1. It’s a wrap and it comes with them. I put a filter bc I don’t smoke roaches or stingers. As soon as the end is a finger nail length I toss em.

  2. The cdts are no diff imo, they all taste the same, that 1 is mid to me, I only like Lemon meringue CDT

  3. I was looking at trying HOG, people talk them up a lot. And I was looking at florida orange haha. Does it have a strong orange fruit flavor? Do they come dry?

  4. Yeah man it’s a strong tangy smell and flavor. But in my opinion it was fire. I received a free joint and spend my loyalty points on an 8 but it’s a 50-60 dollar 8th

  5. Kiva bars and u baked bars are the best ones in my opinion. They get you real saucy.honestly puts me to nap.

  6. MPG, gatsby and lake effect. Fuck Doja. I’m going tomorrow also. Chi to kzoo

  7. I’m coming in from chicago as well tomorrow. What dispensaries would you recommend in battle creek?

  8. Let’s link im going to Kalamazoo tomorrow also.

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