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  1. How many millions of people match a description for a person with a warrant? Cops could stop probably every person on every street for this reason. I don’t think (and I’m not a lawyer) cops can demand ID from a person just for matching a description, especially since that’s so subjective.

  2. Yes, the law is fucked up...but it is still the law. I provide ID if asked, but I don't answer much in the way of questions. Never know what they might take as a reason to haul you in, or proof you were in the area, or that they have a bad witness who will make a sincere but wrong ID.

  3. So your solution is to just let police unlawfully harass you because resisting them makes it worse for you.

  4. When did I say I was OK with it? NO perfect option, least bad is show ID, end the conversation. Arguing with the cops will cost far more of my time.

  5. What a blessing, the Lord was listening when she asked for covid.

  6. Hi, I want tell you something about the vaccine you may bot be aware. Look up "Open Vaers" on Google. This is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Within the United States, over 30,000 people are dead right now from the covid 19 vaccine. This is also estimated to only be a small percentage of the actual number of deaths. I urge you please, don't get any more vaccines. God Bless.

  7. People died from the early Polio vaccines, but since it SAVED more lives than it killed it's a net win. From a national level, it is the numbers, what save the MOST lives, that matters, cause we have no options that will save them all. Delay the vaccine and more people die.

  8. Train them wrong. Give them 2 weeks of BS. Company like that is going to fuck you anyway, might as well get even.

  9. I don't feel too bad for this guy. Yeah, this woman said mean things and has slowed his departure from the store. That's about it. She is having a breakdown. That is sad, no joke. I don't blame him for speaking up when she broke social contract and jumped the line. I don't see how he did anything wrong, and when the staff asked him to go to a different register he did.

  10. Same company, I'm pretty sure. Big problem is that once again

  11. Needs arm support to reduce strength requirements, but that increases weight. Also it only operates in ground effect.

  12. So dumb fake, she had hands out for a bit by her face so she could see what she is doing and is recording this on her phone. Take your hands, use the phone, tell your parents you are too dumb to live, and stop wasting my oxygen.

  13. If idiots want to die, I'm too tired to stop them.

  14. Came to see if this comment was here, leaving satisfied.

  15. But wait I still don't get it (and be patient w me, I'm British and we had 1 village shot up 30 years ago and banned all people from carrying guns unless they have a license and a proper reason to be carrying in that moment, ie farmers, military on duty) why don't you just ban the guns..?

  16. Honestly? The NRA has made it a "Cultural Issue" for Republicans. They have brain washed a large section of the voting population to think that they need their guns, cause if they lose them the "leftists" will take away all their other rights. Only by holding onto their guns and voting Republican will their way of life continue, as Jesus intended. I have in-laws who really do believe that.

  17. There’s a theory I’ve read about how they are finding a high amount of people who are trans are also autistic, which goes into the disassociated feeling you mention. Personally, one friend of mine who recently came out trans fits under this umbrella. I support them regardless. Not everyone is going to be autistic when trans, but it’s a correlation that should be studied more.

  18. I have long felt that trans people have a problem. Don't hate them for being born with a personality disorder. Some people get born without limbs, and they learn to live as best they can without. If someone's best way to live is wearing a dress? Great, they found a solution to their problem. Let them live their best life.

  19. So.....80% needs....housing, utilities, basic food, etc....

  20. Sorry man, the world has gone too crazy. He's not at home minding his business, he is a DANGER TO OTHERS. I just don't have any fucks left to give for people who are unreasonably aggressive. I gave my fucks out to the climate, to kids getting shot by other kids, to old folks who worked their whole lives and lose their home due to a hospital bill. My fucks went to nice people who got done wrong by a mean system, or mean people. Mean people like this guy who damages a tram, cause the guy is angry at something. Nope, I'm all out of fucks for him.

  21. It won't happen, but I bet a lot of people would be way angrier than McCarthy if a dem became speaker.

  22. If just 6 R vote present it would lower the threshold down to 212 for a D win.

  23. Great move. With the temp lost seats they needed a person who could pull from both sides to keep the speakership. This should keep that disgusting midnight amendment off the floor.

  24. IF we had ranked choice we could see how many people went for the 3rd party as their first choice since removes the pressure of strategic voting.

  25. You can see how many people voted third party by counting the third party votes.

  26. I'm getting the sense you don't understand how ranked choice works.

  27. School isn't supposed to be about family. School is about learning things like colors, numbers and the ABC's. Class looks great to me.

  28. Well, 100,000 parts flying in close formation....and the hardware that holds the rotor on is affectionately referred to as "The Jesus Nut".

  29. The old CH-53 in the Air Force and Navy had a Jesus nut. Picture a dinner plate diameter main gearbox shaft, the serving platter sized Jesus nut threaded onto the shaft and had 12 disciple bolts that threaded through Jesus to the thrust washer to lock everything in place.

  30. This is terrible. A master brake cylinder controls the slave cylinder. The name tells you what it does. A Primary cylinder preforms "some kind?" of action most of the time. An Auxiliary cylinder does it other times, often as a back up, not a controlling pair. Names have meaning.

  31. I prefer that the drunk drivers don't wear seat belts. In the hope of reducing repeat offenders.

  32. They kill other people who aren’t at fault. Just driving on their way or walking on the sidewalk

  33. That's why I'm ok with them making the choice to decrease their own survival odds.

  34. Lets talk age. NO grown adult should be interested in children. But historically 17-21 was the prime time to get married and start pumping out kids. Societies treated teens as young adults, with adult rights, responsibilities, and consequences. There are reasons for that in biology. Now we call a 22 year old college student a child. Our laws (legal to marry was 12!) have changed, what is acceptable actions are still changing, but our bodies haven't changed.

  35. I can fix it. Increase corporate taxes, and tariff the fuck out of any company that doesn't pay American taxes cause they moved to a tax haven. The USA is a huge market, the goods will still flow, they want our money. Once it's Cheaper to incorporate in the USA and pay tax than "headquarter" in Brazil and pay tariffs the company's come back. That tax pays for Government programs like universal healthcare.

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