1. Badoo is a huge question mark. he is a very good athlete. he has tools.

  2. I don't think a superstar college team could beat an NFL team

  3. It was how we started the football season for many years. the pros won them year after year. The first NFL team to lose, I believe was the Lions. Alex Karras said if we lose to them. I will walk back home. He did not.

  4. The first team to lose was the green bay packers. Consequently they're one of only two teams to lose twice (the other being the redskins).

  5. I did not realize they started in the 1930s. The games were seen as a show by most. The NFL went through the motions for a few years. We all knew a pro team could spank the college boys. However, it was pre-season. The pros were not in season shape. College boys were loving a chance to beat the pros.

  6. If it was meaningless every front office wouldn't be putting a tremendous amount of resources in trying to get their catchers to be better framers.

  7. If you say so. Coaches have to do something to earn their keep. Framing is a joke. I am surprised fans cannot see through that.

  8. Past time for computer balls and strikes. Disagreeing with framing is not trolling.

  9. He had a lot of pressure coming here as the piece to make us a contender. Then it all exploded. The started all died in a plane crash, or something like that.

  10. I'm not good at judging difficulty, but I'll give it a shot.

  11. My cat wandered in from the cold. He is all gray, not a spot of white. I named him Zane.

  12. Yeah, they have had control issues until they are 25 years old or more. Now they will find control? Wire their nutsacks to a generator and if they throw a bad pitch, push the button. That will fix them.

  13. You kidding? In 2 years he got 225 ABs with 97 Ks.Litle power and BA of 182.

  14. Oh you meant his offense. I thought you meant he couldn’t catch a major league pitcher.

  15. His defense was not impressive. That seems to be what the organization said to justify trading for him, because he cannot hit.

  16. You cannot find 100mph arms very often. he could overpower the opposition.

  17. It didn’t make the bullpen better if the bullpen stays the same or drops a little bit but offense gets better and takes a leap forward would it be worth it? To me yes but want to hear your thoughts

  18. We had some part of the game in solid and experienced hands. Now a big zip. If hitting gets better? It was supposed to be last year. How did that work out? What solid starter did the Tigers receive for gutting the bullpen? We just gave them another problem to solve. ....I hope I am wrong and the guy we got really star. But we have been here before.

  19. They don’t have to star we didn’t give up any stars

  20. Soto, 2 times all-star. Fulmer was rookie of the year and an all-star.

  21. The Tigers had a good bullpen at the end of last year. So they dismantled it. What they got in return is far from respectable. These guys are not even young prospects.

  22. Well bullpen is very volatile so there was no point in the tigers keeping it when they could try to trade for a bunch of young guys instead. If just 1 of those guys from the soto trade hits it's a massive win for the tigers considering the value a position player holds over relievers. Especially for a team like the tigers where bats are needed

  23. Making one part of the team much weaker to take a wild shot at players who have not panned out on other teams makes no sense. With Fulmer, Soto, and Jiminez, we had a solid pen. Now that is gone on speculation. We are not building a team, just tearing it down again.

  24. Conflict of interests? How. It is right in their balliwick.

  25. Soto is not a reliable reliever. Harris values strike throwers, which is what good relievers should be. Soto was an ARM and thats it.

  26. 100 MPH arms are valuable and we gave it away.

  27. He went in several times and blew them away.

  28. Well you know the home run derby and post-season balls were made by Titleist. You must have expected that.

  29. In 1971 Chuck Hughes dropped on the field in Detroit and died. He was 28. heart attack.

  30. Sorry I’m not a golfer but is scratch a zero handicap? Wouldn’t a scratch golfer playing well beat some male pros? Seems like there’s always a bunch of people over par in tournaments. I claim ignorance if I’m wrong.

  31. For PGA tourneys, they set the courses up so tough that a typical zero handicapper would have trouble breaking 80. The majors are even tougher.

  32. The starting pitching went down with TJ surgeries. Not all will be ready for this season. A couple may come in after the season starts. The Tigers are a question that cannot be answered. Tork was supposed to be a power hitter and help the team. He seemed overmatched by MLB pitchers. If he produces, that will be a boost. Baez and Schoop will return to form and knock in some runs.

  33. Clubs are not the biggest costs. It is green fees, balls, and beer.

  34. Who has high expectations? Our young staff all went down with injuries and they may not be ready when the season starts, or longer. We are picking up innings eaters because we have to field a team.

  35. I have not noticed many golfers not over-swinging. I do not think they are holding back for accuracy.

  36. Injuries destroyed the Tigers last year. Tork did not produce. The Tigers had 19 starting pitchers last year. One highly paid starter went home for a couple of months due to family problems. I don't think that will happen, but our young pitchers will not be ready in April.

  37. Joe was finally healthy and getting his game together and now he is gone. Minor league stats are nearly meaningless. Look at Tork for example.

  38. Most golfers would help their game by replacing a rarely used club with a chipper. It is an easy club to use and gets you up and down more often.

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