1. Dr Ramani is incredible, i discovered her recently. It's scary how rare is it too find a therapist that actually understands narcissism. Or even acknowledges it. She's a unicorn.

  2. Your in luck there is like a million different varients of sheryle with different eyebrow colors and lio style

  3. I've seen some variants online, but this is the only type of Sheryl I've seen in person (not in USA) lol. All the variants are really cute though.

  4. That is the original top that comes with Delilah 😁 only I dyed it green. I havent actually attempted making clothes for my dolls yet, sadly

  5. We used RitDye's Dye More in Peacock Green in case you wanted to know 😊 We initially got if for the doll my bf wanted to turn into a druidlike character, in order to dye her green. But I figured I might as well throw Delilahs clothes into the mixture as well πŸ˜‚

  6. Score for you! She's my fave next to jewel & Vanessa (in her olive jacket). Green is the best.

  7. The sweater is from the recent winter color reveal Barbie advent calendar and the jacket is from…. A Barbie extra doll… yes #9, the one with the long rainbow dress.

  8. I’ve her with a ton of shimmer or none at all. I really wanted the shimmer variant, but every one I saw had defects :( Went with matte. She is gorgeous either way!

  9. Didn't know they were variants. Hope you find a defect-free shimmer variant in that case.

  10. I think it's just how she is. My Jewel has shimmer all over her face, but it's definitely more subtle outside of her forehead. Some of my other shimmery dolls (like Gabriella) are also like that.

  11. Imma be honest I don’t really watch the show or know what’s it’s about. But when I saw images of these dolls I instantly fell in love and was on the hunt to find them until I finally found them at Target in Downtown Los Angeles. In person they are so gorgeous and obsessed with these two.

  12. Yeah, a lot of us don't watch the show lol. The dolls are artful enough to not rely on a show to sell. The dolls are always so much nicer in person, its shocking at first! I initially didn't plan to get any until seeing them in store.

  13. I wish eBay would ban selling presale items. If they only allowed the sale of items in hand, I feel like many scalpers wouldn't bother.

  14. There apparently used to be a way to report price gouging and presales that couldn't be delivered within 30 days. But eBay profit from scalpers so it seems they're just enabling it now. It could not have become this bad if eBay had policies preventing it.

  15. Same. Pretty sure reseller bots crashed it. I had my phone up and my laptop up, in case either crashed ... clicked checkout on my phone and got page not found, clicked checkout on my laptop and got page not found, refreshed, still page not found, refreshed again, and then finally got into the checkout queue screen. After a minute ... sold out.

  16. I don't understand the bots. Are they using them to mass-order or just order as early as possible?

  17. Am so upset. Was early for once. Exact same thing happened. Thought wow for once I might actually buy a collector at the retail price. Look at the eBay prices. Am honestly livid.

  18. As soon as I get paid next week I running to my nearest store to buy one.

  19. Too many good dolls are being released at the same time, its actually overwhelming.

  20. WOW. Thanks, but I think I'll just wait about a year for them to pop up in stores down under! Yikes. 😭

  21. Face shine isn't gone after series 3, it's just that it's now just a design choice made only for certain dolls instead of a standard design element. Wave 2 still has the shine bc it's a part of their design.

  22. That's interesting that only certain dolls are chosen for it. I assumed it wasn't in series 3 because of the ones I've seen in store all being matte. Its interesting Margot De Perla isn't given the pearlescent look, despite being pearl themed.

  23. Series 1, Series 2, and Winter Break all have pearlescent faces. The series 1 re-releases have less shine based on the ones I have, but it's there and looks like they were lightly dusted with highlighter, so nothing terrible (at least not terrible for me). Winter Break shine varies from doll to doll, like some Violets have an unbearable amount, while others have little to none. My WB Poppy for example is practically matte but I've seen others that look a little caked in highlighter. So for Winter Break you just have to find one with an amount that'ssuitablefor you. And Gabriella Icely has a shiny face too.

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