1. I literally suspected this because who tf has 1.3 mil stars. do designers even make that much?

  2. i’m glad they implemented this rule cause it’s been nothing but new body mods and rarely any designs to fit the ones that already exist. not to mention the quality of them

  3. ehh i mean you’ll be wearing shoes anyway so I don’t see it as much of a problem. at least the hands aren’t completely fucked this time

  4. its really giving stalker energy, like the fact that they aren’t embarrassed or concerned about this is telling

  5. the day that I dont see their sets in shop anymore will be a happy one

  6. i think its supposed to pass off as fantasy skins so that it doesnt have to have all skintones, but i’m not sure

  7. its kind of weird though, who would put a mocking political figure on their avi like why would you. who is this for 💀 anything political is so damn cringe no matter what you stand for this is a dress up game

  8. yeah highly expected from that designer to price their individual items that high. nothing really new

  9. personally as an introvert, whenever I go out to do something big (like a vacation), getting souvenirs for others just doesnt really cross my mind because I’m too busy taking in the scenery/people/etc. gift giving may not be a “love language” of his, as it isn’t really one of mine either, so I wouldn’t really think too much about that. the simple fact that he opened up and shared his experience and even sent you pics should tell you enough that he’s interested.

  10. idk why yall are surprised anymore lmao I literally do this and have won multiple times. the daily comps are just raffles

  11. are you selecting it from the club itself or from your homepage. cause you cant do it if you’re posting from inside the club for some reason

  12. not an issue for me if it has a lot of recolors and includes both bases

  13. i think support has alt and underaged bans automated at this point. anything that they actually have to look into is a hit or miss

  14. I have several months of starpass because of them so I personally dont care

  15. its purely based on luck, just enter with a full set and hope for the best lol

  16. BIIIIIIG upvote, the fact that so many users encourage these things is extremely concerning

  17. lmaooo going on that blog and watching her delete messages that disagree with her in real time is crazzzyyy

  18. so is she gonna address being an inflator herself or…..

  19. these type of users always say “this is a game” and then take it way too seriously 😒

  20. i can understand why people think its unfair to not know the exact time but i cant get over how extremely stressful it is to have the whole site lag when everyone is refreshing in cc at a certain time. not knowing the time is more fun and less stressful on the servers. i think people just need to get over fomo and learn how to take an L if they miss it and if they do and REALLY want it that bad, they can grind for it. thats what makes it more fun in my opinion

  21. i thought we already established that that phrase is not ableist (coming from disable folks themselves btw) and that it actually infantilizes disabled folks to say that it is 🙄

  22. you can do it just dont wear it or post it anywhere on the site cause users are extremely sensitive to those things and might report you

  23. well if you wont link me the item, I’m gonna find it another way. /nay users really think everskies is more than a game and its beyond annoying. we’re going to find every item you own eventually

  24. I say this shit in my head and move on. imagine taking the time to type this out and risk getting reported/banned

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