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  1. Generally, leg kicks are the way to go. They are low risk, high reward. A really solid calf kick may cripple some opponents even on the first shot. Also, I’ve also seen a lot of videos where a leg kick is shot and then immediately the opponent returns a halfass kick of their own so that could play in your favour if you are prepared to counter.

  2. Maybe like a silverback gorilla or a chimpanzee as long as they don’t get their back taken

  3. I don’t think any mechanical changes will cause meaningful shifts in play style. It starts with culture. Look at R6 siege, for a while, they were trying to push the tactical shooter thing but your average player just wants the twitch shooty arcade style. So the devs decided, fuck it, pander to the e-sports crowd and the streamers because you can’t force the player base to play how you want them to play.

  4. I think on paper, the best weapon is the M1 Garand. In a game where every rifle kills in one shot, a rifle with an 8 round capacity, that is semi automatic has a huge advantage. In a 9v9 scenario where you have one side with Garands and one with Karabiner 98Ks for example, the US side will fairly easily overpower the German side in terms of pure fire superiority.

  5. I get wanting to help troubled youth but this guy is a genuine risk to the public, put him away.

  6. I killed two guys in a span of five minutes. I was walking through this village with my brother and someone took a shot at us, we chased him around and killed him. Then his buddy rolls up and he’s like “yeah his pc messed him up” so they were probably in discord together. Then he goes “okay so I’m gonna stab you now, or at least try”. Straight away I pulled out a handgun and put one between his eyes.

  7. It’s not like the monarchy actually makes a difference or has any real power

  8. “Anything goes”, except for grappling apparently

  9. Most kids under the age of 10 or 11 I see competing shed at least a few tears upon losing. Some of the 5 and 6 year olds at my last comp were total trainwrecks

  10. A 9 year old on my team subbed her opponent in 16 seconds. The opponent was hysterical.

  11. I honestly don’t believe that there are people this ignorant in the modern world

  12. Fuck yeah, Cod been shit the past few years other than MW2019 so it needs a reboot

  13. Note to self: don’t post while getting fucking suplexed

  14. What are the other 95.6% of the players doing to stay alive? 🤔

  15. As an SL, I would let you slide without a mic as long as you are using squad text chat regularly, however it is always preferable to have a mic

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