1. I have tried anti-depressants and various off label anti-psychotics for 10 years to treat my depression. None work. I Know exactly how you feel, time spent going on these pills and hoping and trying for them not to work, just to adversely affect your physical health (as an example) is traumatic enough! I don't know how old you are but I'm 25, feel like they stole my youth!

  2. I had a breakdown jan this year after burnout/trying to live with the depression continuously. Of course I was told I needed to go on them this year again (because as you say no one can offer any other solutions except to say '"TRy ThIS oNE SlOwlY"). So, I tried 2 different ones (names escape me) from Jan-May this year and it destroyed me more. I was more suicidal than I ever have been. I am currently not taking anything and I think after this bout I wont be ever touching them again. I am currently trying St Johns Wart. Its a herbal remedy for depression (only really good for mild depression though). It wont make a huge dent in my severe depression, though.

  3. Im asking myself the same question. I don't drink as much as i used to, maybe now Im drinking 4 standard drinks on one long night, once a week. (I drink because I'm bored and depressed yes).... but I feel like pure shit the next several days. Im going to say, if you are depressed....the best amount of alcohol is really 0.

  4. Yeah zero seems sensible but for me there is a strong cultural significance - I gave up coffee for a while but the smell and the ritual and the taste of a well made espresso and wine feels the same.I currently drink infrequently and not at home or alone but still don’t want to stop completely but maybe I should try for a while and see if I miss it.

  5. I understand that. Im Australian so we all drink like sailors. Its quite unusual if your a white Australian and don't drink all together. I think drinking on occasion when you go out, with a meal, is fine. Perhaps as you say, not drinking at all home/ alone is best.

  6. How does your depression look like today? What symptoms do you have and how do they affect your (work) life?

  7. Like a constant headache, completely exhausted like I could fall asleep at my desk. Pain in my chest like heartbreak.

  8. No it cant be cured. Every person I know who has BPD is on a constant path of self-destruction and can only use techniques to manage it. Thats the truth to me.

  9. There are more people that care than you think. I don't want to sound too 'woo woo' or spiritual but something that comforts me in my moments of super despair and loneliness is that modern humans have been around for approx 10,000 years now. In all of human history across all the countries, cities, cultures, religions and towns it's impossible for someone not to have experienced what you are going through right now. Share comfort in that somewhere out there someone has had the same or very similar experiences and feelings as you, and they made it through. You arent alone. Whatever the problem, you can feel better about it eventually. Continue to draw on your inner strength.

  10. To be honest, I think as you grow older most people just give up and not care anymore.

  11. Sorry but a 33-year-old guy is probably going to be a weirdo if he's interested in anyone under 27 or so.

  12. At 21 no matter what you've done in life so far (good or bad) you haven't even 'started enough' to ''start over. You haven't actually even begun (and Im sure you know this in your heart). You are 3 in adult years legally, and realistically -4 as your brain doesn't really piece itself together biologically until its about 25-28 (later for males).

  13. I'm 25 and I'm still carded (in my country you can drink at 18. Some people just look young.

  14. Idk. I've been this way for 10 years. Most people respond to medication, however I never have. Get on meds and hope they work for you. Don't stuff around and avoid it.

  15. Actually, we see her bedroom when we see Selina changing into her Catsuit while Batman is watching her.

  16. I live in Australia and I'm in the exactly the same place. Live at home. Have a business degree. Very lost in my job and life. No advice but your not alone. Ive had depression since I was 13 and ifs been especially severe since I was about 23.

  17. 25 female. No idea what the fuck im doing at all. I don't think you are alone in this. Trauma to the max from high school, assaulted and verbally abused for being unattractive. Never really dated or had sex let alone a relationship, stuck in a job in a low paying job i hate no idea what i want to do for a career, hardly any friends I talk to, depression and anxiety out of control, have a genetic condition with no cure. Chronic Insomnia, cant stop thinking about the past or future, finding it hard to work and keep my head above water....I could go on and on

  18. I am 25, battled depression since I was 13. This post jumped out of me because I have dealt with this feeling my whole life. This sounds like the beginning of a Depressive episode. I don't want to alarm you, just point it out. if you are feeling low I encourage you to seekp help ASAP. Depression will make you spiral and it can be harder to 'get back' once you let it go.

  19. I know what this feels like. I have severe depression and I'm trying to change my job right now. I cant handle writing out cover letters let alone the interview room!

  20. Delete social media if you are suicidal. Its a personal responsibility you need to take. Social media is toxic and anyone who is depressed should not be on it.

  21. Yes, Im the same, although a bit older. I'm 3 weeks off 25 and I feel complete behind and stuck because I've been depressed for 10 years. Most people my age seem like adults to me but I just feel like a child. Im female and never had a relationship either. Its so hard to even put yourself out there at this point. I personally believe it will never get better for me at this point.

  22. It definitely works for most people, however, there is a very small chance it won't work for u. It may take time (6+ months) to find the right one. Most people dont respond positively to the first one they're told to simply try. Its trial and error. You may also have side effects. Definitely chat to your doctor if you have bad ones, you don't want to waste your time with something that is not helping you. Doctors dont really even understand why some people respond to the medications and others dont.

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