1. Looks like the guy was in a sleeping bag when whatever hit it. Cheap bags are 100% polyester so that bag is most likely melted onto him.

  2. This is why you don't live stream because someone watching is gonna end up in your battle royale.

  3. We knew this was going to happen. Russia is not interested in beating Ukraine in the field of war. No, they want to kill as many Ukrainians as they can. They believe they can humble Ukrainians by sheer weight and volume of Russian rockets and bombs. This may be true. It shouldn't be as war is supposed to be fought by combatants. But Russia doesn't care.

  4. So... has anyone explained to him that most motion picture sex scenes are faked?

  5. Right now I am stuck between new graphics card or another bambu printer. My X1C is nothing short of amazing so major question is do I need this right now(jan/feb 2023). since this is normal price and not an one time Earlybird price. A led light, side blower and camera aren't end of the world stuff either. My X1C is handling all of my needs and my gfx card is from 2016.

  6. You do not need a $700 printer that essentially stripped out everything slick from the X1. It may not even print ABS. $700 is a very good start on building your own CoreXY or 3 Enders - even though you haven't had a great experience with just one.

  7. Why shall it not print ABS? Even my Sidewinder X1 prints ASA great. All Metal Heatbreak, a Comgro 50€ printing tent and go. Ordered the P1P yesterday as it‘s Core XY, 300 degree hotend and fast. Comgrow 50€ printing tent and let‘s get started with ASA and other high functional filaments. Will not use the cloud anyhow, SD card is ok for me. It‘s like a prebuillt voron in my eyes.

  8. I don't know. It says in their tech specs, ABS is "capable." PETG, PLA, and some other filaments are listed as "ideal." They do not recommend carbon and those types because I have a feeling that kind will eat through the nozzles. So capable means to me, yeah, we tried it and it works. Works well? No I think that would then be in the ideal category. So if you need to print spec parts for another 3d printer or business use, I would not feel good about using it.

  9. Your model looks like a funnel where it began to spaghetti. Is it hollow? Does the funnel flange outward (get bigger), get smaller, or stay the same? Usually a spaghetti forms like a ball where it missed a layer or a support. But this looks like sorta straight extrusions.

  10. Fantastic! You did a great job. I hope the others cleaned up while you kicked back.

  11. I bet they're still sore that it took an Englishman, T.E. Lawrence, to free them from the Turks. Neo-colonialism, indeed.

  12. Why are we even protecting this asshats by removing their name? If this person is just a Russian troll/bot then doxxing is only gonna reveal that. If this is truly a real person posting this, then (a) it's just some neckbeard thinking he can say and start shit without repercussions, or (b) worse, a real parent who needs a talking to from social services.

  13. I'm surprised that young man was so nonchalant about cutting the throats of the ruzzian guys, if I had to do that to save my life, I would still be freaked out by it. Shooting someone from a distance is quite different.

  14. Yes, and I hope you (and me) have to never (or never again) have to face that decision in our lives.

  15. Hooboy, I let my Ender 3 sit for 6 months while I've been working on other projects. Turns out my VM software and klipper packages were so far out of date that I had to wipe everything and start over. And now it will crap out when there is a tiniest spec of dust on my PEI plate.

  16. Side dishes of icy, cold stares along with passive-aggressive snide commentary. Parents. I love them but I wished they kept these dishes at home or at least in the car.

  17. Man that brought back memories of today's matches. Always getting in the top 5 of solos but getting whacked by a sniper. One time the sniper got me at a ridiculous range while they were in the storm. Not impossible; just highly improbable. I salute you whomever you were.

  18. 12 years ago in the US, Citizens United was decided. Corporations were accorded personhood with all the rights but none of the responsibilities that we had humans have to abide by. Also 501 (c)(4) charities are allowed to participate in supporting politicians and political groups just as long as the support does not constitute more than 50% of their monetary output. This means paying themselves lavish salaries and hosting "non-political" events - basically hosting talks with like minded people count as non-political - even though these talks are basically echo chambers for their political bent. Oh and these 501(c)(4)s don't have to report who donated to them, nor how much.

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