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  1. Are these the Renogy units? I love using magnets for everything on the boat. I second the magnet idea!

  2. Ok I thought of something: bring more money than you think.

  3. Actually just listed my home for sale, with the equity I've gained it shouldn't be an issue even if I have to rebuild it from the zincs up. I'm putting a list of space-friendly tools together now, not sure my standing 400lb tool chest will fit n my little cat. Thank you for the suggestions!

  4. I've actually made the purchase, roughly two years ago. It's a Prout Quest 33CS. A small, but very sturdy and safe catamaran. I'm not certain I'd have the room for 2Kw of solar, but I plan for at least -or close to- 1Kw. Currently at 500W via 2, 250W panels on the solar arch.

  5. Projectors are the absolute PEAK of tiny living entertainment.

  6. It makes a lot of sense. A projector is physically small, but once you want the big picture, it can deliver. Easy to store and live with while also getting that big picture feel.

  7. They also sell foreskins removed from "penis having babies" to cosmetics companies.

  8. Do you happen to have any infographics or papers I can read about this? I'm not doing the whole "SOURCE SOURCE I NEED A SOURCE NOW CHUD" shit, just genuinely desire to learn more.

  9. Beautiful XJ, super bad ass. I love the round lights on the roof basket too.

  10. The film simultaneously made me buy a large caliber lever action, and be depressed. Such a phenomenal movie.

  11. Not gonna lie, I've been eyeballing a Marlin ever since. 45-70 seems a little overboard though. I think I'm gonna end up getting a 30-30.

  12. I actually have a Marlin 30-30! It's one of the most fun guns I own. Reliable, accurate, classic cowboy repeater. The rounds absolutely SLAP steel plates. Good for fun shooting, or just about any large game in North America. I don't hunt, but it's nice to have the option. Lol

  13. There are a fair number of monohull purists out there. Having just spent a week doing comp crew on a 40ft mono and taking to a bunch of yacht masters who really know their shit (our teacher had once been out in 70kt to rescue some morons who ignored a hurricane warning) the argument goes like this.

  14. Yeah, I actually understand and sympathize with the purists, I just wish they weren't such douches about it. Like man... We're all out here for the same reason, let people enjoy things. I bought a Prout for the exact same reason you listed! It's only a 33ft Quest, but my mono-sailing friends always LOVE coming and hanging. It's always fun to see their faces light up at the cozy lil boat. It's got quite a lot packed Into a small, safe, strong boat.

  15. Awesome 😎 yeah im mot able to afford the kind of money some people are spending on these things. Maybe as the next boat that youd keep forever or split with a partner or something. Good call on the state farm..i use them for my insurance already and they are wonderful. Navy federal? Do you have to be a vet for that?

  16. Either you, or a family member has to be a vet for navy Fed. I started state farm with my Ducati, then Benz AMG, and my shit box 4x4. $280 a month for all of them, including the boat. I really do always wonder where exactly folks get their money, that they state 200k is an entry level price for catamarans. Absolutely bonkers man 😂 I'll keep an eye out for your posts in the future for sure. If you ever wanna talk cats bro lemme know I'll be happy to

  17. Apologies, I just went off the ads title! Either way, a very cool Jeep, potentially for a phenomenal price.

  18. I got so excited to see this listed. The website is where schools, police, cities etc sell equipment, vehicles, boats, ATVs, garbage trucks, radios, all sorts of stuff.

  19. Man, I've been going nuts with that same black mulch. Really makes the colors pop, I love it.

  20. Took me nearly 8 hours. After it dried, the fence almost looks like a new installation.

  21. You might want to seal it now. Pressure washing can open the grain up quite a bit leading to faster degradation.

  22. Absolutely! One issue, the other side of the fence is fully blocked by over a decades' worth of tree, vine, and blackberry bush overgrowth, belonging to the adjacent property. I suppose I could have a half-sealed fence.

  23. Submission: Obviously, I'm kidding. It is hilarious that this is the first time I've seen this story on the cover of any magazine.

  24. Its not obvious at all, in my opinion, this sub is super political recently. Used to be full of interesting reads

  25. More recently, my go-to for well researched, or pure schizo conspiracy theories has been Pol, the 4chan board. It's got a lot of gems hidden among the heaps of horseshit.

  26. To make something clean again? I think someone needs a shower...

  27. Coyote? Or wolf? Seems a bit small to me to be a wolf but then again I’ve only seen coyotes never wolves.

  28. It is a wolf, though I'm not sure what species. This one specifically was a small female. She was shedding her winter coat, hence the patchwork fur. I'm sure she looked beautiful in her winter fluff.

  29. I live very close to it and want to go. I'm suprised they allow dogs in.

  30. They allow service animals, I'm sure if they saw a pup without a vest they'd turn you away. Legally, a service animal is not a pet. So they sometimes clarify by asking "is this your pet?", And I have to answer no, which always feels so uncomfortable. We all know that regardless of profession, our pups are family in every way.

  31. Old man view in hindsight after 30 years of marriage. Do not marry or cohabitate. You can thank me later.

  32. Would you mind expanding on this a bit?

  33. I was just on /sailing and they had a post about non Winnebago style cats and I was surprised to not see Prout named. Very robust

  34. I'm surprised to hear they had anything regarding cats at all, most of the vocal members are die-hard mono fans. Sort of the "get a real bike" Harley Davidson riders of the sea. I'll look for the post :) Prouts are very rugged no frills cats, especially compared to the French or south African designs. That being said, they still carry the benefits of two hulls. Stable, reliable, quick, and room enough for 4-7 depending on how much they've had to drink. All at 33ft LOA, 14.5ft beam 2.5ft draft, proven ocean crosser. Not too shabby.

  35. I ignore most of that sentiment but yea I do see it. Cats are faster, roomier, other than heading into the wind, there is very little to argue. The beam on the Prouts are what always made them the most attractive to me. Also can find lots under $100k

  36. Loads! For reference, I picked mine up for $50k, with an entirely new engine, integrated nav/hydraulic autopilot, radar, 500W of solar, and arch. She has a watermaker, I just need to finish plumbing it. I'll replace the main, and upgrade the house bank and we'll be ready for some serious offshore use.

  37. Northwest Trek is an outdoor reserve for animals native to to the Northwest. It's a zoo done properly, in my opinion. Massive enclosures for the predators, 435 acres of open reserve for elk, caribou, deer, and buffalo. Worth the visit!

  38. It's a female, I'm not certain of the breed. My pup looked much larger, I was surprised.

  39. That’s weird. I currently have a 1050 ti and my dream GPU is the 1660 super to.

  40. I had a 1050ti for years, it was a fantastic card. I was forced to upgrade when I spilled a drink on my desktop, to an RX580 8GB. $400 later, and a card that looked like it was submerged in a fish tank arrived. I had to pay a pro to do a complete rebuild to get it to function.😮‍💨

  41. an EB240 wont nearly be enough to run a household. for 100% off grid, family use in a home, you'll want to do it properly.

  42. No I never said I wanna use my eb240, I want to use ep500 when it comes out, maybe 2 of them

  43. Ahhh, I misunderstood the wording. There is a way, but I probably wouldn't go with Bluetti. Check out the Titan solar generators, "DIY Solar Will Prowse" and "Minute man prep" both run these for off-grid solutions, it's about the best option, short of purchasing one of the all in one kits I posted earlier.

  44. Wait, I can eat this?!? I've been cutting it down with a weed whacker! 😭 It's growing ALL OVER my back yard.

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