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  1. And its almost like that is reckless cop rp. And it could have been handled in character. Yet, it wasn't. There have been plenty of instances where cops should be fired from breaking the law, but haven't been. Its just selective enforcement here.

  2. At what point do you guys maybe realise that "handling it in character" wasn't working

  3. If you can't last 10 IRL days in a different setting and it will end your streaming career, it says something about one or both of the following:

  4. He'll prolly miss a sizeable chunk that come there to watch Wrangler on Nopixl

  5. Lmao, but for real though, why is nobody making a fuss about his clear cut homophobia, compared to Arnautovic's "racism"

  6. Looking at this sub prior to making these easily proven wrong claims would always help

  7. Don’t the Bears have a bunch of cap space next year? Who else on the roster do they want pay to?

  8. They want to bring in skill position talent on both sides of the ball. Roquan is great but he is an offball Linebacker. Those guys aren't that valuable in todays game anymore.

  9. If they go cheap on their own guy, how do you expect to out bid other teams for free agents?

  10. I believe Watford wants a lot of the fee upfront. Something we are hesitant/unable to do

  11. Bobble is wrong. It’s 33m + addons. Confirmed by Joyce

  12. I think he's an alright player but why do Everton still have academy grads out on the loan cycle at age 24? Surely it's time for a permanent move

  13. I think this might make them/us more money than outright selling him with little contract left and lets be honest not much on his track record.

  14. Kinda unfair since thats multiple (big) earners at our club at once

  15. Arteta money has been keeping us afloat for almost two decades, Moshiri is just a p(m)uppet owner

  16. Woth DJ's injury history i'd love to not get eye cancer when the second string qb is in

  17. MassageByErin was/is still with our team i believe. Don't know the other two women, one might be Erin's partner

  18. When you have been the most injured team as long as Giants have its news when players DONT get injured

  19. Most people don’t find Jo Koi to be funny and probably avoided the movie because of it

  20. 1 popular star. Martin Lawrence hadn't been in a big movie in a decade.

  21. Tbf it's a weird case because Martin Lawrence alone isn't a draw as of recent - but Martin Lawrence in a Bad Boys franchise is a draw.

  22. Could be for you what Luuk de Jong was for Barca.

  23. Anyone know the last player to have played for Everton and Liverpool?

  24. Lonergan hasn't played for us i believe but he is our third choice gk

  25. It is difficult to convey with words just how much better a deal this would be than Broja for 35 or Dennis for 20. This guy is likely better than both

  26. He definetly is better than Broja right now. And he is an actual striker unlike Dennis

  27. He don't need to jump to score headers.

  28. He scored a header below his knee level against Italy in the Euros aswell

  29. Prevailing theory is that they were going to flip Bader (or some others) to Miami for Lopez. But something collapsed since it all happened right at the deadline. Which is why Cash's rationale for the Monty deal is kind of... unenthusiastic.

  30. I don’t mind trading Montgomery, the problem I have is that you needed to either acquire another pitcher or at least another CF that isn’t hurt because Hicks is so bad they may not be able to afford waiting another month to see if Bader is healthy enough to play

  31. Lol what. Why would we not be able to wait another month for bader?

  32. Onana also is 20, has been rated as a huge talent ever since he fully moved to Belgium for football and the prize tag is 25million base reaching 35 total which would have him be a success for everton

  33. None of that sounds like an IC reason to do anything.

  34. They both hate the Cops more than each other. They don't have anything to fight over thats materialistic, with the cops they risk their possessions and finances.

  35. Also, they don't really hate each other, and never did. They had a conflict and had fights but it's not like they are blooded in enemies like some neighbouring gangs or chapters wether in the UK or US.

  36. Then why is he still on the roster? Thats 2.5 mil cap room they can use for a tackle. The Jets have Duane Brown in for a visit today. Cut Slayton and use the cap on Duane Brown if they cant trade Slayton. Slayton is what, WR 8 right now?

  37. That means no Moukiszn or potential Finkszn so no thanks

  38. makes our other deals look bad, considering his age and potential. Though, I suppose we thought the same about gbamin and this is the post covid market.

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