1. Im pretty sure jewdank is a meme sub

  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/offmychest/comments/13mk2yw/my_partner_wants_to_name_the_baby_after_reddit/

  3. Hey Reddit,what was the sexiest sex you’ve ever sexily sexually sexed sexually?

  4. I think most / all of them (except Dream, of course lol) are Brazilian Youtubers? Since the account of the original post is Brazilian. Here's some i can identify:

  5. holy shit this meme is so fucking old and it's been reposted so fucking much that it's grimy as shit and isn't funny

  6. This literally makes no sense. Before 1945 Taiwan was part of Japan.

  7. Nordic Greece if it was colonized by civil flag Greece

  8. If you wish to turn off ai for a specific country just type “ai usa” or “ai sov” etc

  9. Well... It didn't take them too long to replace it.

  10. Might depend on what brush you're using, or if the layer you're painting on has a blending mode other than "Normal". (Check Layers docker for blending mode.)

  11. Maybe the Selection is selecting odd areas, then? The Continuous Selection Tool was used, right? What are the Tool Options for it? Maybe try unchecking the box for anti-aliasing, and minimizing numbers for fuzziness and feathering radius?

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