1. It’s annoying to get out when it builds up in the tube. The more clear the tube the more chance of algae buildup. How’s the intake and outputs looking? Are they starting to show algae build up as well?

  2. Got a picture? Bullying isn’t uncommon but there’s a chance there’s more going on like an infection. If bullying, my guess it’s the tetras as they are omnivores and can be territorial.

  3. i was thinking of adding a lid and having 2-3 gallons for shrimp, and making the top for a couple frogs or crabs but i wasn't sure bc crabs need brackish water and might eat the shrimp and shrimp could get out of water 😭

  4. Crabs would likely hunt/clip everything in the tank.

  5. i LOVE pac-man frogs they're such dorky little things ! i just love lots of movement in my tank so we will see, but for now i think im going to just do a school of ember tetras and a baby betta i found yesterday she's literally 1/2 an inch big and SO teeny !!!!

  6. Oh so teeny! Good luck. Would love if you could share your final products. I love seeing other tanks.

  7. Got a picture? Is it level all the way around? Moving water in a tilted tank can spell disaster. Still though, with a new tank you have some time.

  8. You could put opaeula in but it would just be them and some macro algae. A good system can last for many years with nothing other than adding distilled water every now and again.

  9. The cichlids rearrange their tank. Likely your culprit there. My EBA is the worst of the bunch. Totally uproots whatever and drags it around the tank. During mating, they make impressions in the substrate that knock even more plants up.

  10. Fastest way is with a garden hose and a bucket or trash can. I’ve seen someone use those waste bins with the mesh holes to clean substrate. It went insanely fast and without all the effort of swirling it in the bucket. I think I even saw an upgraded version with that bin inside a bucket so they could hand swirl it then lift out cleaned substrate.

  11. 20 long all the way. Most fish tend to swim horizontally not vertically. Longer tanks allow the fish to express more of their natural traits and gives them more places to hide.

  12. I have some coco coir fiber stuff I could stick up in the corner with the climbers, though honestly I’d be fine with them just kind of trailing around the crate!

  13. I dig it. There’s a balance between light and nutrient uptake you’ll start to find. As the tank grows in, you’ll likely start to need fertilizers or regular water changes to keep the plants steadily growing.

  14. I have a fertilizer I could use if I need to, but I may stock with some nano fish to help get some nitrates n stuff haha Definitely going to be a learning process with it!

  15. Good luck. It’s a lot of fun watching everything grow in. :D

  16. hi, thank you for the source. i will definitely post there. i forgot to mention this, but my substrate is maybe only half an inch deep, so i have been keeping my anubias above the gravel from now on after learning about how the rhizome can't be buried beneath the ground. so my mussels have never dug deep into the gravel at all, but they do like to move around occassionally so that their shell opening is facing the ground. i have just planted the algae recently so it will probably take a couple of months until the majority of the tank is covered, i'm assuming?

  17. Natural or high light help get the algae growing. Out of curiosity, why not add more substrate?

  18. Looks like a good start. Still using the bucket? The photos you have at the edge of the image would do great dangling out of your aquarium too.

  19. There could be a lot or reasons why from needing more substrate, time for bacteria to form, or something else. Need pics and a list of your tank parameters to get a solid idea. The quick fix is visiting your grocery store and buying a lot of green onion. Like 7-8 bunches. Dangle the roots in the tank and make sure the tops get good light for photosynthesis. With 30 gallons you can support a lot of plants with the proper lighting.

  20. I’ve been thinking something similar for a problem I’ve been having. Can you suggest any aquatic plants that really suck out Am/nitrate etc I like the idea of Monstera/cheese plant for your roots only idea, am told it’s a hungry beast. Problem is light, it’s a dull area and tank light sits on the tank top directly.

  21. Guppy grass, Pearl weed, jungle val, hornwort all do great. I don’t use hornwort these days because it has a habit of shedding all its leaves at once making the tank ugly. It works out in one tank as easy fertilizer for the plants at the bottom. However, it creates a lot of mulm.

  22. Goldfish are a type of carp and do fine with ambient to no light. However, they will lose their color without light. Their gold and silvers become flat and pale in total darkness.

  23. First step is filling the unit with water. It doesn’t have to be to the top but it’s easier when it is if you haven’t done this a lot.

  24. Honestly I’m not sure. I’d first compare their natural environments to get an idea of what’s possible.

  25. Cycled! Followed your advice and also realized I was adding about 4 ppm of ammonia by accident lmao

  26. Ha that will do it! Going forward if you find when you have fish in and your ammonia and nitrite levels get too high, dip the roots of many common houseplants and store veggies to quickly soak up the nitrogen. My favorite is green onion because it’s cheap, available, and a great heavy feeder.

  27. Is it a video for this on YouTube im not tech savvy at all lmao also would you recommend format it not through the steam OS game mode? Why is the steam OS game mode formatter bricking everybody’s sd cards? Shit makes no sense why it’s gotta be so complicated makes no sense that it has to be extra steps when the formatter doesn’t work

  28. There may be a video but I followed multiple online guides. It wasn’t particularly hard. 2/5? As far as why stuff doesn’t work? Well my guess is because it’s all so very new. Getting full compatibility with all products in a use it was not necessarily intended for will have some consequences until the bugs are worked out. Even my Microsoft surface 3 was bricking SD cards. And that’s a product with huge Microsoft money behind it. These things happen. The SD card issue will get fixed as using the SD slot is a core feature of the device. May just be a few updates away.

  29. Vertical grow systems are so cool! Would love to have a system in my house one day! Your set up sounds like it’s going to be awesome! I like tilapia too, they’re pretty chill fish and easy maintenance esp compared to some of the other species we’ve kept at the lab.

  30. Thank you for the detailed and easy to digest reply. I hope others were able to glean some fresh and helpful info here for their own tanks.

  31. Ya, while I wasn’t at the lab for the design of the airlift system it’s probably our most robust system. It’s almost impossible to truly cause a major issue in that system. Compared to our actual RAS symptoms which are still pretty simple compared to some RAS setups but they’re under pressure and require a little bit more attention during backwashing and maintenance. The airlift system though pretty much just goes and you don’t have to worry about pumps or pressure so long as the blower and air stones are working.

  32. Your airlift system sounds pretty awesome. The Martinez system needs a decent drop like below ground. Does your system with high volume low pressure mean the lab didn’t have to dig a hole? I’d like to experiment and run one of these inside my garage lab.

  33. Disney’s Living With The Land attraction in Epcot at Disneyworld features aquaponics in their showcase. They use all the produce from the attraction in their Garden Grill restaurant. This attraction was actually my inspiration into aquaponics!

  34. Looks inbred but I could be wrong

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