1. Store manager will be hiding in the back of course leaving the cashier to deal with the abuse of customers.

  2. Are you at a small retail? They wouldn't dare put off a major retail store. I really feel bad for your situation.

  3. There was a failed planning permission from around 2012 for Zara and some apartments which was withdrawn. However much of the current structure was determined to be historically significant.

  4. wasn't that laundry handed over to the state or something? but yeah, it's madness that "protected structures" are let rot. something needs to be done with taffes. the laundry, that's a depressing place

  5. Honestly, this is some brilliant advice, and I'm really glad that I did post this tonight even just to have heard this. And if it's anything that relates to Simpsons logic than it's solid wisdom to follow! I really do appreciate you sharing this and I'm looking forward to learning how to improve my own management skills going forward in life. Thank you and I wish you all the very best :)

  6. Hey, just checking in. Did you manage to find a healthy space to stay off the sauce? hope so. if not, try again. that's it. just wanted to share some words of encouragement.

  7. Hey! Sorry, I only just spotted this! Thank you so much for checking in - and yes I did, I'm in a much better living situation at the moment, and also in more contact with my parents which really helps. Thank you once again!

  8. Best meat based taco recipe? I know recipes with tacos vary wildly I'd be interested in what a chef would say.

  9. The man that lost the biggest bet in Irish history (Anglo) now operates a gambling company. We all pay more in USC in insurance levies as a direct result of his actions.

  10. This completely depends on where you are. In the EU this would be highly restricted with GDPR for example. some other places may not care at all. Maybe ask in a legal advice sub and tell them where abouts you live

  11. I’m just making a joke, the hell is going on in this sub?

  12. Lots of absolute lunatics lurking on this sub just waiting to jump on their chosen issue instead of developing a sense of humor. Sad bunch. Those vocal vegans/feminist are the funniest and simultaneously the saddest.

  13. don't they? there's a few in the comments. most people are taking this as lighthearted fun but that seems to be one skill they do not have

  14. Techniccaly, Wales can still knock out England. If USA win today, Wales can knock out England only by winning.

  15. I see your point. But wales would have to win 5-0 vs England and even the most pessimistic England fan and the most optimistic Welsh fan would say that’s pretty much impossible. (Really hoping this comment doesn’t age like milk)

  16. not by point but I get you. I was hoping the USA might nick a goal to win. it is unlikely but it would be funny to see that comment aged like milk on this sub

  17. one step away from a Darwin award for likes and shares. not a great use of the brain

  18. "Well, guess I'd better get the dustpan and brush out"

  19. That place seems big enough that there's a good chance that it was someone's first day on the job. That would be a particularly bad day

  20. But it's nit free until you break even that's the point. People also have to weight the positives and negatives to front up that kind of money. So it's a valid question.

  21. on this point, we got quoted almost 14k for panels yesterday. The whole point is to reduce bills so naturally people are sensitive to the break even point. Cars, TVs and other investments like insulation all have a utility value in the enjoyment you get from them, the heat they retain for you or the convenience they bring you.

  22. a bit more detail would help here. I assume they were trying to get in after close? what kind of complaint was it? did they say you were rude? etc..

  23. In rejecting customer 2 minute before closing time. Which at that time im at register and checking sales report. And i just mention we are closing for the day

  24. honestly that's no big deal. it's your word against theirs in any event as to what time it was. just say you'll be more prepared for last min customers in future if you want an easy life.

  25. This is what annoys me about this sub sometimes. this is actually a great example of something aging like milk and yet gets no traction. but post something that someone said that turned out to be wrong decades later and it trends...

  26. That's one of those how long is a piece of string questions... there's way too many variables to even come up with a half arsed guess.

  27. I have literally nothing to go on to give you a ballpark. not even size.

  28. You can filter with minimum price to weed these sellers out.

  29. maybe it's changed now because I haven't used it in years because it's a pain in the hole but iirc when I did this I still got all the POA cunts that set no price..

  30. some "special" estate agents also do the POA shite - I actually went in and asked one why they put POA on all their properties, his actual response "People come in to ask, it generates interest" - i replied with "how do i even know if im interested in it if i dont know if its in my budget or not" - queue blank stare from agent.

  31. what POA really stands for when it comes to estate is awkward wankers. As "tricks" go to generate interest it's a piss poor idea. Surely they waste more time dealing with people just to get clarity on a price. Estate agents.. they're up there with the worst of the cunts out there to deal with.

  32. Thank you. Please come by next week for my talk on how to deal with disgruntled customers

  33. Hey, what's this? I'm supposed to have front row seats but I'm 2 from the back?!

  34. My question is how did someone decide that something that smelled so awful was edible?

  35. I think poverty decided for them. And now tradition has promoted poverty to delicacy.

  36. This is the most sensible answer. "Go on and fuck off for yourself there" would also be correct but not as diplomatic.

  37. Terrible service. No live TV section on the Smart/Android TV app either lol. Also Chromecasting from the mobile app is dogshit alot of the time.

  38. it's inconsistent. I watched the 2 matches so far today. first on the phone which was shite and buffering, oddly streaming from the phone to Chromecast worked perfectly on the TV. then was booted out of the sitting room and watched the other game on the PC and that was hit and miss. All devices stream Netflix, Prime and YT perfectly so it's definitely an RTE player problem.

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