phil Savage was apparently drinking the water when he traded picks with the Ravens giving them Haloti Ngata and taking Kamerion Wimbley.

  20. I have heard repeatedly that Bentley actually injured his knee in a basketball game prior to the start of camp, but that would have been a violation of his contract

  21. I heard that too. His deciding to sign with Cleveland was huge. The staph infection he got almost cost him his leg.

  22. I want to interject here a bit and maybe object to the framing of the question itself: companies have always been about "full stack developers" even before the name existed.

  23. I wonder if he'll have officially announced he's running for POTUS by then. It's obvious he's putting it off as long as possible because he knows his buddy is going to eviscerate him on a daily basis once he does. Must still be brainstorming the best nicknames to call him.

  24. The Descent is scarier because the first half of the movie disarms you in a way by freaking you out with all the claustrophobic scenarios and an utterly disastrous situation. Then... they add monsters to the equation.

  25. What happens if you lose power? Platter and tone arm come crashing down?

  26. I wonder if the kids get a needle and thread in return when they hand in one of these.

  27. When Takitaki was re-signed, I wondered who was the last LB the Browns drafted who got a second contract. It reminded me of how disappointing Mack Wilson turned-out to be.

  28. My bank account is growing increasingly smaller as I flush the money down my toilet. WTF is going on?!?

  29. Well that’s just like your opinion, man.

  30. Your expectations were sufficiently low and you have a nice memory related to the movie. You've every right to rate it higher than others people.

  31. Where are you coming from? Are you only going to see one park on the trip?

  32. Yeah, I would agree with most others then. Badlands is probably your target.

  33. Love reporting “expected to have interest”

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