1. Once you have gel mines save for sale on mirror islands.

  2. There's too many books with people who have or get a lot of money and try to start influencing politics, seems like it's impossible to not do once you pass the billion mark.

  3. Trick question it’s western greater Idaho.

  4. Well it’s one way to code False lol

  5. One big thing is that they did not understand inflation. In hindsight we are like wow Spanish suffered from inflation they shoulda done x y z. But they just didn’t know that.

  6. Evan couldn't have died before Charlotte because her death takes place right before Midnight Motorists which seems to depict Evan still being alive. Still I very much believe that William's jealousy led him to kill Charlotte, this was easily Matpat's best theory in quite sometime

  7. Midnight motorist doesn’t have enough evidence to say that CC is the kid. Also later that night implies the person who ram away too was affected by the event which is why he did so. Midnight motorist is just too confusing to draw any real conclusions and can really only be used to support a certain claim and not refute any.

  8. I swear quantum dynamics is made up and everyone is just pretending to know how it works to not look stupid. /s

  9. The consequences of a discrete world smh.

  10. Other way around. Foreign aid IS the millitary and in a utopia we would ONLY spend money on the millitary.

  11. Yeah what's the deal with that? You'd think the black people could have just started doing the same work the white people were doing, you know? They even had an example of how to do it well, they just has to watch and learn.

  12. I mean farming isn’t just stick plants in ground. It’s a lot of knowledge (traditionally most of it generational) to get good harvests. Even with all the knowledge you still need to just have hands on experience and book smart just isn’t enough. You saw the same thing happen in USSR when they did collectivization and a similar thing happen in China aswell (China is a bit different).

  13. I mean celestial s aren’t that much they go on sale. With Wublin farm and max mines and tribal you get like 300 a week.

  14. Nth root function only gives real root. Otherwise nth root will give n answers and thus won’t be a function. Nth root of number gives n rt(x)e^i2pim/n where n is the root and m is a positive integer less than n. That is the solution set for all n roots of x. It’s a lot easier for us if we just sat the nth root gives the positive guy only and we just keep in mind the other solutions.

  15. unironically, I think civilisation normalised people into thinking fascism was just another ideology, instead of it just being murderers murdering.

  16. Nah fascism is +12 happiness.

  17. I mean the rock prob has the biggest range. Honestly impressive how good of an actor he is.

  18. i really dont get christian nationalism…if your religion is true it shouldnt be a western value but an universal one, meaning that nationalizing religion is bad?

  19. It’s about having a Christian nation rule. Think England head of state is also head of church. Issue is Christianity isn’t a religion. Prob why they switched to be national catholic.

  20. Might be a dumb question, but why is his rating different here than say, the ones FIDE lists for him? Is he 2830 or 3260?

  21. Blitz rating vs classical rating

  22. Well it relates complex numbers to reals. But more importantly it is used all the time in electronics to simulate magnitude and phase of waves. Basically while society is built upon it.

  23. i think you confused eulers identity with eulers formula

  24. They’re really just the same thing. The identity doesn’t matter other than it combines cool stuff. I dunno if there’s much merit to even separating them though.

  25. Thought Mario was a blood?

  26. Well VKIII is Econ sim so they don’t want war to matter. Plus Victorian times were known to be peaceful especially between 1914 and 1918.

  27. Don't be to quick to except the news as fact. There have been too many false positives and fraudulent actions in this industry for me to believe it before the findings have been replicated.

  28. You see in the announcement they are very careful to say the energy from the lasers into the system is smaller than the fusion produced. Most likely what’s happening is the laser transfers 10MW into system and fusion generates 11MW. What they don’t tell you is making the fuel takes 10MW and converting the heat energy to electric takes another 5. (Numbers completely fake but idea stands)

  29. If honestly dont get this from christians. They preach this story so much thats its like top 5 most known christian stories but historically theyve been hurting people for their "sins" since the start of christianity. I mean literally some of the greatest christian thinkers like St Augustine thought of themselves as pure and therefore able to judge people who are sinners, heretics and witches (and we all know how that ended in the 7th century). Whats up with that

  30. It’s because christianity is much more complex than just “be nice”. Yes you shouldn’t throw the first stone and judge those, but there’s still laws which society has to have. But going more for the sins and such, the idea isn’t let sinners sin, it’s not to judge them and instead to convert them and let them get the chance to not be a sinner.

  31. Ah, thanks. How tf he supposed to be a man then?? why not give him 4 wings and an auto destruction mecanism

  32. Easiest answer is lore is complex. Makes FNAF seem like common sense.

  33. It feels to me like (unless under a council republic where the farmers own the place) the aristos and/or capitalists would not happily part with as much of the profits as they do, and would instead make themselves even more fantastically wealthy.

  34. Even so the other half of the issue is that inflation just is not modeled. If there exists a deficit in the market the price will not rise to squish demand, instead more goods will be printed which then sells them higher prices to shopkeepers so the people get more money to print more goods. Main reason why loans will increase wealth of a country even without spending the extra money on building or anything.

  35. Was this stuff that should have been brought up to the board? Dunno don’t care about this sm1 pls summarize.

  36. Dunno death of the child maybe Henry focusing more on buisness and becoming detached from family from the loss. But we don’t even know if she exists apart from the books. She coulda died in childbirth of Charlie for all we know.

  37. Yes. He also didn’t free their souls

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