1. Think I’m going to finally just pull the trigger on one. Own multiple dynas but can’t find a battery powered device that scratches my itch. Have wasted more than a TM cost trying to find something instead of just caving

  2. Prior to this and my Dynas. I had a Pax OG and a Pax 3. I was hesitant to invest again after those devices didn't scratch the itch i wanted. But after watching some videos from Troy and Jerry and Sneaky Pete I could tell this would be it. You can get similar clouds without glass too!

  3. I’d only try concentrates through glass. Otherwise that shit ends up in the heater and it going back to Finland for repairs. 😂

  4. yessir! I hadn't even noticed that! But now I feel even more official haha! Also, just tried the wpa with a basket screen and some Rosin. That uh ... That hits hard.

  5. Do you have the power set to 1? If so turn it a little higher and then try the triple pulse to turn it on. When its on 1 it has a safety built in so it wont activate during transportation.

  6. I have a tinymight and a dynavap. Both are great the TM hits harder and is easier to use, but it go through more weed with it. The dyna is fun and efficient and can go any where (no battery, durable) but you need a tourch lighter. Right now I am using both equally.

  7. Grab some of TMs new dosing caps. I find the restrict me to about the same amount that goes in a Dyna. With a coarse grind and loose pack I'm I. Flavor town.

  8. Just got my TM this week. 5.5 dosing caps and sneaky Pete's bubble straw (dry) is now my zen place.

  9. I always got a strong maple blueberry waffle profile

  10. Thanks! my vape broke and I'm going to get another one today I'm sitting on a half of SB only doinked one out of it so far and didn't get much taste so I figured it needed vaping.

  11. Happy to help dynas are dope! As is the tinymight. Still need to try a mighty/crafty. Pax3 is ehh l.

  12. Almost every vape out there has some form of adapter that fits 14mm glass. Go to sneakypetestore.com and pop in whatever vape you use. I would highly recommend Dynavap or a Tinymight. But Storz and Bickels mighty/crafty series are also bad ass. And you didn't ask for this but while the studenglass is neat. I personally think it's over priced and would be happy to point you in the direction of glass with similar cooling properties!

  13. Do check out dynavap they are butane vaporizers you can get induction heaters for to make it easier. For what you're looking for you want a vong, and an Ispire wand. Load your bud in the vong drop it in your studen hold the wand at the tip till you hear a click. Then remove wand flip the studen, collect vapor. GG.

  14. The flavor to me on vape is a cross of tropical punch and the same kind of banana funk that you get in puddintain. The effects are bit more on the muted side for me, but amped up quite will with a keef crown in my vap cap. overall i agree with the 4out of 5. Tasty, but could hit harder!

  15. I must be damn near sadistic by getting joy from my manual reel mower

  16. I did a year and a half with my manual reel. I gave myself heatstroke twice. I still use it, but man I'm glad i upgraded to a 40v battery from greenworks! (i still use the reel to cut my fence lines)

  17. If you want a hoss check out the tiny might. Best budget bang dynavap +a simrell fmj

  18. Am I the only one who loved lawn care as a kid?

  19. To each their own! My thought process is "but you're just going to make me do it again next week!"

  20. Oh man I’d pop my Walkman headphones on and get baked by the Texas sun and loved it

  21. I didnt find that particular green affinity till my 20s haha!

  22. If you have a wand. One way to get monster rips, is to hold the wand in the Dyna in the glass. As soon as you see a vapor trail coming from your cap start ripping. Leave the Dyna there till 2 seconds post click. Banging extraction

  23. Idk what this thing is supposed to do but my tip is turning purple and I'm pretty sure that's a bad thing for any part of your body.

  24. It acts as a thermal battery and takes away the need to spin as you heat. I also work with copper in an industrial environment at much higher heats I'm not to scared.

  25. iirc that should be the vong tip. the omni has more fins. love the revolve though, they slap hard pairs with the FMJ.

  26. This is a stupid question but I'm very new to MMJ. What exactly is RSO?

  27. A guy (DR) named Rick Simpson created his own oil. It's pretty much everything in a marijuana plant boiled down to a super concentrate. Full spectrum full plant full canabanoid concentrated sticky goop to be used topically or edible.

  28. Nice. Thanks! I wonder how it compares to Super Lemon Haze?

  29. No idea on that. But it's the lemon G from 20teens prior to the Mason kid getting arrested. As the other person said strong lemon PEZ/pledge on the nose. More lemon pledge on the vape. I have not had SLH so I can't speak to that. But effects - mental focus and alacrity as well as super relaxing body effects.

  30. It's their "pheno hunt" line . I say that because all of the genetics are proven. I picked this up earlier today in the 5.66 (budlets). Pine/skunk/chem nose. Active energetic high pain releif effects. Cure slightly dry but fantastic compared to 2 years ago.

  31. I have one, and I agree wholeheartedly. A wonderful device, and the customer service has in my experience been superior. For me, Revolve + Vong tip + FMJ could now be the standard by which others are judged.

  32. I sometimes think my revolve isn't doing anything as. I'm ripping. I then blow out a glass size ripped and cough my ass off.

  33. (tldr yes i eat half of the 2/2 pack, meaning 1/2) Its a 2 pack of gummies of 120 MG of Thc. each gummie is roughly 55 MG of thc. i have yet to eat both gummies in one go. i have found 1 of 55 mg gummies has both the perfect time release. as well as the perfect amount of edible dose. that does not depreciate at the.... im gonna stop typing the tldr is there im high as fuck

  34. For sure. Any other qs lmk I'm grounded now haha

  35. Just got a heat locker pod from Klutch, good damn call. Thank you

  36. Glad you're digging it! And thanks for picking my strain for trivia tonight, haha!

  37. Afaik landlords don't ask renters what meds they take. Now if you smoke inside that could be a problem for same-building cohabitation. But edibles and vapes with a scented candle you should be good.

  38. Everytime I pack a cap I think it's gonna be meh as mines only 22%. And everytime I'm blown away by how chill I feel after.

  39. Afaik most cultivators tend to grow in seasonal cycles. Expect more to start flooding the menus about june-labor day.

  40. If you got the pro invest in a 3D chamber! Honestly the peak on its own is great but two other mods I like. A new top - sneakypetestore.com has a fairly affordable bent neck. And a terp pearl (small bead that sits in your chamber), more surface area for your oil to hit and vaporise! Other then that I'm enjoying cold starts. I'll portion out a dab on my tool and then use a small torch to Drip the dab into the chamber. Then I start on blue, and I will session mode each time I take a rip to increase time/step up the heat. I usually do that twice and by then my dab is flavored out!

  41. So sounds like next time I’ll need to eat it in the restaurant to get the correct effect.

  42. Honestly I tell people that Eli's is the only institution that matters. Go to Riverside drive bring a 6 pack and some friends!

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