5 months ago, GME had a fake pump to $35. 1.5 months ago, GME was trading around $25. How is GME possibly worth less now after they released killer earnings and have a ridiculous balance sheet, with 20% of its market cap coming solely from their cash holdings...🤔🤔🤔

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  1. I got I'm emotionally unavailable but please don't stop trying, just be patient. I'm getting mixed signals but she reaches out with hearts or tries to touch me every confrontation we get. Embracing me softly or calling me to check in.

  2. I dont know who the fuck that weird dog man on the right is but I never want to see that face again. My dreams aren't safe anymore.

  3. WSB mod working for Citadel.

  4. Still can't believe Ken did this photoshoot. Surrounded by a bunch of mindless cyunts.

  5. He looks sinister as fuck. Lol

  6. My husband worked at a location in Florida for about a month before he threw in the towel. Three table sections. If you’re new to serving it would be a good place to gain some experience, but the money isn’t great.

  7. I can't for the life of me understand the 3 table section. Where I work right now one of the servers comes from a corporate environment and is pushing for 3-4 table sections. She got her wish the other night and got fucking stiffed on a big tab.

  8. Its about priorities. They would rather work a longer shift or make less money than work hard.

  9. I think that's the Achilles heel of the perfectionist. Trying to make every experience perfect rather than genuine.

  10. Actually ran into this couple at the gym that treated me like shit the night before. Yeah I ruined their day lmao

  11. Nothing serious I just followed them around for 3 different workouts and everything the guy did I just doubled the weight and did it as a warmup. He was at least 8" taller than me but that chubby wide weak type. I said it was nice to see them and went on my way.

  12. They are lonely and romanticizing a random encounter.

  13. I literally decided a few years back to sink my feet in and brace.

  14. My pop's mortgage is with Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. It was apparently bought out by Credit Suisse a few years back. Recently, he received a letter increasing his mortgage by 30% or so even though he has a fixed rate.

  15. What's completely false? He received a letter in the mail. I'm happy to post proof and one quick Google search will show it was bought out by credit suisse

  16. Hey did you all just increase mortgage payments? For both fixed or variable rate?

  17. Hey did they just increase your mortgage payment? Did you have fixed or variable rate?

  18. The problem is if any of the other kids gained a voice and audience the people's would be rolling out the guillotines for the self proclaimed "elite" by the end of the week.

  19. Depends on location, but more so what shifts you work.

  20. Doing around 8-11k/month for 4 to 5 dinner shifts a week. I've been out of the industry for a minute. Just came back to dick around during nights.

  21. If working 5 nights a week is “out of the industry”, what do you consider in the industry?

  22. I was out of the hospitality industry for 2 years working in sales and additive manufacturing. Came back to bail my pops out of a shoddy deal with a swindler of a partner. After 10 months of trying to fix his partner's mistakes I got sick for 2 months, place went bankrupt in my absence.

  23. Lmao dude are you like some 54 year old boomer trying to figure out ways to swindle the youth? Grow up.

  24. Coming from a 2016 XSR900 > 2019 XSR700 > Kawasaki W800 (had it for a few weeks. Eh, bought it cause a friend pressured me and was trying to help out. Not my cup of tea.) To a > CB650R..

  25. The price is fake. The market is fake. My shares are real in Computershare

  26. I'm for DRS'ing, but sold some GME and the Bank of BNY Mellon sent me my check.

  27. One does not simply make good memes as a job.

  28. Tethered to finance most of all? I caught these shops being pumped 2 years ago. Will look into it

  29. The Black Swan is that algorithms and white collar criminals move markets at their whim. The price action has been manipulated to get regards to sell using psychological tactics to induce fear so that MMs always profit.

  30. Geoffrey shooting mayo out that giraffe dick will be the final nail in the coffin

  31. GMERICA is just an amalgamation of all the basket and zombie stocks into a super megazord short destroyer. I'm very intuitive.

  32. Buttplugs, for the iron butt society.

  33. Fuck yeah!!! 👏 CANT STOP WONT STOP GAMESTOP.

  34. They blocked me for having positive sentiment on BBBY yet their shills umadfalala and MyNi_NotYourNi are allowed to roam the gardens

  35. OG stoic wisdom. My life has prepared me for this moment and I can take a fucking punch.

  36. Agreed! The campaign continues.

  37. I find it hilarious how thin skinned and reactive they become when challenged.

  38. Seneca once said, "I judge you unfortunate because you have never lived through misfortune. You have passed through life without an opponent—no one can ever know what you are capable of, not even you."

  39. It doesn't do it for me. After my ex dumped me I took 4 months to almost kill myself working. That's what shook it off. Keeping my mind off her through work.

  40. "Only if you're open to getting your shit kicked in :D [break character and slap your knee saying IM JUST JOSHING!]

  41. It's fruitless to wish you had started years ago. In the future you will wish you had started today. Never too late to decouple.

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