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  1. If you can get the price down then maybe. I've removed plastidip before, it takes a bit of time to get it done right the first time.

  2. Didn’t they remaster this for the switch? Was thinking of grabbing it

  3. Glad to see someone still playing gta 4

  4. I have no idea if OP is still playing it, it's a repost of a YouTube video. Same title and all.

  5. Left a comment on the original post and someone explained to me that "America is too big for public transit." It's like no dude, you just have cognitive dissonance.

  6. And before cars America had one of the best long distance transit systems, a train station practically every town.

  7. Meanwhile, the helicopter line is so long it extends into the sea.

  8. What I end up doing if I want helicopters/blimps for decoration is to have the stops unconnected from roads, or so far out of the way they're unnecessary (like from two industrial areas on the opposite side of town).

  9. The only reason people have abortions that late is if it's medically necessary

  10. I thought i was onCS sub, then thought, “this should be on /unexpected” then thought, “what the hell, this isnt the CS sub” then i appreciated life a bit more.

  11. Yeah, censor the number, that's the one part that we can't get from the street names etc

  12. Oh, I meant the golf club. There's only one golf club (on google maps) with that name.

  13. True, I centered the screen on Florida and googled the golf club, now I'm front of her grandma's house lol

  14. I didn't even center it on Florida, I was centered on Pennsylvania and it was the only result.

  15. dang, even a chicken gets more girls than i 😭😭😭😭

  16. I was about to ask "not even one girl?" but then I read your flair, and I completely understand

  17. And more bicycle types! A bakfiets! A front-box cargo bike! A tandem! E-bikes!

  18. I know 60306 has a front box bike, but how would they make an ebike? Just a regular bike with a sticker?

  19. It’s even in the official box art on set 60306 (it really is).

  20. I will only forgive them if it's right after most people's lunch break or dinnertime.

  21. Honestly, New York already kind of is a 15 minute city, just needs more bike lanes and people need to stop using their cars.

  22. Cyberpunk is dystopian. The car designers seemed to have missed the point where we actually should not try to achieve this kind of future.

  23. Billionare tech CEO's are the most out of touch people in the world, remember the article about Facebook employees "lovingly" calling Mark Zuckerberg the Eye of Sauron?

  24. Not trying to be sounding like a total dickhead but how does this contribute to gender equality Genuinely asking because I'm stupid and don't know things Edit: Hua'lright everyone i got the point thank you very much for informing me but please stop mutilating my notifications

  25. Basically just that it's unfair to allow men to go shirtless but not women, so the options are required tops for men or allowing women to go topless.

  26. What I've seen from The Washington Post is pretty tame, mostly just saying 'billionaires building rockets to go to space is actually a good thing' but I don't pay attention.

  27. You could turn the garage into an indoor patio and the driveway into a garden with a path.

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