1. Interesting to see no terpinoline in the top terpenes.. Jack is usually full of it..

  2. I don't want to offend you but, Looks like shit honestly. Not enough keef and too wet The "moon rocks" I got in Colorado were covered in keef and dried much better. It looked like a ball of keef until I opened it up and saw the bud. The inner was wet but not that wet. But I am looking at a picture and it may feel and look different in person. Just my experience

  3. Theyve probably cloned that specimen 5 times already

  4. If ppl would stop buying this shit they'd be forced to correct.

  5. Here shortly we should have a pricing apologist pop in and tell us it's actually really fair.

  6. What do you use to compare prices like that?

  7. Mine also land, but are extremely powerful, however my opponent is completely unfazed. Like I am punching some higher power level anime character. They just relentlessly come at me, but oddly never land any blows on me, but I just exhaust myself into defeat on their invincible face.

  8. How long ago did you try it? You how this market is batch to batch.

  9. From this most recent drop it was my least fave.

  10. Don’t be afraid of the Robots smell. It is definitely funky, but in a good way. If you don’t mind cheesy strains, this is a really nice uplifting strain. Although heavy hitting. It is Rollins x White OG.

  11. Ohio has some really good cultivators. It's easier to tell you what I don't like, haha. I will say for top shelf I applaud Certified, Ancient Roots and Woodward/Fire Rock. I think as far as "exotic/premium" I'll give Woodward the edge, everything I've had from them looks and feels expensive.

  12. He posted a video of him on 4/20 smoking to his original telegram that was for sure his before his “death”

  13. Surprised tbh Soon as I opened the jar it was a gassy sweet smell, wasn’t dry when grinded up, burned nicely.

  14. God the bunk jars hurt especially when it’s something you gotten before and it was fine

  15. Nice! Should be some entertainment incoming.

  16. I had two phenos of BR Garlic Breath. A more purple one and one that’s more green. Do you know which one the 31% batch is?

  17. Atleast it seems the talked their way through it.

  18. It’s hard for me to even get to the end of the story just due to the travesty of this dinner experience.

  19. Good but mediocre imo. I have the 20.8g% batch

  20. The bigger picture here, the fbi going to this length tells me that the diary is actually authentic🤷‍♂️

  21. Messi is looking bricked here bapas not gawn lie

  22. I have family out there and have visited frequently. California Bud is overpriced and the THC numbers are pumped to the max for flower.

  23. Absolutely surreal. They don't care that you know, because they know they will never be on CNN or NBC or NYT.

  24. I'm lost at what this is in relation to, after reading the comments I figured it out.

  25. Going to my HS football buddy's all black church hungover on Sunday after a long night gave me this impression as well, super welcoming, happy to have me there, I only felt positive vibes.... I enjoyed the singing and whatnot and didn't feel awkward one bit as a goofy whiteboy. But I guess they were just 'normal folk' and not fancy twitter people.

  26. Theyre trying to correlate it w what is happening right now tho...

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