1. Enjoy some peace and quiet while she chews on his ear for a while. I love my wife but hot DAMN can that woman talk.

  2. Nothing, unless she lets me know she's uncomfortable. Then I'll intervene.

  3. Constantly stressing about being a good provider and a good father figure.

  4. That’s very admirable <3

  5. Could it be that a lot of women seem to put up with jerkwads way too often. Then other guys see it and think thats how they are supposed to act and it has kind of snowballed into what you see today?

  6. I went from DKOldies shipping out n64 remotes to 3 guys trying to milk a male horse.

  7. You sound like a prick. Listen Chad. At no time is a gf required to give you a password. If you don't think girls have the same conversations boys do you are ignorant. Get over yourself. Stop trying to be a controlling dick.

  8. Having been raised in the south, it's usually a sign of distrust in federal government, similar to 'dont tread on me' flags and such. And of course there's plenty that fly it for racist reasons as well

  9. Probably the comment that most accurately sums it up. I live in the South. I know a LOT of people who like the flag but are not racist. Hell, I have met black folks that have the flag. Like she said. Its more about distrust in the government and southern pride. But of course there are numskulls who fly/waive it because (they) see it as racist.

  10. Make sure everything is good and clean. Pull the dryer out and run a vacuum up the exhaust. You can buy a long flexible cleaner with a brush on the end to help break everything up. Run that sucker down where the lint trap is and into the exhaust. Vacuum it out then turn the dryer on to knock more loose before hooking it back up. That part where you are seeing the orange should not be that hot with the door open. The heating element is supposed to turn off when the door is opened. IS it staying hot or cooling off right after you open the door? Could have a bad thermostat if it is getting too hot. While the dryer is running I believe the heating element cuts on and off depending on temp.

  11. Just keep spending time with her. Ask her what she wants to do. Let her know that you love her and are always goi going to be there for her. Kids can react to divorce in a million different ways. Just keep doing the best you can and never give up. Even if mom is trying to turn her against you. She will see that you have always been there and have always tried. Been there done that.

  12. Well. Honestly. My wife is my best friend. And she's awesome. Always fun to be around and talk to. Well. She talks mostly and i listen. Lol

  13. I don't know a lot of people who talk out loud to themselves. But i have met a few. I think just about everyone talks to themselves in their mind. I guess as long as you don't start arguing with yourself put loud you'll be ok.

  14. Because people are not taught proper English any more. And I have noticed you are taught differently depending on where you live. Sounds weird but I have seen it. Its lazy English.

  15. It’s literally just regional differences. America is giant. Think of all the different languages in Europe, Latin America, Africa. It’s natural

  16. Yes, but i am talking about even within a state you can be taught to say words differently. I dont even know if there is a "right " way to say things anymore. lol.

  17. So, do we upvote because its a bad meme? Or do we uptove if its a good meme?

  18. At least act like you want to do it. Make eye contact every now and then. Dont forget to give the balls some attention to. Plenty of spit, dont be shy with it. Remember you are trying to use your mouth to mimic a vag. Be consistent with your strokes.

  19. Reach out and get the container. Some have a twist type cap thing on the end and I have seen some that open like a little lunch box. If you are making a deposit you need to put a deposit slip in with your check/cash. Most checkbooks have deposit slips in the back to fill out. Put the container back into the slot and push the send button. Once the teller gets the tube they will generally turn on th speaker to ask how you are doing and verify what you want to do. After the teller completes her part she will send the container back to you with a receipt.

  20. Well if she is a well adjusted adult she will get over it. My wife and I rarely tell each other no but the we rarely ask for something to warrant a no. With the exception of a pool. I been fighting that battle for about 10 years, but she hasn't given up..lol.

  21. Depends on your age I think. I dont have any experience in dealing with these type of people because I keep these type of people out of my life. My dad was not really around until I was in my 30s. I saw one of my uncles as a father figure when I was young and in my teen years I was fortunate enough to work for a man who was a great role model. Anyway, depending on your age and the situation I would say perhaps there is a friends dad, or maybe an uncle you could go to for advise or guidance. You can always come here for questions.

  22. Might be reference to her calling him a little rough. Maybe he is worrying he was to rough during sex ?

  23. Maybe, if thats the case then I feel he should just talk to her about it and let her know it was not his intent and doesnt want to happen in the future.

  24. I'm confused... You felt there was a lack of chemistry, and the next day she says "Let's just be friends," and you've got a problem with this? Clearly she also felt there was no chemistry and called it off. What was you plan? To keep sleeping with her even though you felt there was no future? Or was it because she broke up with you, but you think only you get to do the breaking up? Either way, you come out as a jerk here.

  25. An adult female. And what is a female. "of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) which can be fertilized by male gametes."

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