1. I'll give it a crack, never coded a thing before but I'm sure I can learn.

  2. Use ChatGPT. It can help give you an example.

  3. Sorry for the TL:DR. I love dev work too much for my own good sometimes.

  4. I hate to spoil the ending but this happened before you even knew that AI was this advanced.

  5. Honestly it's an awesome tool, kinda concerning that Microsoft is basically going to pioneer its use in a mass-consumer application.

  6. I used it And i’m concerned for programming jobs

  7. This actually looks super fun! Multiplayer would be a headache because of the fast movement but 4 joints?? Awesome work.

  8. These prediction and rollback systems in RL (especially with the ball angle) made me drop the game. Unbearably infuriating and confusing. Thank God I won't be doing any of this 😄

  9. Your picture explains your state of mind after diving down this rabbit hole haha glad to hear your resurfaced 😅

  10. I didn't need to jump as hard as I did lol The cans moving as you're frantically running away are a great touch!

  11. The way your character is holding the knife is making me nervous that he might trip and stab himself. The UI could use some TLC but the colors, and scene composition are 10/10! Excellent work!

  12. PW Discord in case anybody wants to learn about them:

  13. Don't fake it. Get game pass and play it.

  14. I would absolutely add something that would make everyone lose their minds...

  15. You know what? I got one more to make everyone's heart stop.

  16. Yep, it's been perfectly stable. My PC never gets turned off, so it's been running essentially 24/7 since all this was done, it's only been turned off for loop maintenance. No issues idle or under any kind of load.

  17. Silicone lottery, and great setting perhaps. I just got done cleaning out my rads and whatnot so I will be jumping into your profile shortly to read more about it.

  18. That rad should be fine. As long as you're below 85c you're fine, don't try and keep temps lower than that, the chips are made to boost as much as they can, so they get hot, no matter how good your cooling is.

  19. Sounds good! I appreciate all your info, and most of all your desire to help others. Thank you for everything!

  20. So I would say take call of duty for example.

  21. Thanks for this detailed implementation outline!

  22. For the recording length limitation, you could use AI. The player controller could drop waypoints X amount of time/distance and the recording would instead use an AI system to run around the map which would just follow the path recorded in script or even in a component attached to your room controller on the client side, that way each player would have access to their own replays and have the ability to save them. the entire match could be recorded since the path. I feel like that could be an efficient way of recording the full match if you space out the waypoints. the replay script would definitely be a little heavy with all of the locations recorded so maybe look into an array to save on script size, or DOTS if you're using Unity.

  23. Post processing isn't "disallowed" as much as it is "discouraged" but if you're able to cut down the tri and vert count along with the Setpass calls, you can definitely enable a few post professing effects to give your experience some visual shine, I would focus on tonemapping, and very sparringly using chromatic aberration, those two are extremely powerful and should help your style pop out of the headset. Best way to achieve huge drops is to disable shadows, ambient occlusion and bake it all, avoid using terrain when able and create your world with meshes that can be occludded easily when the player is focused on something thats in the horizon., try to reduce the number of textures by using texture atlasing or having as many shared textures are possible, reduce the number of effects in the scene and avoid all "lighting effects" like an attack or shot that uses a point light to light up the scene.

  24. Thanks for this advice. Do you think Beat Saber uses post-processing such as Bloom, since it's mostly basic shapes and thus low vert/tri count? Always wondered that

  25. I think its possible and very likely, with its simplicity it would definitely allow for it.

  26. I can't say I agree with this, my manager is the one who suggested I get checked out, she is the reason I got my diagnosis, and she is constantly forgiving me for having to take off work due to medication adjustments ruining my sleep schedule.

  27. We all make mistakes, I thought that's what you meant but wasn't 100% certain.

  28. Ah, thank you so much bro! Gonna try to get VRIF this month as i already have hurricane vr and hexabody. Once I do, if you would still be okay with it, I’ll shoot you a dm! 🙌

  29. My inbox is always open to help out.

  30. Rocket league is hands down the funnest with friends once you get passed the "I hate that I'm good but all my friends suck" phase..

  31. Cold floor, hairy box, sober as hell.

  32. AR has potential to increase company profit by reducing staff.

  33. Don't know if you're into cars at all but I cannot recommend Assetto Corsa with the Shutoko highway mod. There's a sea of servers where people just get on to joke around, and cruise. You'll likely be the oddball out since most people can't can't and don't play in VR but it's mind blowing with a steering wheel+shifter combo.

  34. That will do! All you need to do is get the Japanese pack and you're golden.

  35. Soak a rag with acetone, put the rag on area for 3 minutes and enjoy some easy wiping.

  36. Quick question since u seem to be knowledgeable

  37. Sorry for the super late reply I lose track of Reddit sometimes.

  38. I feel like a lot of what you could do would be fruitless though because the displays are decent at best, and the lenses are not the best viewing experience, with an overclock you could definitely increase the resolution beyond what you can do now with sidequest and run it without that phantom image you see when picking the highest resolution but you'd definitely be putting the chip and the screens at risk considering they weren't made to take abuse like that.

  39. You can move the screen up a little in the OS and instead having to move vertically to switch a screens you can make it centered. I can't used words to explain it but imagine it lmao

  40. Distractions. I would start working on a specific system and end up building a level for 16 hours because the trees don't match the grass.

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