1. The 6 month deal locks in that lower price and it turns into a month to month membership after that. You still need to give 30 days notice and pay 1 more time if you want to quit

  2. Asked about all the time. Can’t find staff to work that late. If you want to workout that late then join a box gym. The staff have lives too and can’t be expected to be at OTF 24/7

  3. Or they could hire more staff? Lol no one is saying that coaches shouldn’t have time off too.

  4. That’s exactly what people “say” when they complain about the hours that their studio has. Y’all know the hours and the schedule when you sign up. If it doesn’t work for you then don’t sign up🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. The Lift classes should be just like other classes in having a maximum capacity. It should be the number of stations your studio has. If they’re letting in more people than that then the coach is making up portions of the workout and/or they’re spreading everything too think equipment wise, most likely both.

  6. Sick? EVERY SINGLE THING is an up charge at an already overpriced gym (and ever increasing.) It’s a $3 shirt that you pay extra for, when you can just take the classes that you already get screwed for.

  7. I would recommend a diet change to lose weight. You can’t outrun the fork.

  8. Employees only. It’s their time to roll out new stuff, educate, network etc…… Random people just don’t show up to your work conferences, so kinda like that 😂

  9. Don’t let the “hype” around hell week psych you out. Dial it back as needed and have fun with it

  10. Stretching is not my goal. Just curious why the mild stretching block doesn't come prior to jumping on the treads and rowers.

  11. Bc you get 5 minutes, at least, to walk/jog/run/row to warm yourself up on those stations. Rowing is the best warmup bc it’s basically a full body warmup.

  12. Since we like to be honest on this sub, neither the dynamic style warm up nor the static style stretching at the end are adequate. But, they only have an hour and to cover their asses legally they offer a warm up and a cool down 🤷🏼‍♂️

  13. C2 is actually cheap compared to other “high end” rowers. They have much less maintenance and last much longer also.

  14. I'd have to miss more than 8 classes per month before getting charged in addition to the monthly fee I'm already paying. Don't think I'll get to that point. :shrug:

  15. That’s what I’m saying. Book your 8, go or don’t go that’s on you.m, then book more. Class 9 and beyond is $18 each. When you get tired of paying $18 for each class maybe you’ll start going

  16. That’s kinda the point. You’ll get tired of paying that extra money and start going. If you’re just not gonna go just cancel and save your money🤷🏼‍♂️

  17. I like them for wearing around town or lifting only. Anything else, running, jumping, ropes etc…., I think they suck. They are way too hard sole for my liking for any of that stuff. I’m 100% a metcon fan (narrow foot no need for the wide toe box)

  18. At OTF, a heavier woman will burn fewer calories no matter what, bc their generic system assumes they have less muscle mass which means they burn fewer calories. You can be the exact same age and heart rate as another female that weighs 135 pounds and she will burn a significant amount more calories than you bc the generic system assumes she has more muscle mass.

  19. Have you actually done it? I’ve come close a couple of times and then decided against it. I know there was a thread in the last couple of months about people getting high before class, but that’s a whole nother animal

  20. Why would you want to pay more money? Cancel that ish and sign up at the new studio. That’s a no brainer.

  21. No complaining about the templates, heart rate monitors or new maxHR calculations.

  22. Starting with experience, not starting over. Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. Take it day by day, week by week, month by month and build back your consistency. Small victories compound and manifest into larger victories.

  23. Standard practice with OTF. They want you to take a class before they give you prices. Getting you in the door is their job. They give you prices before and you may never step foot in the studio.

  24. Just fyi so you’re not banking on it happening, but you can only transfer a special rate (founders, summer promo from years ago etc) and both studios have to agree to it.

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