2. It’s normal. It’s condensation. Sometimes it doesn’t happen based on the humidity and temperature of the day / how you set your ac temperature etc

  3. The cop was also parked in a dangerous position. Just outside of the lane, in shade...

  4. Yeah it’s definitely a trap but at the same time nothing is telling you to speed and pass on a double yellow so…

  5. Yeah, i just removed my car's stock speakers and installed rockford p1650.. i was wondering if i should replace my stock head unit too..

  6. Yes, replacing the radio makes the speakers push out more power so it will sound better.

  7. “Guy in a Mercedes who has never had to scrap and save for car repairs shits on poor people”

  8. Yes but the guy in the Honda is a complete retard. If you have no money for a tow I doubt they have money to repair the transmission. No it’s not shift linkage either mechanics… the transmission on the passports are the biggest down flaw

  9. Hell yeah that’s my favorite insult. Don’t be sensitive. He’s a retarded retard that does retarded shit lmao

  10. It’s a total joke post and people will still tell you it’s worth $100 (even though it’s already paid for by gullible tax payers) but yeah go ahead and buy it for $100 for “Halloween” 🤣 these idiots bro

  11. “sHouLd bE mOrE” -everyone in this fuck ass sub

  12. Are you trying to have a debate about this craigslist post about a hornets nest because you are not gonna get one from me.

  13. Too bad. Notice the ad. Really read it. They joined Facebook in 2009 so it’s not a bait / troll account. They typed “for sale” you really don’t believe that there are assholes out there in this world, that would actually post this nest for sale? In a lot of bad neighborhoods this shit really happens, people are so desperate it’s insane. I literally saw an old plain dealer wagon for sale seller was asking 1,000 and he was firm, they think because it’s old it’s worth money and that’s rarely the case. Point being is that insane people exist

  14. North Smithfield is an upper class area. More likely coming from a point of privilege.

  15. Yeah and rich person would Probably buy it. My point still stands 🤣

  16. “If you have thousands of dollars for a lift, space for a lift, local permissions needed from the city due to city ordinances, a bunch of expensive tools that you probably don’t own, iTs aN eAsY jOb” Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to have a lift and work on major parts of their car. Honestly if they have to ask if this needs replaced they won’t be able to replace it.

  17. A battery Impact from harbor freight would make life easy but a basic 1/2” socket set a jack and some jack stands almost anyone with some basic knowledge of hand tools could get this done in a weekend

  18. I understand that but OP asked if this even needs replaced. If they don’t know that, they aren’t as DIY as all of us here. Not everyone can replace subframes as Their first job. But to each there own. There’s tons of jobs that are easy to do if you have zero experience, but this is NOT one of those jobs

  19. Diminished value claim on your insurance would cover this.

  20. The other persons insurance pays for everything…. He got rear ended. He will get it fixed and they will pay diminished value… that’s their insurance job OP did nothing wrong

  21. You overhauled/rebuilt/ replaced your engine at least once or I'll eat my shit

  22. Guess you’re eating your shit. I’ve seen this guy post before. He claims that he has had the transmission rebuilt a couple times but the engine is original. Must’ve only been highway driven. Stop and go is what kills cars faster. I believe it though the guy with the Volvo with over a million miles original engine as well

  23. Get herpes lmao collecting roaches is nasty as fuck not even worth it…

  24. Price isn’t too great but that is low mileage. Given it’s this era of GM expect blend door issues with the ac and expect cooling problems down the road (water pump thermostat etc) but wouldn’t be too bad. I’ve seen these well last 200,000 by people who drive them like hell but it’s a mixed basket. Yes you could get a Honda or Toyota that’s older but the older the car the more issues it will have period. One guy linked a couple cars like a 2005 corolla or 2009 Camry. That’s the worse year for Camrys ever, as the gas engines in those burn oil like crazy bad. Also 2005 corollas the catalytic converters rust out in snowy climates due to bad design. $500 to fix that with NON OEM parts too. So some models have their ups and downs

  25. And the cars that were 2-3k are now going for 6-7k. Anything being sold for 2k these days probably doesn’t even run.

  26. There’s deals out there dude. I can get running cars all day long for under 2,000. They just aren’t pretty looking. Safe, clean title with ac too. I need to make a profit on this 2005 impala I’m selling

  27. downvote all you want, ^ that holds true for where I live too, but it may depend on location

  28. Yeah the haters are just mad they can’t get cheap cars anymore because they don’t want to put in the work and scour the internet and local listings. I got this impala ls $1400 with temp tag. Low mileage 112k miles, runs and drives all locks work all windows work heat and ac and radio works. It needs brake work that’s it…. And a good cleaning up. I’ll take no less than 2500 for it because it’s worth that all day long

  29. Zoom in the quarter. Hey i sold mine for 1800 with rust all the way up to the fuel door. Not A bad price for the condition of it

  30. Way way way too vague. That could be anything. Flapping sound suspension, could be a bad transmission could be underside plastic. Just take it to the mechanic there’s nothing we can determine with no pictures no video

  31. You’re both fucking pussies. Get outside losers

  32. It’s crazy how upset people are about the parking. Like is this the biggest thing in their life at the moment??

  33. It’s Reddit bro shits bad here lol I was gonna say you should’ve taken the two spots closer to the curb that way nobody guaranteed can park on your driver side

  34. Parts. My old wii works, but only plays single layer discs. So brawl won’t work on it. You could use the parts if you want to Frankenstein one to stay alive as long as possible

  35. Head gasket is a big job. And if they overheated it a few times that could mean it needs a new head as well. Big gamble.

  36. Very good point. We don’t know at all how many times it’s been overheated/ how LONG it’s been overheated. Just not worth it

  37. Too risky. I own a Camry this generation. Once the heads start leaking; that means the head bolts are already too far gone and the repair is HUGE. These engines USED are NOT CHEAP. It’s a big job and it’s gonna be costly. Even after the $3k+ repair you have a 244,000 mile car with a 244,000 transmission. Mines been super reliable but once the engine is done the car is totaled. You can buy a good car for the cost of fixing this one. Huge gamble and I wouldn’t do it myself. These engines also have a tendency to burn oil and clog the catalytic converters. So yeah

  38. ohh ok. By the way if you're in or near Ohio I could probably buy that brace off you if you don't like it

  39. I think Megan racing makes a good brace for the del sol

  40. First of all I'm not a mechanic, and second of all I can't afford it even if I wanted to fix it so fuck off

  41. Then…. Why ask about it? All you had to do was google it and not ask a forum… if you don’t have the money it makes no sense to care about the screen for a car way out of warranty. 😂

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