1. Crenellations are one of the easiest things to get right. This house got them wrong.

  2. Thank you. My son moved to Arizona a year ago, and left this behind because it didn’t fit anymore. I started working on it in honor of him. He is an amazing young man, and he is getting married in June. I wish

  3. Always amuses me that the drummer clearly says fuck on the count in.

  4. I've had three try to talk to me about my place in Brighton. Wouldn't sell to a damn hedge fund under any circumstance.

  5. A hill I'm prepared to die on: The Blackbird is the coolest plane ever. Great pix.

  6. The latest report by the Pentagon’s Director, Operational Test & Evaluation:

  7. WTF would you have put up there? Ever ask yourself why "if it bleeds it leads"? Because that's what people read. You think a piece on opening a park or economic policy is going to get anyone? Nope. News is determined by what the public is interested in. You're as responsible for that as the next person.

  8. the far-right Idaho Republican Party is attempting to stave off an insurgency of militia members, John Birch Society members and other farther-right extremists.

  9. https://www.frogandtoadstore.com/mad-peck-providence-poster.html

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