1. Damn if they really wanted a hardcore mode, should've turned off aim assist.

  2. Man I miss that narrow window of for honor goodness that was year 1, shit was fun.

  3. goodness? That game had some of the shittiest Servers in AAA gaming. Peacekeeper spam was god awful. Then the hyper armor on some of them was broken. Game had so many balance issues. I still loved it tho, wish it was better.

  4. Ask yourself why the Boy Scouts now accepts girls but The Girl Guides doesn’t accept boys.

  5. They need to get rid of both of those. Just full of pedos and sex abuse.

  6. why is this man being downvoted. This sub actually just hates lib left lmao without any thinking. Rip the days when there was nuanced discussion on this sub. Now just a right wing circle jerk.

  7. Thankfully some countries realize the danger they pose and ban them

  8. Go use Brave or duck duck go- once you wade past the mainstream sources that covered it up in the first place- there are plenty of places covering it.

  9. New york post is the source? lol. Article starts off with "Thanks to three brave Americans". The bias is already present from the start.

  10. If this made any sense, the reparations would go to descendents of coolie laborers. But, the Asian population isn't struggling. That's why these reparations feel like paying the mob to not burn your business down.

  11. There is this extremely hurtful narrative that "Asian" people are not struggling. Most Americans see "Asian" as a monolith, but there is a wide diverse ethnic family of Asians. Several of these ethnicities of Asians are actually doing worse than "black" folk, but they are dismissed because other Asian ethnicities are doing well off. There is a large disparity in wealth from Asians who immigrated from educated, wealthy families and Asians who immigrated as refugees.

  12. Sorta like how not all white people are drinking whiskey with the Waltons & getting private invitations to the Bilderberg meetings?

  13. I don't know anyone who thinks all white people live like that.

  14. Ive posted this in main sub, but the point of MnK is raw input. Don't give me fucking aim assist. No satisfaction in artificial skill. If the really wanted to balance controller vs mnk they shouldve massively nerfed aim assist on controller. Who at 343 is getting feedback from? No mnk pro player would want this.

  15. This is a terrible change to balance Controller vs MnK. The whole point of playing with MnK is raw input. Adding aim assist for MnK defeats the purpose. Might as well use controller since it offers better aim assist.

  16. Mfer your flair is centrist. Not right. Do you not know your own political beliefs.

  17. Woman finds out her straight male friends are sexually interested in her. More news at 11.

  18. Yes, we’re natural omnivores and kill and eat animals in nature, sure modern methods of mass production are inhumane in many ways but we still need the nutrients regardless

  19. Using nature is a bad argument. Its a very slippery slope. Lots of things exist in nature that is common. Killing, rape, etc. All nature, but humans should not be like that.

  20. A source on what? I didn't make a statement; I asked questions.

  21. Your 2nd question hints at your 1st question being false =>those beliefs are a part of traditional hawaiian culture. That is why im asking for a source.

  22. You're reading too much into it. I asked exactly what I meant to ask, nothing else was hinted or hidden.

  23. People who say this shit are so f$cking annoying. Did anywhere in the video or this comment section condone the torture of any other animal? No. You guys do so much damage to livestock animal welfare advocacy with your pretentious vegan BS, it is maddening. Please shut up.

  24. well, people who eat meat usually are condoning this torture of other animals, implicitly or explicitly. That comment was merely pointing it out lol.

  25. What makes a person, a person if not for their memories.

  26. IYL Kanye, you would prob like Fuentes, skinheads and an Austrian Painter who grew to prominence in the 1930s.

  27. enough that raw input should be favored over artificial skill.

  28. Very few people spend anywhere near 400 on a keyboard. I don't hate disabled people? Do you think disabilities merits the need for advantages in a competitive setting? Should a paraplegic man pilot a vehicle to race against other Olympians? Aim assist should not be creating an advantage in a competitive setting.

  29. Isn't it spelled aussie? But pronounced ozzy

  30. What is actually wrong with pcm now? you retards went from the understandable: I dont want to vacinate so I dont. to:

  31. Pcm has become an ********** echo chamber for the past year or two. Nuanced discussion when i joined yrs back is gone.

  32. Isn’t she from Laos or Vietnam or some shit? Whatever she is, it ain’t white. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  33. In my case it was the opposite... I feel that a song as energetic as Roundabout is out of place after a downer ending (Bittersweet at best) like Stone Ocean's.

  34. They played a distant dreamer which imo fit quite well and after which was roundabout to wrap up the series. I think it works well.

  35. And every single one is about as bullshit as saying jews can be gassed because they are disease-spreading lice.

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