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  1. Today we’re talking about the unofficial map-flag of London

  2. Finnish? Wanna go kill soviets together?

  3. Give me all your cheese first

  4. “H-hey wanna go to my place tonight?”

  5. Dr. Strange works for the Singaporean government

  6. Tbh I would also be extremely anxious if I were you but she is definitely into you

  7. as a war veteran, i can confirm that i have multiple sharp objects in my back at all times

  8. Goootttttttaaaaaaa gooooooo faaaassssssttttttt

  9. the axis was the warcrime gang, the Japanes Army was the warcrime gang+ and unit 731 was the warcrime gang super golden edition

  10. Unit 731 was The definition of Warcrimes

  11. Lol I understand put it this way can sound shocking, but it actually is.

  12. I (Aussie) took a hiking trip to NZ recently and I got funny looks when I checked every log and rock before sitting down. Nope, nothin' to worry about.

  13. While holidaying in Germany I saw someone in a country area weeding a really overgrown patch of grass and weeds with their bare hands - as a gardener from Queensland, Australia, it made me very uncomfortable!

  14. Flashbacks to burning a scorpion alive

  15. 44°55'26"N 5°45'35"E if you wanna

  16. China so communist even the sky is communist

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