1. This is referring to the third awakening. Morgana will get his automatically so literally just play the game. I have no idea how so little people get the achievement. I guess they either quit or miss third semester entirely.

  2. The achievement for getting Arsene, the first persona in the game, only has 93% completion. That means that 7% of people didn't make it past the first hour or so of the game. It's no wonder how so few people have gotten the 3rd awakening achievement.

  3. The unenlightened masses, they cannot make the judgement call. Give up free will forever, their voices won't be heard at all. Display obedience, while never stepping out of line, and blindly swear allegiance, let your country control your mind (let your country control your soul). Live in ignorance and purchase your happiness. When blood and sweat is the real cost, thinking ceases, the truth is lost. Don't you worry you'll be told exactly what to do, I give my people the lives they need, the righteous will succeed.

  4. I'd actually say GoW. It's getting close to the Game Awards, so there's a good chance it'll drum up traffic for the game.

  5. And on top of that, Miradion abuses terrain instead of weather so the counterplay is even harder because there’s less terrain setters

  6. Ice Spinner though, it's gonna be op I'm telling you

  7. Inaccurate, doesn't have the genius who thought bringing a Koraidon was a good idea.

  8. Or some random guy named Mihail who decides to use rain dance, letting Charizard hit every hurricane and sweep us when we were about to win

  9. Tera raids making recoil moves useless because they one hit ko the user for some reason

  10. Then we have Pennsylvania, where half of the state hates the other half, and you can't like both

  11. I believe this means you've missed your chance. You're too late for the museum, but too early for the next event.

  12. I loved it when Zuck said "It's Metaing time!" And Metad all over the place


  14. Since so many people have wished you good luck, I'm here to wish you bad luck in your run

  15. It's been a thing ever since gen 3, FRLG uses the same RSE sprites for the post gen 1 mons, and gen 5 used the gen 4 sprites to make the moving sprites

  16. FRLG and RSE were the same generation and made just over a year apart. Gen 5 took the sprites and made them better.

  17. If you still have a spare Water Tauros, I've got a Stunky I can trade for it.

  18. Attention. Why actually protest/promote the cause? That doesn't get attention. Vandalizing famous paintings? That gets endless news articles. When more articles are made, more vandalism happens, causing more articles to get made. Rinse and repeat.

  19. Coffee. You hear people talking about how they quite literally cannot function properly without a cup of coffee, then swear up and down that it isn't an addiction. Gee, I wonder what else I've heard is like that.

  20. I'm breeding stuff for people that want to use certain mons their whole playthrough, I can breed a level 1 frigibax for ya, I'll have a bunch

  21. Just curious because I'm not that good with this kind of stuff - which paradoxes are available before Postgame?

  22. He'll run anyway. If he isn't chosen as the party candidate, he'll run as an independent candidate. Either way, democrats have most likely won.

  23. For anyone who has played the cracked version: Are the Paradox pokemon post-game or insanely late? I assume they're at least late, so do you need to progress a specific story to unlock them?

  24. I love how teleport has 5 pink pokemon, and then magnezone

  25. Ceruledge for entirely new. Mix between Paradix Donphan and Salamence for new forms.

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