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  1. Also just the sheer asshole move of saying "could be worse" when claiming you are cheering someone up

  2. well idk her bone structure around the shoulders and hips is quite too rounded / sloped to immediately clock her as an SD. Also her legs do not really accomodate the vertical line although her upper body certainly does. I also don't see the signature T-shape or violin hips that SD's have. I still think the SD classification might work for her

  3. Absolutely! It's kinda fucked that so many on here are defending the girls when they for sure would scream "hes cheating!" If it was a guy instead of girl.

  4. That's just female privilage and double standards. When it comes to abuse, cheating and manipulation, society has been indoctrinated into viewing women doing it all as being way less of a deal. That is seriously sexist, verging on misandry, but it is how it is and is plain to see in this sub.

  5. Yoooo my friend, literally everybody here is saying he has every right to be suspicious... what are you talking about? you are not being oppressed and we are not indoctrinated silly! literally I am the only one making a case that this kind of friendship between gays and women MIGHT be normal but even then it is quite obvious something is going on.

  6. Just with the exception that it is quite normal in gay's and women's friendships to be very intimate and loving. Most of my frienships are pretty much like the one described by OP. I would have given it the benefit of the doubt either way until the "crush" part, also if it concerned a guy. Trust is important and so is intimate friendship BUT I have to admit it is quite normalised in my circles. Might not go for everyone.

  7. Sounds like your insecurities are acting up. Support your partner, he is not your property. Having friends is one of the most wonderful things in life.

  8. It sounds like this is not the relationship for you. Sorry to break it to you straight.

  9. I love this man you're exactly what some people need to hear! This gives so much hope and joy and it shows being happy is attainable.

  10. My case has been exactly as you have described. How do I come out of that loop? Therapy?

  11. First of all, make sure you don't fall in any further! Tune out of the channels that fog up your brain with tozic thoughts. Therapy can be cathartic, and it anchors you to reality.

  12. nah man NTA, she was your dog as well and I think it is very sweet you help your daughter grieve. But that is a token from a memory you share with your dog and it holds so much more meaning to you than to your daughter. You deserve it. And maybe this is not a popular thing to say but your daughter is 8, she can not comprehend the whole situation and her way of processing grief does not necesarily require gathering every single artifact from your dog ever and put it in a shrine. Your whole family is grieving so give it a rest. It is ok if your wife does not understand right now. That collar is an artifact for you, that holds memories for you, and to them it just is another symbol for their lost pet. It stands apart as a symbol of its own.

  13. NTA, what a weird thing. It is truly purely cultural to think that wearing deodorant is necessary even if it is literally not necessary.

  14. She is the biggest A for taking your cake even though it was labeled. That is obvious and I agree with the general vibe here. I think all the other characterization you gave us is not important and it comes down to just that. Now, could you have been more mature about it? Yes.

  15. NTA! You and your sis both have really imporant dates coming up. You of course want to support each other during those important times! But now your sister cannot support you during doing your bar, neither can you physically attend her wedding. That is okay, things happen. You attending the bar and being well-prepared is just a huge investment in your own future, and attending your sisters wedding would not only postpone everything with half a year of life but also put your opportunities as risk. I think it is only reasonable to choose yourself. Maybe do something sweet instead, like order a surprise choir to sing her favourite song at her wedding on your behalf and ask your cousin to set up a zoom link so you can check in during the ceremony. Best of luck with your exam.

  16. He was tall, thin, light grey beard and short grey hair, some tattoos, so probably similar to a large number of men over 50 in Northern Europe 🙁

  17. can you give a description of the guy so we can make sure we won't let him get back in?

  18. the center of Amsterdam has no other way of putting out the trash bags on designated spots on designated days. For 1 day a week you will see trash bags everywhere, and people that put it out on other days are usually antisocial business owners who have a dogload of trash every day and just put it out because they have no container to store it

  19. Oh yeah, you are absolutely right, I really never seen anyone throwing their trash in the street every day like it's normal, absolutely not, citizens of Amsterdam are responsible people and only the business owners are the bad ones.

  20. Haha that's not what I said! But if you're talking about the center (especially the busy parts with shops and horeca, not the living areas like plantagebuurt), this is the biggest trash problem. I know from my work for stadsdeel centrum. What other places are you talking about?

  21. Thanks for the feedback. How are they 'fucking up the city'?

  22. Sure I can explain myself further if that is not clear! :)

  23. Landlords that do this are a problem and fucking up the city, so if your friend is not from amsterdam and plans to contribute here for the better, i'd say ethically seeing its not acceptable. report the landlords and find something legal so your friend comes here without contributing to the problem. Strictly speaking it's the landlords risk so the worst thing that could happen for your friend is getting evicted when authorities find out but even then he has rights and might be able to stay but it will probably get ugly when that happens anyway. but he won't have to pay a fine or whatever. Just the fine of giving up your soul in order to find housing in amsterdam :'(

  24. The noise from the highway and metro is fine. South-west does get a lot of plane traffic which is worse. If you have the luxury of choosing a big house based on the sounds you hear you are very lucky. 200 metres further away would make a difference already if it really matters. i think by far most noise comes from busy streets and noisy buildings so you can forget about the a10 and metro being your biggest concern

  25. always a great experience. definetly worth the walk :) make sure to bring a light if the event ends after sunset.

  26. yoooo I get it, I love to do graffiti as well, but I also love to be able to read the cool area facts

  27. definetly acceptable and not impolite at all! go for it. Some men might feel like commenting on you if you present as a woman so stay safe and avoid them. I wouldn't do this by myself and either way I will always make sure to lie close (within talking distance - 4 metres or so) to a group of people that seem trustworthy and extroverted so you have some social protection. better to do this on busy days.

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