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  1. Here some some stage need go to thru. A lot of stocks already back to precovid, a lot of back to March 2020 crash … but worst haven’t come yet. We might drop back to pre trump era which was 2016 prices…

  2. lol but a lot of stocks didnt drop down to Precovid... a lot of also drop back to March 2020 crash (Nflx, pypl, uber, Meta , Spot).

  3. When u sell these call make sure you use limit sell.. But you better sell while you still in profit. There will be no way for Tesla goes back to $1000 - 1300 level..

  4. The second car hit you then another car hit her? Seriously both driver should take out their licenses..

  5. When you see ppl don’t want to buy msft google or apple stocks. When you see apple down to $100 , google down to 1500 , msft down to 180.

  6. Yeah, I unfortunately don't know how to do any type of DD besides the basics. Getting back to my cost basis in the next decade is all I can hope for, so at least, I have an OK shot at that I guess :/

  7. I can shared you some of my experienced.

  8. I have small amount in voyager platform not voyager crypto. Do I need to worry ?

  9. Had to read title a few times, you may be having a stroke idk though it's Friday

  10. Lol that was the whole purpose. Good you don’t understand lol

  11. I’m so envy with my trainer that yell at me while I make minor mistake. But when I’m training someone make So many minor error . Obvious I didn’t yell at him or anything just tried my best to correct him.

  12. Buy later ! More crush is coming

  13. Does it included laundry ? Parking spot?

  14. because she only live by herself with 2 cats.. and doesn't cause any issue. So i almost forgot to raise her rent but in 2018 i heard about my friend charged 1800-2000 in Melrose. I was like omg i charged 1300 for my tenant lol. Then i raised $100 from 1300 to 1400

  15. Did he all in bitcoin ? Otherwise I won’t trust him

  16. Stand desk + Humanscale liberty chair

  17. I think Buffet continuing to buy into OXY should be an indicator of the energy sector's future value.

  18. If u follow warren you lose big money. Oxy just another hype stocks

  19. Slow growth going affect energy stock . Right now ppl parked their money in energy .

  20. If you Avg down every week from Jan 2020 until now !

  21. Does those exist in 2015 ?? In 2015 not many ppl understand crypto . Even right now 99% don’t understand…

  22. 2014-2016 apple stocks was flat because I was in apple. Sigh I wishdd I never put a stop loss on Nov 2016 oh well

  23. Serious question - what must the market see for it to turn bullish again? Inflation slowing down and reversing I assume?

  24. Inflation slow down lol? Wait until June inflation report ..

  25. If too good to be true then it was a scam. Why would they give you $2000 then ask you to pay $300 for taxes?? It make zero sense..

  26. The argument on the person who spent 10,000 btc on two pizzas . People don’t understand 10,000 bitcoin worth 2 pizzas in those day…

  27. 2 hours later green lol. This market

  28. Yah but who know what happen in tomorrow . Even green I won’t FOMO.

  29. today or next week going be the bottom? Even you know Fed going to hike interest.. lol

  30. I guess he spent 15k was not a whale…

  31. I'm so surprised i dont see Steve/Stephen, Eric and Brian

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