1. at the signing in message, at "please stand by", at the company logo...some days it takes me upwards of 5 attempts to get into the game. and, yes, my computer's specs can more than handle the game in the first place.

  2. Take back what I said. I think it resolved with fo76 quick editor tool. I disabled the loading screens and lowered graphics down and blurred the low res shadows. Game runs great again and I haven’t done the mods yet.

  3. Same. Fixed this with fps mods from nexus. Recently reinstalled the game after changing drives and lost the mods and I’m back to having to reload the game a couple times before I’m at the Home Screen again.

  4. What’s the Ph? Do the fish have light? They tend to gray out without light and quality food.

  5. pH is 7.5, there is some light from the plants above it. I bought new fish food.. previously they were eating extra bits of plants from my other tank and a few bloodworms and betta food because that's what I had on hand. They now are eating goldfish food, Tropical Super Goldfish sinking sticks.

  6. 7.5 is a good spot to be in. Great for growing plants out of the water too. Sounds like you’re on your way figuring out your fish issue. Personally, I found a variety of fish foods to make my koi their brightest. That and a bright light over them.

  7. At just 20g I’d use a sponge filter. Something to turn the water over but not a ton because floaters can be particular.

  8. Sounds like you’re making a biological washing machine. Activated charcoal works well too. I could see your system working but you’d most likely breakdown the fibers in the fabric before the lipids and stuff in the pee dissolved and washed out. Not to mention possibly crashing your biological cycle because of contaminants in the pee or backpack. Then again, science! Let us know how it works out. In the end, if it works it works! If not, worth a try.

  9. A little phone app called no paint helped a lot. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for since it’s a cell phone game. But it’s the calming kind of mindlessness that helps after dealing with crying baby sounds.

  10. Looks pretty good. Too bad you couldn’t attach the pic to the post. Let us know how it works out.

  11. A canister filter can help with that if the issue is not enough surfaces for bacteria to colonize on. Personally, I found algae bloom and cloudy water typically is an issue with an unestablished biological filtration system, too high nitrates, or too much light. Canister filters are great for quiet filtration but they’re not the end all. For tanks above 30g they’re great. Under 30 I’d suggest a sponge filter. They house a great amount of bacteria and create an amazing climate for everything you want to live on.

  12. Yep my fluval flex tank has great LED RGB lights with a hood that's really close to the surface. It's just the fact that they won't lay flat and it's driving me crazy. I soooo want this plant to do well

  13. Well dang then not sure what the deal is. What do you mean by laying flat? Mine go all over the place, both over and under the water. Like styrofoam noodles attached to styrofoam leaves. This tank gets little to no water movement. Any moving the frogbit a little wrecked it’s supportive structure.

  14. Wish I could send a picture...the leaves droop down in the water and frogbit leaves, the tops, don't like getting wet so they yellow then die. I've even put sponge over the outputs to diffuse the water, and like I said they are in a plant corral on the other side of the tank, so no surface movement and the roots are are 3 inches and not moving at all. I'm just at a loss. On my first attempt I found one person who knew exactly what I was talking about and had the same issue. I feel like such a failure

  15. Don’t fret it, friend. This is how it goes starting out. Not all water is the same and supports life the same way. It’s often why we recommend trying a variety of plants and seeing what does well. Depending on your water, what the tank is stocked with, snails and fish that nibble roots, substrate, type of feed, temp, etc determines the plants that will succeed.

  16. Your tank needs to finish cycling to support the bioload. Shortcut is bacteria in a bottle and more water changes and/or lots of plants. I’ve recovered several tanks by placing several bunches of green onion ends in the water. They uptake nitrogen so quickly that I had undetectable levels on multiple tanks that had runaway nitrogen problems. The more the better. Pothos, elephant ear, and many other plants will also grow well from the tank.

  17. I thought I had it cycled it’s been up for 2 months now but I have thought about plants I might go and pick some up tomorrow.

  18. It might have been cycled to a point. Bacterial colonies need time to grow. Often adding fish pushes biological filtration systems if you weren’t seeing your system process 2ppm/ammonia a day.

  19. 18w sounds like a lot for 10g. Then again if it fits why not. Especially if you can adjust the brightness. It don’t think it will have a hard time penetrating the duckweed. And when the duckweed takes over as it does, scoop it out and toss it in your planters and free up the water surface. Floating rings also do a good job keeping the duckweed separate. If your plants get burnt from the light turn it down or move it further up.

  20. I've wondered about this... Could you run a dehumidifier and drain the condensate into your sump? Should be clean water.

  21. Alas it’s not as clean as you’d want. Dehumidifiers aren’t food safe and may leech heavy metals and molds. Guessing that be okay for a gray water system handling non food plants.

  22. If you have an unlimited supply of junk I’d look at heating the outside of the container or a short portion be heated and letting that flow back into the main supply. Like a small water heater tank turned wayyy down attached to a large setup would work. As would say heated blankets wrapped around a tank. Or a small source of heat warming copper pipes and the difference in heat moving the water.

  23. Pretty neat looking. Crossing my fingers this works out and stays water tight. Would make for a really cool guppy breeding setup.

  24. Malaysian trumpet snails are pretty neat. They turn the substrate over as they move around. Personally I like them as they keep my tank much cleaner than without. You may have received them because the fish you received eat them. My loaches gobble these guys up as soon as they see them. Only ever had issues with a couple bettas over eating them and subsequently dying from well.. being very fat.

  25. What kind if loaches do you have? My yo-yos have cleaned out the bladder snails in my tank but don't seem interested in the MTS.

  26. Dojo loaches. They will put most anything in their mouths haha

  27. Have you considered medicating outside your tank? Like in a bucket?

  28. Great idea. But I probably should have mentioned they’re unfertilized eggs all over the tank.

  29. Very neat! What kind of eggs? Reddit had several fish specific subs that can help

  30. Understood thank you. I thought I posted a picture of the tank but I guess it didn't work. I have several live plants in the tank as well. Should I get some plastic plants? I read that it's beneficial for algae and biofilm to grow on artificial plants.

  31. Plastic plants are not necessary. More real plants is always good. I’ll try to not repeat what others have said just to give you more to think about. No one here has mentioned disease also being an issue. Mixing species from different tanks even in the same store can bring several diseases not terribly obvious to most fish owners. I think a semi common practice for new fish owners is to use the fish water that came with the fish from the store. When in reality there’s very little benefit from doing so and can bring in a lot of disease.

  32. Bacteria gobbling up the nitrogen and a bubble wall stirring it up. Water could be too warm which is contributing to the foam. See if you can gently sift that top layer off so you get more air exchange on the surface. Rolling water aerates

  33. Is the smaller tank filtered? If so, and you don’t intend on adding any fish for a while, you may be able to simply move all the filter material into the bigger filter for the new tank and be good to go. It will take a little while for the bacterial colony to populate but enough to support the existing life from the small tank. Even easier if you have plants too.

  34. I play with a steam deck that works a bit like controller and KB/M.

  35. This is a good concept. However using a mouse is a problem atm but you have given me an idea to buy a gaming keypad and see if that would help. I forgot to mention that my current setup has me on a controller ONLY because being on M/KB is nigh near impossible. But you just reminded me that keypads exist and I'm sure I could use a combination of the two without complications, hopefully

  36. Keypad is a great idea. If you have the spare capital a trackball mouse is sweet too. Works great on a lap and doesn’t need a surface to sit on

  37. It's not visible in the game mode store. I think you can see it in desktop mode, since it's the standard Steam client there. You can also see it online and in the mobile app.

  38. Felt similarly as I have a great gaming computer. Steam deck gets a ton more play tho. I’ll often use the device itself docked to play games. Holding the deck in my hands while looking up at a screen is pretty awesome. Lots of buttons and I can load up king of the hill on the lower screen and play WoW on the upper screen. Then when I gotta get up and go somewhere, I disconnect it and continue gaming.

  39. I second this. But you don't really need to install windows to play wow.

  40. True but I found it easier and more reliable to load the launcher in windows which hung a lot on Linux and kept saying it needed updating. If I didn’t play WoW I’d likely still be in linux.

  41. Took me a few hours to level my DH from 60 to 70. I’m still working on my monk weeks later… maybe I’ll get there one day. DH offers crazy fast leveling in tank mode. Everybody wants you in the dungeon, it’s hard to die if you have at least a few mobs on you, and it’s one of the few classes where there’s so much instant cast, it’s a blast moving around and stacking enemies. Good GSE rotations for DH if macros are your thing.

  42. I am looking at different species to add next. I am considering loaches. I really like clown loaches. Do you have any other suggestions for a ten gallon?

  43. Clown loaches are adorable but I think need a bigger tank.

  44. That’s pretty much it. Endler guppies is my goto small tank fish then kuhli loaches. Danios are neat as well as tetras. I found tetras to be aggressive to weak or dying fish. Then inverts like shrimp and snails. I’ve heard people suggest bettas but ehh they can be aggressive. I’ve had a few work out in community tanks but most needed separated.

  45. Of course. Feel free to ask more questions. I and others would be happy to share our knowledge and experiences

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