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  1. Also, downsizing can always be done but you can never get years of your life back.

  2. This. 61 myself and retired @ 55. My only regret has been I didn't do it earlier - although retiring into a strong market is a whole lot more reassuring then what's happening presently (although no complaints - my mix has me nearly even this year). Us older guys have seen too many of our friends/peers not make it to the work finish line, or not last much after.

  3. Bro! He's not finished... let the man finish before you put it on Reddit and then ask if he fucked it up!

  4. The moment he screwed the board wrong face out he’d be finished in the sense of stepping foot on the job again for me. The other gaps are just unnecessarily asking for future trouble with cracking, regardless of finishing skills, which are highly doubtful based upon his rocking.

  5. If your so good at it.. you do it!!

  6. Sounds like you just need someone with a concrete saw to cut and remove the portion of the pavement that’s over the line bring some topsoil in and reseed. That’s not any big deal

  7. I want my 70's plates back - no slogans, no graphics, One color (red or blue) on a white background, no county sticker, just "OHIO", some numbers and letters, and a year on the bottom (which I'd be o.k. with the corner sticker substitution). It;s a license plate - no need to make it anything more than that.

  8. Look on Primeline.net - a whole host of replacement cabinet hardware. Would help if you have the cabinet manufacturer name

  9. Too bad most teachers are theoreticals vs. applieds. People like me need to see the application to truly learn something. Didn't really learn calculus until I took physics and saw how it could get applied. Most of the teachers I encountered had no idea, let alone experience, in applying what they were teaching.

  10. I fucking hated being made to play sports as a kid. Didn’t mind throwing the ball around or whatever for fun, but shit like cross-country running races or mandatory swimming or whatever, I loathed it. All I learned from those years was how to weasel out of shit I didn’t want to do. Like, I liked to read, did none of those adults think my time might have been better spent in the library instead?

  11. but you can't put on your college essay that you were a four year library reader like you can about cross country or swimming - because colleges think being a mediocre high school athlete is a more important predictor of college success.

  12. And do you feel safe on it? Some videos I’ve seen looks like it moves a bit 😅

  13. probably depends on how much the person weighs - if you're in one-derland you're probably good.

  14. your weight in pounds starts with a one, i.e. if your 300 lbs it's probably not for you.

  15. TIL Americans call a vice a vise.. Another thing to add to the list of stupid things Americans do..

  16. Us Americans have sufficient vices that we don’t need to add to them by calling our tools that name. (Although collecting tools like vises is one of my vices)

  17. I'm expecting 16/18g LED lighting circuits in the future - once the Ryan Homes builders start their cost saving lobbying.

  18. Excepting potentially Trump, every single US president since the invention of the teleprompter has had someone else write a significant amount of their speeches. It shouldn't take Biden to make you realize that.

  19. It's one thing to have speech writers, it's another to not have read/comprehended/approved it before it's on the teleprompter. If he read the speech beforehand it doesn't seem like he's remembering what was in it. The man's diminished, not that I want Kamala to be stepping in in his stead.

  20. I am ok with that. I rather have the president not be on social media at all.

  21. Agree with you, but he shouldn't be letting others tweet for him. It's o.k. for a 79 y/o to say "I don't do social media", instead of letting underlings doing dumb things in his name.

  22. A lot of the execs I worked with their families really didn't know them as humans - they were mostly MIA when it came to family matters - work was their sole identity and always took precedence over all else. I often wondered if work was an escape from their family.

  23. I bought the same bottle for just over $100 Canadian, so I guess that was a good deal?

  24. I have to start with saying I feel for any child who becomes pregnant, but if a 10, 11, 12 year old is pregnant then the parent(s) have failed that child miserably. The problem is the PARENT. When my children were those ages, and even slightly older, they were always monitored/cared. I was the parent that didn't find it "cute" that 5th graders were "dating" and my kids weren't allowed/put into those adult situations ahead of when they were mentally/physically ready.

  25. I’m sure this law will be enforced in a fair and not racially biased manner /s

  26. Yeah, some colored lights in Cleveland, uselessly consuming energy that keeps world energy prices higher funding Russia is really helping the Ukraine farmer that's trying to harvest his grain while avoiding shelling from soldiers on either side. I truly feel for the Ukraine people, as well as the Russian soldier that really doesn't want to be fighting, but empty symbolism isn't helping anyone. If you want to stand with Ukraine send some of your money, above and beyond what our politicians are already sending, to the Ukraine government to fund their defense.

  27. I’m sure the Ukrainian soldiers appreciate how some colored lights in Cleveland will keep them alive /s

  28. I’m sure the Ukrainian soldiers appreciate how some colored lights in Cleveland will keep them alive /s

  29. I still miss the Rain Dance liquid wax I used when I needed a quick product, Blue Coral was for winter protection.

  30. Just gotta say I wouldn't want a drone flying around my apartment windows, both from a noise and privacy perspective. I'm all for restrictions to keep these things away from private residences excepting without prior/explicit permission of the resident(s).

  31. I'm also not missing the part where one guy above says he started with Harbor Freight tools.

  32. The one tool that I would agree over your comment regarding not being comfortable w/the mechanics using cheaper tools would be torque wrenches - otherwise I'm good with whatever does the job for them.

  33. So if your pronoun is plumb is that a declaration that you are straight?

  34. Lol lol lol lol lol. $20/hr? Good luck buddy.

  35. With McDonald’s paying $14/hr I wouldn’t trust someone at $20 to do anything other than supervised demo/cleanup/hauling construction related

  36. Roofing anything bigger than a two car garage

  37. Definitely lip service. That would require the removal of the filibuster.

  38. I took his comment to be conveying that if you advocate for legislating access to abortion access at a federal level that it would also set a precedent to legislate a ban at the federal level as well. Perhaps it's just wishful thinking on my part but I interpreted his remarks to be that he was advocating that access/banning NOT be decided at the federal level, rather than conveying a strong support of an outright ban.

  39. You don't have to understand the minutia of constitutional law to have an opinion on Roe v Wade. Wanting policy enacted via the elected branches is a valid position.

  40. but the supreme court is deciding at what level of government is it appropriate for the elected branches to decide that position. As it's being reported/rumored it's looking like they are heading towards the state elected branches deciding this.

  41. You’re probably already getting ready and it may be too late but if you can find a reliable friend to get you at least to the red line that works. I wouldn’t rely on the safety of parking your car for multiple days in an RTA or Hopkins lot.

  42. Agree with you on not leaving a car at an RTA lot multiple days, but in decades of using airport lots, including the Park Place/Park-n-Fly private ones, there is no safety issue parking a locked vehicle at those.

  43. You can have a car on your property that you do not drive and not have registered. The only issue you will have is if you want to register it at some point in the future, they may charge you a penalty for letting it go unregistered for so long.

  44. Never heard of any penalty for being unregistered in Ohio when eventually re-registering. There are municipalities that prohibit unregistered vehicles from being stored outside, and definitely a violation if on a public roadway. If the vehicle is in a garage no registration is required, and allowing one to expire is just fine.

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