New disclosures reveal Joe Manchin made $536,869 last year from his family’s coal company Enersystems, Inc., while blocking federal climate legislation. An investigation shows that for 30 years Manchin has been using public office to benefit his family’s coal business.

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  1. Oh okay, I thought you were implying that scopes were lighter than LPVOs. Sorry, I misunderstood

  2. Holy balls. What is it? I have a PA 4-12 that's pretty chonky

  3. I've been hit and had them land in all kinds of weird places but this was a first for this

  4. It used to happen every range trip until I started always wearing a hat. And then I got better shooting glasses. One of the worst places to get a hot shell imo.

  5. Question: does shooting suppressed increase recoil? Because that looks like a lot of kick for an AR normally. Mine moves about as much as my .22’s.

  6. I have the American 10/22 in all stainless, 18” threaded barrel. Been wanting to get a can for it but I have a lot of guns and ammo to buy and only so much money. Great little plinker tho.

  7. What does it take to make a non optic slide, optic ready? Is it expensive in the couple of hundred magnitude?

  8. I'm just, not even fully sure how to respond to this cuz it's such a bad take that I'm just not sure what to do with it. I'm gonna try my best tho

  9. I think you were wearing ambrosia tinted glasses for Rise of Skywalker

  10. RoS was Abrams trying to clean up the mess that Rían made with TLJ. It had some pretty bad aspects but at least it was a well made movie. How you gonna sit here and defend the whole Finn and Rose side story in TLJ? Literally wasted an hour of movie time on some bullshit romance side plot that added nothing.

  11. Anyone who voted for anything other than Masshole plates cannot be a true Vermonter.

  12. Mass holes aren’t nearly as bad as Queebs and Floridians. And apparently people from NY also don’t know how to drive very well and DEFINITELY don’t understand how a parking garage works.

  13. I will say -- while I missed being able to go to Montreal, it was nice to have a couple of Quebecois-free summers. Like many who've worked in outdoor rec I have le bagage when it comes to our not-so-friendly Northern neighbors.

  14. This. I groan at every out of state plate I see, but I groan and Quebec plates the loudest.

  15. Personally I loved it, no issues at all. I’m just replacing it with a carbon fiber lightweight one. Otherwise I have no need to switch.

  16. For me it’s a few things. First of all, RIP your hearing. I’ve been next to one of these at the range and they are LOUD. Second, for me it’s the use-case of the 45-70 round. I’d rather have a 18-20” barrel to get more range and accuracy out of it, since I’d be using it for deer/elk hunting. I guess if it’s a literal “brush gun” and you don’t want it getting snagged on stuff constantly, maybe that’s a factor. But my inner boomer wants my lever guns in at least an 18” barrel minimum. Same with 30-30 and the like. That said, to each their own. And it’s threaded so I guess if you were gonna suppress it, maybe that helps with overall length and offsets the cannon like sound.

  17. Democrats need a fake Republican so that they can gridlock the senate too.

  18. I mean, Phil Scott is a fake Republican. And I’m sure there are others.

  19. The long trail on sterling mountain from the parking area in smugglers notch to sterling pond is a great hike this time of year if you want a bit of mud. Not overly long or challenging, just enjoyable.

  20. A lot of people here making jokes but here is some real info: oil filters as suppressors only works for a handful of rounds before the element inside gets blown to bits and stops absorbing the sound. So they are not only a felony, they aren’t even worth the effort to use if they weren’t.

  21. I agree. He was good in moto3 but he has really struggled in GP this year except he had 1 really good race. With other riders becoming available he may lose his seat tho.

  22. No. Not even if you want a lightweight build. They are actually kinda garbage rifles. I’m surprised the sell so many.

  23. How the hell did everyone in this thread misspell vise.

  24. Everyone else runs away while this guy screams to man the harpoons and enjoy the ride lmao

  25. Well it’s in French and the price is €7,50 per 100. So he paid about 80 American which is 40 cheaper than post COVID prices on the shelf at a store.

  26. Position determines perspective. If you never saw or paid pre pandemic prices, this seems like a deal; but you don't even have to be a bitter old fudd to remember paying 35 or 40/1k over the counter. That was just a few years ago...

  27. I get that. New to reloading but not to shooting. I remember the 15cpr for new brass 9mm, or .22lr for 4cpr. And that wasn’t even that long ago.

  28. You need a comprehensive survey. I had a neighbor playing property line games, pulling survey pins, etc. Once you have confirmed your legal lines, purchase 1” steel pipes 5 feet in length, then hammer them into the ground 3-4 feet with a sledgehammer , she’ll need a backhoe to pull them. Ignore her ridiculous behavior, she’ll eventually give up on her open hostility.

  29. This. Get the lines clearly legally defined, then put markers down that would take an act of god to remove. Also put up your own no trespassing signs and if she crosses, call the police and file a restraining order. She is obviously mentally unstable and/or trying to pull some bullshit, claiming some of your land as her own.

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