1. proteins: baked salmon, baked chicken, pan fried eggs.

  2. Still faster than ordering delivery. Grubhub usually takes 40 min where I live. In that time I can steam rice and chop up beef, onions, and basic veggies for a stir fry.

  3. 95% of my meals are home cooked. 2-3 times per month I eat at the work cafeteria but usually get steamed rice and uncooked salad vegetables. Once a month I get pizza with my family and just accept the seed oils in it.

  4. Accenture is the contractor behind the new system.

  5. Do I need to scream this at this whole sub reddit?

  6. Yep, yep, and yep. I make burgers at home that are more delicious and healthy than the over salted, low quality ground beef, basted in seed oil, and over priced crap In restaurants.

  7. Chase Freedom Unlimited is good. 1.5% cash back and good customer service.

  8. Why are you talking in third person?

  9. It's absolutely important to give up as soon as it stops being fun. Life is too short, and it sounds like you really pushed far past that point and gave it as much as you could for the sake of completion, which is commendable.

  10. I've played all others Souls games and find ER to be frustrating beyond belief. Quit after 40 hours.

  11. No surprise. I stopped eating this stuff long before I found about seed oils because of the wood chips they put in to prevent clumping.

  12. Why does the idiot motorcycle keep speeding up with no stopping distance?

  13. Life is too short not to hate. I don't have good advice to give you but I just gotta say that sometimes you gotta go through hate and bitterness. I too hope to be on the other side but for now I'm a bitter bastard.

  14. Nioh 2 got a 9/10 from IGN, so even absolute mainstream media recognizes that they make great games. And tbh the reveal trailer for SoP looked like aboslute junk. First impressions are hard to change. And Niohs graphics were not that good either, even the art style outside of enemy design was pretty bad.

  15. Nioh 1 has rough graphics for sure. It doesn't run smooth on OG PS4, but I will say that it exceeded expectations and paved the way for Nioh 2.

  16. Lots of low frames and dropped frames during busy scenes.

  17. Maybe knowledge works isn’t for you. Try a trade apprenticeship.

  18. Looks like I need to preorder the deluxe version lol

  19. Somewhere right around 100 hours. I forgot to take note of the exact hours played in my aborted runs beforehand, but it was somewhere between 15 and 25, and now it says 124, so between 99 and 109

  20. I'm against nuclear proliferation 😩😡

  21. Don't care, already bought. Even if it's mediocre I will give it an honest shot. Just really want to support Team Ninja because they've been solid.

  22. Just imagine how oxidized and unstable that reused high temp oil is. It’s straight up asking for cancer risk and cellular damage as soon as it enters your system. 🤮💀

  23. I worked at McDonald's for a few months and this is exactly what their fryers looked like. One time I accidentally put a hot fryer bin on a piece of plastic frozen french fry bag and it melted on to it and I thought "oh no" and I told a manager and they were like "that's fine just keep using it"

  24. “That’s fine just keep using it.”

  25. California has the most strict gun laws in the nation and they are supposed to protect us from mass shootings.

  26. I’ll probably replace it bc battery replacement price is increasing in March

  27. Damn. What is it going up to? I see the quote on their website is $69.

  28. Just saw in this sub it’ll be 89$ :/ My health is at 82 so might as well replace it now instead of like a couple months

  29. It’s so crazy to me how obsessed people are with this. Like I can’t even imagine changing the battery yet, it will be fine for like 5 years atleast.

  30. I know right. They haven't even bought the phone but spend hours searching for Youtube vids, reddit posts, and other info lol.

  31. 0 times. Bought new at launch from Apple store. Still meets all my needs. Gonna squeeze at least two more years out of this (if not three).

  32. Battery is fine. Very little difference between 13mini and this. If you're on a budget get this.

  33. same reason noob saibot, kabal, and pretty much any decently cool and strong character gets shit on. bc the writers for these stories suck and are extremely biased towards characters like divorah

  34. D’Vorah was one of the best new characters in MKX tho.

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